A/N: I decided to rewrite this story because I was not satisfied with what I had written. I have changed quite a lot for many reasons. I have now decided to set it after the war and most of the characters I had used in the old version died during the war. XD

I hope I haven't ruined it by doing this but the fic was just begging me to rewrite it .

Chapter one.

It was raining, had been for the last four days, thick grey clouds filled the sky; casting shadows over the grounds. Harry sat on a window seat listening to the rain as it fell, He loved the rain it was beautiful, calming, and purifying.

The rain washed away everything and left room for new things to grow. But at the same time the rain was dark, sad, and depressing. It cast the world in shadow while the sky wept and confined everyone to the indoors. He loved the rain, but at the same time he loathed it.

He hadn't realized he had become so absorbed with the rain until a hand gently shook his shoulder "Harry, are you alright?" He looked around to see Hermione smiling warily; Harry sighed and smiled back best He could. "I'm fine" her smile Faltered for a second and then she hugged him suddenly but before He could react she pulled away with a slight blush upon her cheeks.

"Ron wants to play exploding snap with you" He looked over to the group of cheering boys and mumbled "I'll pass" then he jumped down from his perch on the windowsill. "I think I'm gunna go for a walk." He dusted himself down and then grabbed his father's invisibility cloak from his open trunk at the end of his bed.

Harry had been going out after curfew rather a lot lately, the night seems to call out to him. It whispered sweet nothings, promises of dreamless nights. He walks through the empty halls of Hogwarts listening to the songs of the night.

Hermione looked up at him, nodding. "Just be careful," she said quietly and Harry gave her a small smile. She had never once tried to persuade him not to go wandering around after curfew; she understood his need to sometimes get away from it all so never tried to stop him. She always said the same thing though when he did go; a quiet request for him to be careful.

Harry walked out of the archway entrance of the common room, but before closing the portrait; he shouted back "don't wait up!"

The only noise in the hallway was the low hum of voices and the rain as it hit the windows. Finally alone, Harry wrapped the cloak around himself and began to sing quietly, the night's voices joined in and Harry never felt more at peace.

The common room was quiet as most of the Slytherins that had stayed for their eighth year had gone to sleep ages ago and Draco was bored. Pansy and Blaise were sitting by the fire on the couch currently attempting to suck each other's face off; Draco cringed as pansy let out a quiet moan.

"I'm going out!" He stated, repulsed. He was not going to sit here and watch his two best friends practically have sex. Nobody looked up as he threw on his winter cloak and stalked out of the common room, slamming the portrait shut behind him for good measure but only succeeding in receiving an agitated hiss from the snake in the frame.

Draco walked aimlessly down the corridors, avoiding filch whenever the need came across, until movement caught his eye outside the window. He pressed his face to the cool glass and looked out onto the lake, sure enough there was a lone figure standing on the banks of the lake.

He scowled at his reflection in the glass 'God I was bored!' He thought to himself and then sighed. He ran his hand through his loose hair and started making his way down to the lake to find out what idiot would stand outside in a storm by themselves.

The wind lashed at Harry's soaked clothes but he ignored it, his thoughts were wandering to the memories he had locked up, he shivered as memory after horrific memory passed his mind's eye. It was times like these that he needed a distraction, something to keep him from torturing himself.

Harry thought himself responsible. He was overflowing with the guilt of letting his friends die, it was consuming him. He thought himself responsible for the war. He felt that if he hadn't been born there would have been no war. His friends told him different but there was a voice in his head that said he was to blame for the war and the deaths that followed. It whispered from the back of his mind, telling him he would be better off dead.

Harry had tried multiple times to kill himself but at the last second he would always back out, his Gryffindor courage leaving him or maybe it was his Slytherin preservation instinct.

He felt another presence approaching him, the elder wand sprung out of his magically altered arm holster, he had kept it after the war; its power called to him and had no desire to part with it, he spun on his heel, aiming it at the possible threat, a curse ready on his lips. He was surprised when a familiar voice drawled mockingly. "Put it away potter before you hurt yourself." Harry glared at the smirking blonde but put his wand back in the holster with a flick of his fingers.

"What're you doing out here Malfoy?" Draco scoffed and folded his arms across his chest. Harry had, somewhere along the line, started to call Draco by his given name in his head and it was beginning to annoy him. "I could ask the same to you." The two boys glared at each other for a while before Harry gave in, realizing they might be there all night if it carried on like this.

"I was thinking" Harry said with a sigh "did it hurt?" Draco taunted, folding his arms tighter around himself when a cold breeze danced between them. Harry turned around to face him fully not rising to the bait "Go back inside Malfoy, before you catch a cold."

Draco glared at him "and what about you?" Harry barked out a loud laugh. "Oh Malfoy, I didn't think you cared." Harry mocked with an amused smile on his face. Draco's face went pink and Harry had to hold back another laugh "I don't care, potter!" Draco yelled and Harry chuckled quietly. It was funny; teasing Malfoy always seemed to cheer Harry up.

"Whatever Malfoy, let's go inside before we both catch colds." Draco's mouth was set in a thin line and Harry couldn't help but smile when he took in Draco's appearance; he looked like a drowned rat, his hair was pasted to his forehead and his robes clung to him heavily. He was shivering; Harry could see that from where he was standing.

"What are you smiling at, potter?" Harry shook his head, afraid to talk in case he burst out laughing; he was having trouble holding it in as it was. Harry walked past Draco who turned as Harry walked away.

"Answer me, potter!" Harry took a deep breath and turned to say something smart and sarcastic but a lone howl rose from the forbidden forest and they both went quiet as the lonesome cries echoed over the lands. Harry looked up to the sky and a full moon grinned back down at him.

A shiver ran up Harry's spine when the howls continued. "What is that?" Malfoy asked as he backed away from the forest slightly, standing next to Harry; their shoulders touching slightly.

"A wolf" Harry murmured as he listened to the lonely sounds almost hypnotically. Malfoy turned to him slightly, a panicked look in his eyes "wolf?"

He ran his hand through his wet hair making it stick up at all angles "wasn't that scruffy defence professor a werewolf?" Harry had no idea what that had to do with their current topic of conversation but he didn't want to talk about Remus with Malfoy, he was surprised that their little chat had not escalated into a duelling session like it normally would.

They had both matured a lot after the war; only a small handful of Slytherins had come back to redo the year and harry was amazed that Draco had been one of them.

"Shut up, Malfoy" Harry murmured half-heartedly as the howls died down and the forest was quiet once again. He turned around and started the climb to the school entrance with his cloak wrapped tightly around him; Malfoy shouted some incoherent words behind him which were lost in the growing wind but he was pretty sure they were curse words.

They stopped in the entryway and cast quick drying spells on themselves. Then Harry heard faint footsteps echoing down the hall as someone drew closer to them. They both froze, Harry looked to Malfoy who was staring down the hall "filch!" He whispered when he faced Harry and scowled "What are you doing, potter? Filch is coming we need to hide!"

Harry glared at him as he dug through his bag, he frowned when he couldn't find what he was looking for, he was sure he had put it in there. He grinned triumphantly at Malfoy when he pulled his invisibility cloak from his bag.

"What's that raggedy old thing?" Malfoy asked hysterically, shaking it out Harry pulled him beside a suit of armour. "This raggedy old thing is our only hope, it's an invisibility cloak. Now be quiet."

Harry murmured as he draped the cloak over both of them but then pulled Draco closer to him when the cloak didn't cover them both, which he regretted instantly; their bodies were resting against each other and it was doing something funny to Harry's stomach.

They were silent as filch walked past mumbling something about McGonagall that had them both cringing, their bodies pressed together so hard that not even a sheet of parchment could be forced between them. Harry's hands were resting on Draco's waist and his were on the wall on either side of Harry's head.

Draco huffed out the breath he wasn't aware he was holding in and rested his chin on Harry's shoulder, Harry tensed up at the contact and Draco smirked to himself. 'This could be fun.'

"Potter..." Draco breathed into Harry's ear and he felt his body shiver beneath his "let me go?" Harry pulled his hands away like he had just been burnt and blushed furiously.

"S-sorry" he stuttered as Draco put some much needed space between them both, He dusted off invisible dirt as Harry stuffed his cloak back into his bag and Draco wondered for a moment as to where he had gotten it; invisibility cloaks were rare and expensive and he doubted Potter could afford one. "Well then, good night Malfoy" he said sullenly and slid his hands into his pockets. Draco lifted his head in the usual arrogant Slytherin posture and sniffed "good night, potter."

He said and walked away toward the dungeon, Draco turned back once but potter was already gone. It was close to two in the morning when he got back to the Slytherin common room. He threw off his cloak sighing as exhaustion finally caught up with him, he skipped his shower and changed into some black cotton pyjama bottoms then fell into his bed, asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow.

The next morning in the great hall Draco's gaze kept drifting to the golden boy who pushed his food around his plate with his fork absently, he hadn't actually eaten anything as of yet. Every so often he would say something when Weaselbee or Granger asked him a question but other than that he kept to himself.

A hand rested on Draco's then and he refrained from pulling away instead he turned to frown at Pansy; she pouted "are you feeling alright, Dracy-poos?" Draco scowled at her choice of nickname but nodded "I'm fine, why do you ask?"

He took a sip of his coffee as she studied him "you haven't eaten anything, love and you keep staring off into space" he glared at her then sighed irritably "I'm just not hungry" she drew in a breath slowly, readying herself for an argument, but changed her mind after catching the 'drop it or suffer' look on Draco's face. Instead she decided to turn back to her breakfast and delicately nibbled on a slice of bacon.

At that moment Draco felt eyes on him, he searched the great hall and his eyes collided with a pair of green ones. For a moment Harry's eyes were filled with nothing but curiosity and something Draco couldn't identify, but then his eyes became hard and unreadable. The shock must have been evident on his face because Harry smirked before turning to his Weasel friend. Draco scowled at the side of his head then excused himself from the table, pansy looked at him worriedly but he ignored her as he stalked to the dungeons for his first lesson; potions with the buffoon Slughorn.

Slughorn was his usual scatter-brained self and Draco wondered why an idiot like him could be allowed to teach. "Ok listen up people."

Slughorn held his hands in the air expectantly with an eager smile on his face. "Today we will be having a competition of sorts, I will give each pair a potion to brew and the fastest to complete theirs will win two vials of dreamless sleep." Draco sighed; they were obviously running low on potions in the infirmary.

"So get into your pairs and I'll come and tell you your potion" Slughorn chuckled amusedly when everybody rushed to get to a good partner. Ron had somehow managed to get into potions this year and he jumped into the seat next to Harry "does everyone have a partner? Good?" Slughorn looked at a slip of parchment on his desk then turned back to the class.

"Mister Malfoy and Mister Zabini you will be concocting the wound-cleaning potion" 'yep the infirmary ran out of supplies' Draco thought as he got up to get the ingredients from the store cupboard "Mister Potter and Mister Weasley, the pepper up potion I think, Miss Granger and Miss Brown the calming draught, Mister Longbottom and Miss Bulstrode you will be brewing an anti-paralysis potion and Miss Lovegood and Mister Finnegan will be making a boil-cure potion, get your ingredients and then get brewing." Slughorn clapped his hands together joyfully and sat behind his desk "and don't forget whoever wins gets two vials of dreamless sleep."

One person from each pair got up to collect their ingredients the other set up the cauldron. Ron was the one to get their ingredients and shoved brutally past Draco who was making his way back to his desk causing him drop his jar of Murtlap essence. "Hey, watch it Weasley" he snarled at the red-heads retreating back.

"Hey did you see that Harry?" Ron asked as he dumped the ingredients on the table and then took his seat. Harry had seen it and he thought it was a bit over the top, Draco had not been his usual spiteful self since he came back to Hogwarts, not once had he said a nasty comment about any of the golden trio, so Harry just stayed quiet and got the fire going. He wanted to win those dreamless sleep potions; nightmares from the war and the Dursley's had been visiting him during the night, stopping him from getting the sleep he needed.

Harry worked furiously but carefully, wanting to get everything absolutely perfect. Ron had fallen asleep with his head resting in his folded arms ages ago and it gave Harry a moment to concentrate. He was waiting for the right time to put his last ingredient in when Slughorn announced that Draco and Blaise had finished their potion. He ran his hand through his dishevelled hair and dumped his piece of mandrake root into the potion and watched as it turned a pinkish-red colour. Harry lifted his hand and coughed to clear his throat "I think we're finished as well, professor."

"Ah fantastic Mister Potter but I think you get all the credit as it seems you're partner has fallen asleep" They both looked at Ron who let out a loud snore. Slughorn chuckled "looks like he doesn't need any dreamless sleep potion hmm?"

Slughorn then tested Harry's potion "a perfect batch Mister Potter, well done." He patted Harry on the back before he continued wandering around the classroom checking on the other pairs "only ten minutes left now" he stated as he came up behind Neville and looked dubiously at his potion which was bubbling and spitting. "Perhaps you should start again Mister Longbottom?"

Neville groaned but let Slughorn vanish his ruined potion; Millicent hissed something in his ear which made him grimace and Harry felt a pang of sympathy for him.

"Now before I give Mister Malfoy and Mister Zabini their dreamless sleep can anybody tell some the class the history of this particular potion?" he looked around the classroom expectantly then smiled widely when Hermione's was the only raised hand.

After potions Harry ran off to the library to study the dreamless sleep potion, he wanted to find out how difficult it was and if he could brew it on his own. He had told Ron and Hermione before he had took off, Ron was dumbstruck asking 'why the bloody hell, harry?' Hermione on the other hand was ecstatic, offering help whenever needed. Harry had declined her help; they didn't need to know Harry's problems, at least that's what Harry thought.

The library was relatively empty as it was most likely they were all down in the great hall eating their lunch. Harry searched around randomly for a book that might help him. He had no idea where to start; this was Hermione's speciality after all. He grabbed a book that looked promising the title read; the second encyclopedia of potions.

Harry sat at a table in the far corner of the library that was more or less hidden behind a large bookshelf and dug through his bag for a self-inking quill and a piece of parchment. Then he began searching through the book occasionally scribbling down an odd potion name every now and then, when he found the dreamless sleep potion he copied down every bit of information and groaned when he found a part stating that too much of the potion in too short of a time could cause serious damage, he sighed and ran his hand through his hair again.

He read through another couple of books until his stomach reminded him that he had skipped lunch and dinner, Harry felt slightly guilty that he had missed the rest of his classes, he sighed as he stuffed his quill and parchment back into his bag and tried to think of some excuse to give McGonagall and Hermione.

The sky was black and the moon glowed brightly, Harry paused to stare at the twinkling stars. He always did have a secret fancy for astronomy; he loved to gaze at the stars on sleepless nights and wonder how they could be so bright yet so far away. He shook his head to clear the dreamy thoughts away and slung his bag over his shoulder.

When he got to the portrait leading to the kitchens he bent down and tickled the pear, a high-pitched giggling filled the corridor for a moment and when the frame swung open it died down only to be replaced by a swarm of elves wanting to shake his hand, touch his scar or congratulate and thank him for destroying the dark lord. After a while they started to settle down and Harry asked for something small to eat, they all squealed and scrambled away murmuring to each other 'it must be perfects for masters harry potter!'

Harry chuckled as he sat at the small dining table in the middle of the kitchen; he let his thoughts drift as he watched the elves run about the kitchen. He was so lost in his thoughts that he jumped when a plate of food was placed on the table on front of him. He smiled his thanks to the little elf and she skipped away happily, bragging to the other elves.

The small snack consisted of: a smoked ham, lettuce and mayonnaise sandwich cut in half, half a green apple and a small slice of chocolate cake. Harry's mouth was salivating as he picked up one half of the sandwich and took a big bite from it, chewing thoughtfully, he took a sip from the goblet of pumpkin juice that was placed on the table by his hand by a small elf with a huge nose and watched the elves run about preparing food for tomorrows breakfast and cleaning as he finished the rest of his sandwich.

As he was finishing the last of the chocolate cake he got the sudden urge to go for another walk outside by the lake. So he thanked the elves again and left, tugging on the invisibility cloak when he was alone. He carried it with him everywhere now, a habit from the war that he hadn't been able to drop, he also carried the marauders map with him 'better safe than sorry' Remus would always say.

Harry's throat tightened at the thought of the werewolf and he locked those memories away in their box before he had another episode. Ron and Hermione were frightened of his episodes mainly because sometimes they made him close up and he wouldn't eat or talk for days on end and other times he would go off into a blind rage until he was too exhausted to move. Hermione was scared that they were losing him, that one day he would just stop living. Harry was scared too.

Harry walked slowly basking in the silence of the empty hallways, he had the strange urge to start screaming as loud as he could but thought better of it; he didn't want to get caught out after curfew.

He stood on the stone steps of the entrance to Hogwarts for a moment and looked up at the sky. It had stopped raining some time during the day and the sky was clear and sparkling with loads of shining stars. Harry smiled up at the twinkling things, and then he skipped down the slightly damp steps and hummed aimlessly as he walked down the slippery path.

When Harry got to the lake he was surprised to see that someone had already beat him there. The lone figure skipped stones over the waters' surface, quite skilfully he might add. Harry was even more surprised to see who the lone figure was, Draco, there was no mistaking that blonde hair which seemed to glow in the moonlight "Malfoy?"

Draco spun around so fast that his foot slipped in the wet mud and would have fallen in the water, if Harry's seeker reflexes hadn't kicked in; he grabbed Draco's wrists and steadied him. "Sorry Malfoy didn't mean to scare you" Malfoy scoffed and twisted his wrists out of Harry's grasp "I wasn't scared potter."

Harry crossed his arms over his chest and shivered slightly when a cold breeze drifted past them, ruffling their clothes, it may have stopped raining but there was still the biting wind that would normally accompany a storm. Malfoy swatted a couple of stray hairs out of his eyes "shut it potter." Harry made a sound in the back of his throat, and then movement from the forbidden forest caught his eye.

"We should go inside!" Harry said urgently, almost yelling, as panic started to build inside him, whatever it was he had seen was getting closer and it was emitting a dark aura similar to that of Voldemorts death eaters, an extra talent he had picked up after the war, he could see the aura's of living things. It had worried him at first but after a few weeks he had gotten used to it and found it quite useful, although trying to work out what each colour meant was quite stressful. "Don't tell me what to do potter!" Harry grabbed Draco's elbow and dragged him up the bank as something's shadow drew closer to them. "No really, we need to go!"

"What the hell is wrong with you potter?" Draco wrenched his arm from Harry's grip, scowling at him. "I think the war did something to your brain."

The shadow was almost upon them and Harry cursed when he saw the cause of the menacing shadow, a werewolf. Harry then looked up at the sky where he knew the full moon would be grinning down at him, he growled. "Answer me, potter!"

Malfoy was oblivious to the approaching danger "Malfoy, there is no time for this. We need to get out of he-" Harry was interrupted by a low menacing growl behind him, Draco gasped staggering back slightly. "Don't move, Malfoy."

Draco looked at Harry quickly, a look that clearly said 'are you mad' in his eyes, before turning tail and running up the hill, Harry cursed when the werewolf gave chase, barking gleefully. He loped slowly after Malfoy choosing to play with his chosen prey before killing him.

Time seemed to slow as Draco tripped on his robe, his arms flailing in the air as he fell heavily to the ground. The werewolf gave one last bark before he leapt at him. Harry didn't know what to do until he leapt and changed into his Animagi mid-leap. He landed square on the werewolf's back.

Harry didn't want to hurt the werewolf, knowing that somewhere in there was a human being, granted that that person might be corrupt, but there was a chance that that was wrong but he had no choice. Harry clamped his jaws around the werewolf's shoulder and shuddered when the creature's blood flooded into his mouth; he closed his throat to prevent from swallowing any of the liquid and shook his head, easily tearing the flesh with his sharp canines.

The werewolf's head snapped back and his jaw was seconds away from clamping around one of Harry's forelegs, Harry jumped off of the werewolf's back landing soundlessly on his paws a few feet away from the werewolf, directly in front of Draco.

Harry crouched in front of him defensively, growling menacingly when the werewolf tried to approach, it was a sound that startled Harry slightly but he didn't falter instead he snapped his jaws and snarled at the approaching werewolf.

Harry leapt at the werewolf again; when it was evident he wouldn't back down, and they collided mid leap. Harry winced when sharp canines ripped into his side but he didn't have time to think about the consequence as they rolled in a flurry of fur and fang and all Draco could do was watch and wait to see who would be victorious.

Draco had come back to the lake with hopes of meeting harry again, not actually expecting to, and he was pleasantly surprised when he heard Harry's voice. But now he wished he had stayed in the common room, watching Blaise argue with some second year about what their Patronus's would be.

Draco stood frozen as the werewolf and Harry tumbled together; teeth flashing. They growled and snarled; red blood stained the werewolf's grey coloured fur and Draco was quite surprised that Harry had not sustained any serious injuries, or none that he could see. They parted suddenly, potter snarled at the werewolf. His tail flicked and the werewolf growled back.

Draco watched intently as Harry circled the werewolf his whiskers twitching, his muscles flexed under his dark fur, he was limping slightly; his left side bleeding profusely. Harry snarled at the werewolf who growled back but when Harry took a step forwards the werewolf seemed to falter, he tucked his tail between his legs and whined before running off into the forbidden forest at full speed.

It was suddenly too quiet, the only sounds; the heavy breathing from panther Harry. Draco turned his attention to the giant cat and silver eyes met emerald green cat eyes. "You're an Animagus!?"

Panther Harry sat in front of Draco and opened his mouth in what resembled a smile, his tongue hung from the side of his open mouth "How long?" Draco asked not really knowing why he wanted to know. Panther Harry tilted his head and Draco sighed in frustration. "Come on potter don't be a prat, change back or whatever!"

Draco rubbed his temples and Panther Harry snorted in amusement, and then the air around Harry seemed to bend and Draco couldn't seem to focus on him, he felt the magic radiating off of Harry and then it was gone and Harry was sitting in front of Draco cross-legged with a stupid grin on his face, which was smudged with blood, but he was holding his side, blood dripping from the gaps between his fingers. "So?" Draco asked with a scowl on his face.

"So what?" Harry asked still grinning. Draco growled irritably "how long have you been an Animagus!?" Harry looked down at the hand in his lap, smile suddenly gone "Oh" he said dumbly "Um, well..." he trailed off, his eyebrows knitted together as he frowned.

Draco didn't think he was gunna get answer and was gunna push Harry into telling him, there was no way he's allowed to be an Animagus and Draco, a Malfoy, is not. But then Harry groaned, both hands coming up to cradle his injured side.

"Potter what's wrong?" Draco asked faltering for a second and then rushing to grab Harry frantically as he fell awkwardly. He grunted and grabbed Draco's arm weakly, he rested his chin on Draco's shoulder and mumbled almost inaudibly "help..." then he went limp in Draco's arms.

"Potter wake up!"



Still nothing.

"Harry!?" Draco shouted almost hysterical. He felt Harry twitch then an airy laugh escaped his lips. "Are we on first name terms now?" Draco bopped him round the back of the head, sighing but he couldn't help the smile that played at his lips. "Yes harry, first name terms" Draco frowned when Harry groaned quietly.

"What do I need to do?" Harry laughed again then winced when his side was jostled "I thought you were supposed to be smart, Draco?" a shiver ran down Draco's spine when his name was murmured from the lips he had always fantasized about.

"Shut it, harry" Draco said half-heartedly as he dragged Harry onto his feet. His arm grabbing Draco's shoulders to steady himself and as soon as Harry's hand touched Draco a strange, but pleasant, heat spread throughout Draco's body. Draco wound his arm round his waist, mindful not to touch Harry's bloody wound, and tried to ignore the butterflies swooping around in his stomach, he swallowed the sudden lump in his throat. "So, where am I taking you harry?"

Harry grunted as they made their way back to the castle. "Pomfrey, she's the only person I trust these days." Draco stiffened almost unnoticeable and Harry squeezed his shoulder reassuringly but said nothing.

"Right, probably a good idea" Harry chuckled slightly then winced and pressed his hand to his side. "Of course all my ideas are good ones." Draco laughed at that and harry smiled along, not wanting to laugh in case he caused himself more pain. "First time I heard you laugh, well a proper laugh anyways" they were both quiet for a while as they walked down the empty corridors towards the infirmary.

Pomfrey wasn't too happy about their late night visit but soon forgot about the early hours after one look at harry. "How did this happen, Mister Potter?" Pomfrey motioned for Draco to help Harry towards one of the beds as she bustled about in one of her many cupboards.

"Rogue werewolf." Pomfrey clicked her tongue as Harry sat on one of the hospital beds. "What were you doing outside of the castle?" She reprimanded as she dug through an odd looking box. "I felt like taking a stroll in the moonlight, you know like they do in those muggle movies."

She came back with three vials in her hand. She gave Harry a stern look as she handed him the first potion which was a pale yellow colour "you know it's still dangerous for you Harry, those death eaters aren't going to just give up without any sort of revenge." Harry looked at the potion sceptically; the war had made him cautious about potions of any sort, no matter how innocent. "It's just a strength potion Mister Potter."

Harry sighed but took the vial, downing it in one and gagging at the horrid taste. Why they could never make a potion that didn't taste like Ron's sweaty socks he would never know. Pomfrey gently lifted his ripped hand-me-down t-shirt and breathed in sharply "how did you manage this?" Pomfrey asked as she cleaned the wound with a dab of some purple liquid that smoked upon contact and harry hissed in pain, then Pomfrey gently poked the wound with her wand and Draco watched, intrigued, as the wounds slowly knit themselves back together.

Draco had always found healing magic fascinating; he hoped that, once he graduated, he could get a job as a healer or to at least make the potions they use. He wanted to be a part of a profession that helped the wizards that needed it; he was tired of being on the wrong side.

Pomfrey gave Harry the last potion and telling him it was a blood replenishing potion when he gave it another suspicious look, it was red in colour and again Harry grimaced when he swallowed it. "Well it tasted a little better than the other one I suppose" he mumbled as he handed the empty vial back to Pomfrey. Already the colour was rising back into Harry's skin "thank you." Pomfrey smiled "you are quite welcome Mister Potter". Pomfrey sat on a chair she had conjured and looked expectantly at Harry and Draco "I expect a true story from you Mister Potter."

To Be Continued.