His breathing was heavy, his heart in his throat. He had hoped he would never come here again.

It was raining this time but strangely the sky was clear and the stars twinkled merrily, as if they weren't aware of the nightmarish scene that was playing out below them.

Harry stared in horror at the large pot and its boiling contents. He turned his head and saw the lifeless body of Cedric Diggory. The Hufflepuffs' eyes glared at the Gryffindor accusingly so he turned his eyes away again only to come face to face with Voldemort. The dark lord was smirking, his red eyes glowing menacingly as he reached his hand out and wrapped his cold fingers around Harry's neck. Harry's own hands came up and clawed at the pale one that was cutting off his oxygen supply.

The scene changed suddenly and instead of the graveyard he was stood, alone, in his bedroom at the Dursley's. Hedwig's cage was empty, only a few stray feathers sat in the bottom of her cage.

Harry could hear Vernon yelling obscenities downstairs. He sat on the edge of his bed but shot up again when he heard somebody stomping up the stairs. The locks on his door were unlocked and then his door was slammed open. Vernon came charging in with his fist raised and a look of utter rage on his fat face.

Harry was thrown back with the force of his uncle's punch and the pain had him yelling out. He looked over his shoulder and watched fearfully as his uncle took off his belt. Vernon grinned wickedly and brought the belt down hard on Harry's leg. The buckle caught him behind his knees and he cried out again. Over and over and over again his uncle hit him with the belt, until all that was left of the skin on his legs was a bloody mess.

Seemingly satisfied Vernon dropped the belt and pulled a knife out of his pocket. Harry's eyes widened and he tried to crawl away but his uncle grabbed him by the leg and pulled him back. Tears were falling freely now and his uncle smirked gleefully when he saw them. He flicked the blade open and then moved to straddle Harry's stomach.

He ripped open the front of Harry's shirt and then rested the tip on the blade against Harry's skin "what are you, boy?" he growled and Harry stuttered terribly before answering with "I, I'm a f, f, freak, sir."

Vernon laughed, pressed the blade down a little harder and watched as the blood trickled from the wound. "And you'll not forget it."

The fat man grabbed both of Harry's hands in one of his meaty ones and held them above his head before he started to carve into the boy's chest with the knife. He ignored Harry's screams and pleas for him to stop and when he was finished he slapped Harry around the face harshly, picked up his belt and then left.

The scene changed again. This time he was at Hogwarts in the Slytherin common room. A group of Slytherin's were glaring at him. "You disgust me, Potter!" a voice hissed from behind him and Harry spun, recognising the voice immediately.

He stared up at Draco with tear-filled eyes, his bottom lip trembling. "Draco..." he whispered, reaching out his hand but Draco trained his wand on him and sneered. "Don't call me that!" he growled and a sob ripped up Harry's throat. "No, please don't. I can deal with everyone else treating me like trash but not you. Please not you!" Harry mumbled pathetically and Draco chuckled. "Poor little Potter is being bullied. Shall I send you to your mummy?" he asked spitefully and then glared "Avada Kedavra."

"NO!" Harry screamed as he shot up in his bed, tears streaming down his face and sobs ripping from his throat uncontrollably. He pulled his legs against his chest and wrapped his arms around them. "Harry? What's wrong?" a gentle voice asked and, without even thinking, Harry threw himself against Draco's chest.

The blonde held the shivering form tightly, his heart twisting painfully at the sounds of his mate's sobs. "Was it another nightmare?" he asked quietly and then sighed when Harry nodded his head. "I thought they were going away" he stroked the dark hair beneath his fingers and faintly marvelled at its softness.

"So did I" Harry murmured brokenly. Draco kissed the top of his mate's head and then hesitated a moment before asking "will you tell me what it was about?" he wasn't expecting Harry to agree but was pleasantly surprised when Harry nodded his head.

Draco listened intently as Harry described his nightmare and when Harry started to tremble again he pulled him back against his chest and stroked his hair.

When Harry finished talking he looked up at Draco with scared but hopeful eyes. Draco smiled gently and ghosted his knuckles over Harry's cheek before leaning in and lightly pressing his lips to the brunettes. "That will never happen, Harry" he murmured quietly and then wiped away some tears that escaped the corners of Harry's green eyes.

Harry took a shaky breath in and then rested his forehead against Draco's shoulder. "I'm sorry for waking you" he mumbled quietly, his embarrassment starting to bleed back in now that his panic had waned.

Draco sighed quietly and then wrapped his arm around Harry's shoulders "you know that I don't mind, Kitten." Harry blushed at the use of his nickname and buried his face further into Draco's shoulder but the blonde pulled away and lifted his mate's head with a finger under his chin.

"I love you." The brunettes blushed deepened and an ecstatic smile immediately stretched across his face. Draco's heart leapt as he stared at his mate's happy face and, after a moment's hesitation, he crushed his lips to the smaller boy's.

Green eyes widened in surprise at the sudden action but fluttered closed seconds later. The kiss they shared was sweet and tender to begin with but as it continued it became rough and passionate. Harry moaned when Draco's teeth tugged on his lip, the blonde's tongue following quickly afterwards to sooth the hurt.

Draco pulled back and then moved his lips to place light, possessive, kisses on Harry's forehead, his eyelids, his cheekbones, lips and chin and then he stared into Harry's green eyes.

Harry stared back, tears prickling in the corners of his eyes when he saw the desire in his mate's stormy eyes. "I love you too" he murmured quietly and Draco smiled fondly before gently pressing his lips to Harry's again.

Harry allowed Draco to gently push him back onto the mattress and he lay stiffly as the blonde stripped him of his t-shirt. Draco placed tender kisses on every bit of scarred flesh he could find and then glanced up at the brunette. His grey eyes immediately met with watery green and he crawled back up Harry's body to press an affectionate kiss to his plump lips. "Are you okay with this?" He asked quietly, remembering when Harry had freaked out last time.

Harry chewed on his lower lip uneasily but nodded his head. He wanted to get over his trauma and he thought that by doing it with Draco he could erase the bad memories and replace them with good ones.

Draco smiled and pressed another kiss to his mate's irresistible lips. "Just tell me if you want me to stop..." he murmured softly and then started trailing open-mouthed kisses down the column of the brunette's neck.

Harry clenched fistfuls of Draco's pale hair in his hands and quietly moaned the blonde's name, knowing what effect it would have on him, and was rewarded with a bruising kiss. "Do you have any idea what you do to me, Harry?" Draco murmured hotly as he rested his forehead against Harry's.

Harry gasped as a hand slid up his trembling abdomen to his chest and fingers found a nipple to roll between finger and thumb, while Draco's other hand closed around Harry's aching cock. He wasn't sure when Draco had stripped him of his trousers but didn't care as the hand, tight on him, slid up, and around the head of his cock, teasing where the fluid leaked, and stroking down again, pausing to cup tense balls, squeezing lightly before ascending again.

Draco's hand on Harry's chest flowed from nipple to nipple, pinching, twisting, while the other hand stroked the hard slender prick; Harry's moans and panting, and the way his skin tasted of sudden salt, sweat, all contributing to Draco's own arousal.

The hand working Harry's cock sped up and Harry trembled, all thought gone, just pleasure. The hand tightened and he came, shuddering and open-mouthed, but silent, breath lost in the surging spurts.

Draco licked the come off of his fingers and then leant forward to kiss his mate. Harry responded eagerly, a whine leaving his mouth when Draco pulled away but then he just stared as Draco undressed. The blonde's eyes burned like twin gas jets into Harry as he pulled off his T-shirt, he paused at his trousers as he watched Harry's tongue flicker across his lips. His trousers, then, were shed quickly and Draco dove back down and crashed his lips to Harry's.

Harry began to panic slightly when he felt cool, slick fingers slide between his thighs, beneath his balls. "Ssh, it's okay..." Draco whispered into Harry's ear and then gently nipped at the tender flesh just below it. At hearing his mate's voice, Harry calmed, wrapping his arms around Draco's neck.

Harry gasped as two oiled fingers found his hole and then probed inside. Draco muffled his gasps by kissing him, sucking his tongue as he lay beside him, opening him a little and adding more of the oil, his other hand teasing Harry's cock while he only stared at Draco, wide eyes and parted lips, and a gasp at the touch on his dick, hard again.

It would be easier on Harry if he was on his belly but Draco wanted to see his Harry's face, so he slid a pillow beneath his buttocks, pulling his fingers out and pulled Harry's legs up so that his ankles rested on Draco's shoulders. He positioned his cock at Harry's anus and paused, looking up into Harry's glazed, green eyes he asked "are you ready?" Harry hesitated for but a second before he nodded his head and then his eyes became wide as Draco slowly pushed into him.

The blonde gave a soft groan of pleasure and almost pain, Harry's ass was so incredibly tight. He noticed Harry's face was scrunched in pain so he leant forward and kissed him, whispering against his mouth for him to relax and then he began to move.

All of the noises that left Harry's mouth only seemed to make Draco even more aroused and he looked truly startled when Draco shifted the angle of penetration, brushing against something that sent sparks of brilliant pleasure up Harry's spine and shooting up his cock; he moaned, wanting more, instinctively reaching for his prick.

Harry was squirming and sobbing now, tugging on his prick almost frantically. Minutes spiralled into long segments of ecstasy and torment as Draco teased them both unmercifully, but finally his own lust was irresistible, Draco began to thrust again, harder than he had yet, and faster, groaning and panting now too.

Harry burst between their bodies, fireworks shooting before his eyes, his cry swallowed by Draco, as he explored his mate's mouth with his tongue. Feeling Harry constrict around him was all Draco needed and he grunted as he spilt his seed inside of his mate.

Harry hissed in hurt and loss as Draco pulled out but the sound turned into a moan as he was coaxed into another kiss. Draco then rolled onto his side and pulled Harry into his arms, wrapping them possessively around the brunette.

He kissed Harry's damp locks, whispering "I love you" and felt his mate shiver in his arms. "I love you too" came the sleepy reply and Draco smiled.

Never before in his life had he been so happy. He knew Harry still had a few secrets to tell him but he trusted his mate to tell him when he was ready. He buried his nose into Harry's hair and breathed in his scent. Harry began to snore quietly and Draco chuckled before closing his eyes and letting sleep take him also.

The End.

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