How dare he throw me and his week old daughter out in the rain. Where am I suppose to go. I thought to myself as I held my week old daughter: Marron.

How can I raise her on my own. I needed him. But he didn't want me. He left me for another woman named Ashley. She was tall, curvy, about a D cup, light brown hair, green eyes. He told me he'd been having an affair since I was three months pregnant with Marron. I begged and pleaded that we should work it out, but he said he didn't feel attracted to me anymore. He wanted a divorce. He wanted me out the house. And when I said I'm not leaving he dragged me out the house by my hair, gave me the baby and threw our stuff out outside. Luckily I had my car keys. I drove to the lake and just cried there.

"How did we end up in the predicament?" I asked my crying daughter as I cradled her close. I knew she wouldn't answer since she's an infant.

Before all of this Juu Gero aka 18 was an audacious outgoing woman. Back in high school I was always hanging with me friends Bulma and Chi-chi, along with their boyfriends Goku and Vegeta, and Goku's older brother Raditz. But things changed when we all went to college. Me, My twin brother James aka 17, Bulma, Chi-chi, Goku, and Vegeta went to the same college. We met a new dude. His name was Krillen Roshi. He was kind of short, black hair, ebony eyes, and to me HOT HOT HOT. Me and Krillen got close and started to get to know one and another and before we knew it we were a couple. Two years later Chi-chi graduated got married to Goku and not long after had her first child; a boy name Gohan. In those two years I changed, I was less 'wild', I change my majoring to a nurse, and I was more wife material. All because of Krillen. Two years after that Bulma finished schooled early since she was so smart she got a master in Biochemistry got married to Vegeta and then had their first child; a boy name Vegeta but everyone called him by his middle name Trunks. I felt I was behind all my friends I had a year left in College and I wasn't married. All my worries would come to an end a month after my graduation Krillen had finally propose and we had gotten married three months later. Life was good me and Krillen moved away from my hometown Sacramento, California to Carson, Nevada. We lived in a big light green house with a picket fence, just like in my dreams.

But two years later I had quit me job to be a stay at home wife since we had enough money to take car of ourselves and the fact it was hard cleaning a big house. A year later I told him I was pregnant and he was so happy about the news. He promised me all these things but never lived up to them. Now here I am, in the rain with barely nothing, and my daughter.

"Let's get you out the rain." I whispered to my daughter as I walked to my car

1 hour later.

I still had out credit card so I decided to stay in a motel for the night then go back to Sacramento tomorrow.

"Guess what Mar, we're going home." I said in a silly baby voice as I grabbed my baby.

"Your going to see all you family tomorrow." I continued and tucked myself and Marron in the bed and fell asleep

Next Day in front of Capsule Corp.

I stood their softly crying I haven't seen Bulma in forever. Oh how much I miss her. She's going to be so mad too because I didn't tell her about Marron. But I just can't stand her forever.

I picked up Marron's car seat and I walked over to the Capsule Corp. door.

I knocked and waited 30 seconds then I knocked again then a women dressed in a maid outfit answered the door.

"Are you a guess for Mrs. Ouji Brief's picnic." The maid asked in a French accent as she curtsey for me.

It took me a minute to realize who she was talking to.

"Yes." I answered.

"Come in, I'll will show you the way." The maid insisted.

"It's okay, I want it to be a surprise." I insisted.

"As you wish madam." The maid replied and curtsey.

I walked to the backyard and before anyone saw me I looked around. was talking to along with my parents, Vegeta and Goku were arm wrestling, Raditz was cheering them on, Bulma and Chi-chi were laughing their heads of, 17 was working at the grill, and Gohan and Trunks were chasing each other. I took a deep breath and walked into the backyard and cleared my throat. Everyone turned their heads.

"Hello everyone." I said

No one replied,

"Are you guys going to answered." I continued.

"JUU!" Bulma and Chi-chi screamed as they ran to me giving me hugs and kisses.

"18 WE'VE MISSED YOU!" Bulma shouted hugging me tighter.

"WHY HAVENT YOU CALLED!" Chi-chi shouted looking like she was ready to cry.

"Can't… breath." I said with my last breaths.

"Sorry." Chi-chi and Bulma both said as they let go.

"Hey 18 long time no see." Goku said and gave me a soft hug.

"Hey Goku." I replied.

"Where's cue ball." Vegeta asked as he came over

I frowned, "It's a long story but I'll tell you all later." I answered.

"Who's that?" Trunks asked Bulma.

"This is mommy's other best friend Juu." Bulma answered as she picked up Trunks.

"Mommy who's that." Gohan asked as he pointed to Marron.

I lifted Marron out of her car seat and raised her up so everyone could see her.

"Everyone meet Marron, she's one week old and also my daughter." 18 announced with a smile.

"WHAT!?" Everyone said at the same time.

"And since I all got your attention I would like to announce that me and Krillen are getting a divorce," Everyone gasped and tears start to well up in my eyes, "He left me for another woman yesterday, He had been cheating on me since I was three months pregnant." I finished.

"There, there now darling," my mother said as she walked over to me, "Let me hold Marron while you get yourself together." My mother said as she took Marron.

"I'll kill him." 17 said as he came over to me and I fell into his arms in sobs.

"Oh 18 It'll be alright, you'll move on." Bulma said as she patted my back.

I wiped my tears and got up.

"How embarrassing…" I said with a blush.

"Come on 18 let's go to my room." Bulma suggest and me and Chi-chi followed.

"Aye Raditz now its your turn." Vegeta joked.

"Damn right." Raditz whispered to himself.

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