The little girl watched from her bedroom window, as her father helpde a lady out of his carriage ,and then two girls about her age

She sighed and walked over to her bed and sat down. Her father had written and said he was bringing her home a new mother and two sisters.

She went back over to the window. She hoped they liked her.

She was pulled out of her train of thought when she heard her father call.

She ran down the steps and into the living room and stopped. There was her father and the lady with her daughters.

Her father smiled down at her "Ella, meet your new mother, Lady Lora, and her daughters, Becky and Doris." her father said, pointing out who was who

Ella curtsied "Pleases to meet you."

Her father went on explaining to Lady Lora about the house the servants, ect, ect.

Ella looked at her new family, Becky had golden blond curls that were shoulder length, she had dark green eyes and a pinched up nose. Doris had Light brown curly medium length hair and light green eyes, her nose was pinched up too. They were both slightly taller than Ella. Lady Lara had medium brown hair pulled into a tight bun and had forest green eyes.

"Ella." her father said her name.

"Yes Daddy" she asked looking up at him.

"How about you take your new sisters up stairs so they can find a bedroom. Ok?"

"Ok daddy." Ella said, than looked at her new sisters "Please follow me."

They walked up the stairs in silence. When they reached the top the two stepsister looked around than started looking through the rooms. They came to Ella's room

Doris Looked at the size it was huge "I'll take this one." she stated and walked in.

Ella ran to her room, her eyes filled with horror "Umm, this is my room." she tried to say politely. She wasn't sure what to do.

Doris looked at her "Is that so? Well in that case, its my room now." she started walking farther in the room, but Ella got in her way.

Ella stood right in front of her and gathered some courage "This is my room. And this is my house. You can choose another room, but this one is mine." she stated watching as Doris's face started to turn red. Then she stormed out of the room and down the stairs, Becky followed. Ella walked after them.

Doris looked around and then spotted her mother. She put on a sad face and turned on the tears and run to her mom "Momma" she cried burying her face in her mothers skirt.

Lady Lora looked down at her "Doris what ever is wrong?" she asked.

Doris took a shaky breath and then started her story "Well when we went up stairs too pick a bedroom, I found one and asked very politely if I could have it and and…" Doris broke down into a new set of tears and then continued "Ella started yelling at me that it was her room and she did not want us here."

Ella stood there watching the scene in shock. That isn't what happened at all. And she didn't yell. She didn't even raise her voice. She just stated that it was her room and her house.

Ella's father was taking in the whole scene, and by the look on his daughter's face, he could tell there was something wrong with the story Doris told. Plus, his daughter had never raised her voice in her life.

He cleared his throat "Why don't we all go up stairs and pick out rooms, shall we? And forget this ever happened. Ok girls?" Ella smiled at her father and he winked at her.

Lady Lora looked at him "You mean were just going to forget that my precious daughter got her feelings hurt?" she asked looking at him.

Ella's father looked her in the eye "Well, being we don't now what happened, I say its better just to forget it." he looked at her, finely she nodded.

They all went up stairs. Doris and Becky finely picked out a room and Ella kept hers.

After dinner, they all went out side to tell Ella's father good bye.

"I'll be back as soon as I can." he was bent down talking to Ella "Be a good girl for me, ok?"

Ella smiled at him "Yes sir." she pecked him on the cheek and he did the same, before whispering in her ear that there was a surprise for her in the garden. He than stood up and told her stepmother good bye, and her stepsisters, and then road off on his horse

Ella waved bye to him and he waved back. If only she had known that was the last time would she lay eyes on him.