Cinderella sighed. It had been 2 days since the ball. She still couldn't believe that she had known Jonathan for years and never knew he was the prince. She hoped he didn't recognize her. If she ever had to go to the market she'd have to make sure he didn't see her. Cinderella had a feeling that if he saw her again he would know who she was.


Cinderella ran up the stairs to see what her stepmother wanted "Yes Ma'am?"

Her stepmother looked at her "I would like my tea immediately!"

Cinderella nodded "Yes Ma'am." she went down stairs and put the tea pot over the fire. And than got the tea cup and saucer.

About five minutes later the water started boiling, Cinderella poured the hot water in to the tea cup that already had the tea bag in it and was about to head upstairs, when there was a knock on the door she sat down the tray that had the tea and cakes on it and went to the front door.

Cinderella open the door to see the Royal messenger there "Yes?"

He bowed and handed her a letter

She took the letter "Thank you." she closed the door behind her and took the letter and the tray of tea and cakes to her stepmother.

Her stepmother tore the letter open and read it, than jumped up and ran out of the sitting room "Girls!"

Cinderella walked out of the room to see her to stepsisters come out of their rooms "Yes Mother?" the asked looking at the letter in there mothers hand

Lady Lora smiled "The Prince is looking for the girl he danced with at the ball!"

Cinderella's stepsisters stared at their mother "Really? What does that have to do with us?" Doris Asked.

Cinderella stared. The prince was looking for her? It had been 2 days since the ball and he was trying to find her? This could not be happening and this could not be good.

Lady Lora had a devious smile on her face "It says in the letter that he has no Idea who the girl is. all he has to go by is a glass slipper."

My Glass slipper! Who tracks a girl by a slipper? Cinderella thought. This was only getting worse. but there was a up side. Did Jonathan really think there was only one girl in the whole kingdom that could wear that shoe size? Surly he would find a girl that foot fit in the slipper, think she was the one and that would be that.

See you have nothing to worry about. Cinderella tried to reassure herself, but something was up. she knew Jonathan wasn't naïve to think only one girl could wear that shoe size. So what was he thinking?

Cinderella turned her attention back to her stepfamily. Becky had just asked how that applied to them.

Lady Lora rolled her eyes "Don't you get it? He has no idea who she is! Therefore he's using the shoe she left behind to find her. Say one of you two's foot fit the shoe. There is no way the prince would know it wasn't really you that was dancing with him."

Cinderella cringed as her stepfamily broke into evil cackled. She was glad that her stepsisters feet were bigger than hers. Hopefully Jonathan would find a different girl that was nice. that foot fit the shoe. a girl of higher rank that he deserved. Cinderella went to the stairs and sat on the railing and slid down. remembering how it was two nights ago. She smiled at the memory.

Cinderella walked in to the kitchen and closed the door.