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Chapter 1: Prologue

"Audio Diary entry, number ten. It's been eight months since the New Year's Eve Riots, and everything in Rapture went to hell. Eight months I've been alone with little to no human contact. And eight months of scrounging around using anything I could find to survive. Making these Audio Diaries seems to be the only way I can hear a sane human voice anymore, even if it is my own I find it strangely comforting."

"It's kind of ironic when I think about why my parents and I came here in the first place. My father had been an exceptional Welder, and gained much respect among his colleagues. Even with being one of the elite in his profession, he still found himself harshly overworked, and underpaid."

"My mother was no better off. Even though she fit the description of a loving housewife, I could tell she was just as troubled by our poor living conditions as my father was."

"Both of them would always try to comfort me with words of encouragement, assuring me our lives would get better sooner or later. Sometimes I wasn't sure if they were trying to convince me, or themselves."

"So you can imagine their surprise, when they were offered a chance to start over again in a new city. I remember that night perfectly, when we were greeted by two shady men knocking at our door."

I paused for a moment, pressing the stop button on the recorder, and placed it in my lap. Stretching out on the couch, I closed my eyes and began to reminisce.

July, 17, 1948 Bridgeport Connecticut

I was sitting on the floor watching an episode of The Ed Sullivan show, on the small TV that had been given to my father recently out of gratitude by one of his friends, for working his hours for him while he was sick.

My mother was in the kitchen, washing the dishes from dinner. While my father had his nose in his paper.

We were all immersed in what we were doing until a soft knock at the door gained our attention.

I watched as he set his paper down and walked towards the door. I was a bit curious and had to wonder who would be stopping by this time of night.

Pulling open the door he came face to face with two men dressed in suits. One was short and pudgy looking, with a cheerful look on his face. The other was tall and lanky, but held a stone cold face.

"Can I help you?" He asked.

"Depends are you Richard Lancaster?" The short one asked.

"I am" He answered simply.

"Then we have an offer to make you."

"And what kind of offer might that be?"

"One that'll get you, your wife, and your son out of this rundown slum of a neighborhood, and into a better life where you'll actually be appreciated for the work you do."

My father let out a low sigh, while pinching the bridge of his nose. He had never been fond of dealing with people like this. They were all the same, as he had explained it to me, just a bunch of con men with a get rich quick scheme that would always go bad in the end.

"Listen I barley have enough money to make ends meet, so whatever you're trying to rope me into I can assure you that I probably won't be able to afford It." He explained and began to shut the door. Before he could though the short man stuck his foot in the way blocking it.

My father shot him a light glare, sending the man a warning that he was starting to get annoyed. The man however decide to ignore it and spoke again.

"You misunderstand Mr. Lancaster the offer we're giving you doesn't require any money, it's completely free of charge."

My father gave him a skeptical look before responding.

"Not to accuse you of being less than truthful, but I've lived in this world long enough to know nothing is free, everything comes at a price, and as I said I'm not interested."

"Mr. Lancaster I'm sure our coming here was unexpected, and I can't help but think that if we would have scheduled a meeting with you this conversation would be going better right now. But please allow me to assure you that our superiors would love to have a man of your talents."

The man then turned to his tall companion.

"Bruno the letter."

The tall man apparently named Bruno reached into his coat pocket, and retrieved an envelope before handing it to my father.

"You have no need to rush Mr. Lancaster take your time to think it over, and you might find yourself interested."

Though he took the letter I could still see his face held a skeptical look, and I could also tell both of the men noticed it as well.

"If you don't give an answer by next month then your invitation will be revoked, and you'll never hear from us again I assure you. The man said making his voice sound as cheery and upbeat as possible. Though I'm sure you'll make the smart decision when the time comes. After all wouldn't it be better to work for an employer who values you, and gives you what you deserve. Rather than one who is unappreciative and overworks you."

My father gave him a surprised expression, as though this man was reading him like an open book.

"So do we have a deal?" He asked holding out his hand.

"Very well I'll think it over." My father answered shaking his hand.

"Splendid that's all I ask. Now if you have any more questions you want to ask, all you have to do is contact us our number is in the envelope."

"Understood." My father replied.

"Well now that we've done what was required of us, I think it's time we took our leave. So Mr. Lancaster I bid you and your family a goodnight." He said bowing slightly.

"And a good night to you as well." My father said before closing the door.

September, 20, 1959 Rapture

Opening my eyes I stretched again before siting up, and continuing the Audio Diary.

"If I had known things would turn out this way, I would have begged my parents not to come here. Hell, I would have even snatched that letter out of my father's hand, and shredded it the moment he went to read it."

"But it's too late now to wonder what if. I'm here now, and what matters most is that I do whatever it takes to survive."

Ending the Diary I placed it next to the others I had made. Seeing nothing else to do, I decided to turn on the radio and listen to whatever rerun music was playing on Rapture Radio.

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