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Chapter 3

The Big Daddy charged at me, with more speed than I would have guessed he had. I barely had time to dodge out of the way. Luckily he missed me, and collided into the wall causing it to crumble.

I sprinted towards the entrance in the wall the Big Daddy had made, as that was my quickest way out. I escaped, but was shocked to see he was still pursuing me.

Crap! I forgot these guys will fight to the death if they think their sister is being threatened. He's not going to stop until I'm dead, or too far away to follow.

I continued dashing through the streets, as the Big Daddy's heavy metal boots stomped behind me.

This is bad I need to find somewhere to hide until he's calm.

Coming around a corner I saw a group of thuggish splicers, along with a brute talking.

"We haven't had a taste of ADAM in over a week." One of the thugs complained.

Before anyone could respond to him I ran past.

"Hey where's the fire mate!" The brute called out.

"He sure was in a rush about something. You think he has any ADAM on him, and he's trying to get away with it?" Another thug questioned.

"Could be. Let's hunt the little ponce down, I've been waitin to get me hands dirty anyway." The brute decided while cracking his knuckles.

It wasn't until they heard the thundering footsteps of the Big Daddy that they turned around. Just in time for all of them to move out of the way of the metal giant, who was still solely focused on me.

"Oi it's one of those tin men, and he's got a sister on his back!" The brute yelled out. Pointing to the child who was indeed clinging to her protectors back.

I kept running, until I noticed I was heading straight towards one of the lower class apartment complexes.

This is good an apartment means a huge place with plenty of rooms to hide in.

Picking up speed I burst through the entrance, and bolted towards the stairs.

The Big Daddy was right behind me. Smashing through the front door, sending shards of glass flying across the room.

I was almost to the stairs, but before I could reach them the protector's hand shot out and grabbed me by the collar of my coat. I only had a split second to turn around and look, before he lifted me up and threw me to the ground.

I watched him power up his drill as he towered over me. I drew my gun as that seemed to be the only option I had left. I fired shot after shot, but they bounced off of him like toy bullets.

Damn it. I inwardly swore. I should've loaded this with armor piercing rounds.

I was backed into a corner, and there was nowhere to run. I could only watch helplessly as he began advancing towards me, preparing to run me through. I put my hands out in front of me bracing for the impact.

"No wait please don't!" I yelled in fear. Even though I knew it was a hopeless effort.

I closed my eyes waiting for death to take me, but it never came. Instead I heard a loud moan of pain. I snapped my eyes open to find the source of the noise, and was greeted to the sight of the Big Daddy engulfed in flames, while the Little Sister was on the floor screaming.

"Mr. B more strangers!"

She was right. I looked up to the second floor. There I saw a Houdini, spider, and nitro splicer. The female Houdini who had just finish lighting the protector on fire cackled.

"You see boys I told you I heard a racket down here." "Well it looks like this is our lucky day a little ADAM maker right in front of us." The nitro said grinning. "Let's deal with the gorilla and grab the girl!" The spider yelled out.

"Not gonna happen son!" A deep voice boomed.

Everyone including myself turned our heads to find a brute splicer, along with four thuggish splicers standing at the entrance.

These are the same guys I ran past before I got here.

"Hey look there's the kid that passed by us." The first thug said pointing at me.

My heart skipped a beat when I heard that. My breathing became short when I saw the brute approach me, and with one hand he lifted me off the floor.

"You make one wrong move boy and I'll split ya in half understand?" he asked flashing me a grim smile.

I slowly nodded my head, letting him know I wouldn't try anything. The brute began rummaging through my pockets taking out all the food I had stored in them.

"Bah! The boy's clean not a drop of ADAM on him." He told his partners before turning back to me.

"You got lucky today mate. See normally I'd kill ya for making me chase ya all the way here and no reward for it. But since ya helped lead us to a sister, I'm feelin kinda generous." His voice took on a more threating tone as he moved his face closer to mine. "Stay out of our way and we'll let ya live."

As soon as he finished his threat he tossed me aside like a ragdoll, and I collided into the wall on the other side of the room, nearly breaking my right arm.

Trying to ignore the pain in my arm for a moment, I looked over to the Big Daddy, whose focus was no longer on me thanks to the splicers. I noticed he was glancing back and forth between the two groups.

Probably trying to decide which one he should go after first. I guessed.

"We saw the sister first, we got dibs on her." The third thug said.

"Who gives a shit what you all saw first, she's in our territory that makes her ours." The nitro argued.

The Big Daddy finally deciding to take some action, ripped a chunk of wood out of the front desk and hurled it at the three splicers. The Houdini teleported to another location, while the other two jumped over the railing and landed on the floor.

The protector charged at the brute and thuggish splicers. Causing them to dodge out of the way as well.

"Hey let's deal with the walking tank first, once he's gone we'll settle who gets the girl." The fourth thug suggested.

All of the splicers nodded their heads at each other, accepting the idea as the best logical plan.

The brute began running towards the protector while yelling. "You're in for it now ya piss-pot!"

Before he could land the blow, the Big Daddy's massive hand reached out and caught the brute by the throat. "Ya dirty poof I'll strip that suit right off ya!" The brute choked out.

The protector responded by lifting him up, and throwing him across the room. We all watched as he slammed head first into the wall, causing a large pile of debris to fall on top him.

"Argh! I'm stuck, the four of you deal with him while I dig meself out." The brute ordered.

The four thugs ran forward attacking him. The spider and the Houdini were getting ready to jump in as well, but were stopped by the nitro.

"Let them go first. We'll go in after they wear him down." The two splicers nodded and stepped back.

The Big Daddy knocked one of the splicers to the ground, and stomped on his head instantly killing him. He threw the other two away and grabbed the fourth by his neck, squeezing it so hard that it snapped. He charged at the third splicer, using all his weight to plow him into the wall, crushing him to death. He lifted the final splicer off the ground, using his drill to split his head in half.

"They didn't do any damage on him at all." I said quietly, still crouching in the far corner of the room.

With all four of the thugs dead the protector now turned his attention to the other three. Because of this distraction he didn't notice the brute had managed to pull himself out from under the ruble. He charged at him once again, but this time made contact, knocking the Big Daddy to the ground.

"Yeah I'm going to crumple you like the tin can you are!" The brute yelled while punching him in the face.

The protector bashed him in the face with his drill stunning him, then threw him to the floor. The two splicers looked at the nitro.

"Now?" The Houdini asked. The nitro's face held a look of delight as he answered. "Now." All three smiled evilly, and looked down at the brute and the Big Daddy.

The Houdini lit up her hands, and began throwing balls of fire at the protector, who responded by moaning in pain. Once the fires died out, the spider splicer leapt into the air, and landed on the Big Daddy's back, using his hooks to crave into the metal armor. The protector caught on to what the splicer was doing, and instantly went charging towards the wall, trying to crush him in a similar fashion to what he had done with the third thug splicer. The spider however being quick and nimble due to his flexible limbs jumped off just in time, and began scaling the wall to keep out of his reach.

How's he going to handle this? I thought curiously. He's up against a spider, a Houdini, a nitro, and a brute.

I continued watching as I saw the nitro now wielding a grenade launcher firing at the Big Daddy, who was trying desperately to avoid them, as well as the fire balls from the Houdini. The brute who had up until this point been standing idly by, probably wanting the other three splicers to soften him up, ran over to the now deteriorating Big Daddy. Repeatedly punching, and bashing him, causing the metal bars on his face to bend and a few of his portholes to crack.

For a moment it seemed there was no way the protector could overcome this situation. In an act of quick thinking though he head-butted the brute, sending him stumbling back, which gave the nitro the opportunity to fire another grenade. However this seemed to work in the protector's favor as he caught the grenade, and tossed it to the spider who was hanging on the ceiling. The grenade exploded and the now singed splicer fell from the ceiling unable to grab on to anything. The Big Daddy once again powered up his drill, and ran towards the splicer at high speed. Once the drill made contact it severed the splicer's body in half.

That was incredible. I thought with astonishment. In all my time in Rapture I never had the chance to see a Big Daddy fight up close and personal. So watching this fight play out was really a sight to see.

"You bastard!" A sharp voice rang out. A red mist appeared behind the Big Daddy, and soon took form into the Houdini.

"You might have gotten all of them, but you won't get me. As long as I can move wherever I want you can't catch me." She boasted before teleporting to the second floor, and lighting up her hands with more fire.

"Now I'm going to flash fry you!" She screamed.

Before she could make good on her promise the Big Daddy picked up one of the spiders hooks, and threw it at her. The object shot through the air, and met its mark piercing the Houdini's eye. She fell from her position, and hit the floor dead.

"Fuck! He's taken down my group and the big guys." I heard the nitro say. "If this keeps up he's gonna kill me to!" He yelled before running up the stairs.

Guess he must've lost he nerve. I figured, but it didn't really matter to me. All the protector had to do now was kill off the brute, and I could sneak out of here without him noticing.

The Big Daddy and the brute continued trading blows as I looked around the room. Ignoring the damage I focused on the girl, who like me had been hiding in a corner observing the fight. I was a little surprised that she had managed to stay quiet for so long, but as I pointed out before she'd probably been in many situations like this before, and knew what she needed to do.

I regained focus on the fight when I saw the brute pining the protector's arms to the floor, with a malicious smile on his face. The Big Daddy revved up his drill in an attempt to get free, and embedded it into the brute's arm.


I watched in sheer disbelief as the brute gripped the base of the protector's drill, and with a great heave tore it completely off. Sparks and smoke were hissing from the protector's now mutilated arm.

"No! Stop hurting Mr. Bubbles!" The girl cried out, tears streaming down her face in concern for her injured guardian.

The brute still wearing his sinister smile picked up the prize he had gained from the protector, and launched it at the sister, who managed to duck down before the metal tool could hit her.

"You keep your mouth shut you little trollop! I'll deal with ya in a minute once I'm done putting your Daddy down." He said while turning back to the protector beneath him.

"Bet you thought you were the big and scary one eh mate? Guess no one told ya I'm top man down here!" He laughed moving closer to the Big Daddy's face. "In case ya haven't noticed I'm da only one left that means the lil' one is coming home with me."

"Not gonna happen fat ass!" We all looked up to find the nitro splicer had returned.

He came back! These guys just don't give up do they?

"The only one taking ADAM from that girl is me!" He said with finality in his tone.

I noticed he was cradling something in his arms. When he opened them I saw what appeared to be a homemade bomb.

"HOLY SHIT!" I yelled out running behind one of the wooden pillars, and taking cover.

"YA MAD CUNT! ARE YOU INSANE!?" The brute roared.

"So long!" was all the nitro said before throwing the bomb at the brute, and the protector.

The bomb detonated with a destructive force. Metal, wood, and rubble went flying everywhere. I heard the sister scream as she was flung back by the explosion. Thank God I was on the other side of the room. The dust cleared and everything was silent. My ears were ringing as I picked myself up. Scanning the room my eyes locked on to the images of the brute, and the Big Daddy, who were both lying motionless on the floor. The Big Daddy's entire body was on fire, and his portholes were pitch black signifying he was dead.

The brute's body was completely covered in blood. The pressure from the bomb had torn his skin off revealing his flesh. His eyes were still open, but they were lifeless assuring me that he like the Big Daddy was deceased.

I heard the nitro splicer chuckle darkly as he moved towards the Little Sister, who still lying down on the floor after the explosion threw her back.

"You're all mine now little girl." He said eyes widening with the anticipation of the ADAM he was going to get.

I'm seriously getting a sense of déjà vu. I thought. I can't believe I'm about to save this girl again!

I looked around for my revolver, but it was nowhere to be seen.

The blast must've sent it flying somewhere.

The splicer grabbed the sister and pinned her to the wall. Reaching into his pocket he pulled out a switch blade, and held it close to her stomach.

"Let me go! Let go!" She screamed.

I looked around trying to find anything I could use as a weapon, when I noticed a lead pipe on the floor one of thugs had used. Running over I grabbed it off the ground, griping it so tight my knuckles turned red. The splicer placed the blade on the sister's stomach preparing to cut her open.

It's now or never! I decided.

I ran over at a fast pace, holding the lead pipe over my head. The splicer heard my footsteps, but didn't have time to turn around before I bashed him over the head repeatedly. He went down on the first strike, but I kept on hitting him harder and harder, fearful that if I stopped he would get back up.

I lost count of how many times I struck him, but once I finally stopped his head was completely covered in blood, and his already deformed face was mangled beyond recognition. I dropped the pipe, and leaned over nearly vomiting in disgust from the smell. Once I got myself together I looked over to the Little Sister who was grieving over the loss of her fallen protector.

"Mr. Bubbles please get up! Please!" The distressed child cried.

Covering her face with her hands she dropped to her knees sobbing loudly. I couldn't help but feel sorry for her after everything she had been through. Nearly getting killed twice by three groups of splicers, and now the only person she trusted was dead.

I slowly walked over to her tapping her on the shoulder, which caused her intense crying to stop, and with a gasp she jumped back staring at me fearfully.

"Kid I think you should probably get out of here, before more of those guys show up."

She remained silent for a while, but eventually the fear left her eyes, and she spoke.

"But what about Mr. Bubbles? I can't leave him." She said tearfully turning back to the smoldering remains of the Big Daddy.

I let out a low sigh, before kneeling down to be at her level. "Kid listen." I said trying to make my voice sound as sympathetic, and soft as possible. "He's gone like all those bad guys who tried to hurt us, and he's not coming back. Now that bomb that just went off made a really loud sound, and I'm sure almost everyone around here heard it, and are on their way here to see what's happened. You and I need to be gone before they come, or we're going to be in trouble. So wherever you came from you should head back now."

I could tell my words were starting to sink in as she lowered her head sadly, but she still remained glued to her position not moving an inch. I was about to question her on that when a thought hit me, and I decided to voice it delicately.

"Do you have anywhere to go back to?" I asked.

She looked up at me for few seconds before gazing back down at her shoes, shaking her head.

Oh so that's why. I said mentally now feeling even more pity for this girl.

Not only had she lost a guardian, but now she didn't even have a place to call home. If she was left in that condition the odds were pretty high that she'd be dead in the next few days if not sooner. I didn't have time to dwell on that, as I had no idea how close the splicers in the area were to getting there, or how many of them were coming. I had to make a quick decision, and only one came to mind. One that all my survival instincts were screaming no at.

"Hey kid if you come with me I can keep you safe." I offered.

At the time I didn't know why I was doing this. Traveling through Rapture was hard enough alone, but with a child who was a Little Sister none the less. Not only would that slow me down, it also meant splicers would be after us the moment they caught sight, or sound of her. Even considering all the consequences I still couldn't leave her.

"How do I know you're not a bad person to?" She asked in a timid voice.

I closed my eyes and let out another sigh of aggravation. "I've saved you twice today remember? Plus look at my face, do I look like one of those monsters?"

She inspected my face for a short while before turning away, and answering. "No."

"So then will you come with me." I asked hopefully with a smile.

She looked at me, and slowly nodded.

"Okay." I said while taking off my coat. "I'm going to wrap this around you so no one will see you alright."

"Okay." She answered.

I wrapped the coat around her entire body which wasn't difficult considering how small she was. Once I was done I lifted her off the floor, and began carrying her out.

"Where are we going?" She asked.

"Back to my place we've both had a heck of a day, and could use some rest." I answered.

Once again she nodded her head, while I covered it with the front part of the coat. While walking through the shadows of the street's making sure no one noticed me. I made my way back to the train station setting the course for Pauper's Drop.

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