Harvey: Chapter 2

"It's been months since we sent word to my father and there is still no word in response," the Queen groaned with irritation.

"Lord Tywin is at work defending the crown against the rebellion in the North, surely some leniency can be spared in his delayed arrival," Varys soothed.

This was the pattern of every Small Council meeting. Cersei would rile and roar, Varys would calmly lay water to the fires, Pycelle would put his lips to the Queen's until they were were brown, and Littlefinger would sit quietly with small, pleased smile to himself. This was the routine at least, before Lord Luthor was invited to sit in as well.

"Your Grace, I believe that Tywin is doing what he does best, eliminating houses that dare threaten the sanctity of the crown. What we should turn our attention to is Renly's growing forces to the south. Reports say there are nearly thirty thousand present already, with more surely to arrive soon. The Baratheon's rule that corner of your kingdom, so it wouldn't be beyond belief to expect numbers greater than one hundred thousand even," Luthor chimed as he stood. He began pacing around the table, the Queen and Pycelle following his movements. Littlefinger and Lord Varys appeared to be in a silent staring match with each other. A duel no one else in the room noticed but Harvey.

Luthor carried on without regards to those present, "With my assistance, the crown could have one hundred ships here from my land in but a month."

"And where exactly is your native land my lord? From what you described it is not a land I am familiar with," Varys tittered, breaking away from Littlefinger's stares.

"Metropolis is a city of enormous wealth and potential. I am in very high regard with its lord, and could surely ascertain a force large enough to stop Renly in his tracks."

"If I am not mistaken," Pycelle wheezed, "Renly has no ships in his forces. His men would storm us from one of the landward gates, not the sea." The only man appeared so pleased with himself, Harvey almost pitied him.

"Grand Maester Pycelle, you are surely well versed in the arts of potions and teachings, but let the matters of war rest in the hands of those best suited to wield them," Luthor replied, complimenting his insult with a pleasant smile.

As Pycelle sunk back into his seat, Littlefinger spoke, "And what of Stannis, and these parchments he's sent across Westoros?"

Stannis Baratheon, Lord of Dragonstone and Robert's older brother, had sent out messages to every city of the incestuous nature of King Joffrey's and his siblings' true origins, or according to the lord at least. It was bold of Littlefinger to mention it, as it always sent the Queen into a rage.

"We do not need to address these damned letters for they are a pathetic attempt at a broken man's desperate claim for the throne. He will not be king and this embarrassment simply shows how far the once great lord has fallen," Cersei seized.

Harvey imagined Baelish knew the truth as well as he did. Joffrey, Tommen, and Myrcella were not Robert's they were Jaime's. All of Stannis' words rang true, a knowledge surely passed on by the late Ned Stark before his arrest. As Harvey scoured the table, it seemed as if only the newly arrived Lord Luthor, and the frail old Grand Maester were unaware of the truth.

Luthor waved his hand to brush the matter away as if it were a fly. "Words, words are all they are. Stannis could sit upon the highest rock on that tomb of an island shouting to the world how he is the true king and it would matter not. But, my respected lords, and Queen Regent, we have much more pressing matters to discuss."

Varys rolled his eyes. "Yes, yes, the Batman and his belligerent band of friends."

"You don't believe them to be a threat?"

"Frankly, no," the eunuch replied his eyes widening in mockery. "The Batman has not been sighted for greater than three months. Odds are some maddened thug finally got the best of him. And these others, well they are but wild claims at best."

Luthor rubbed his brow in irritation before covering his tracks with another smile. "Lord Varys, the evidence is there. There are multiple reported sightings of an armored woman attacking the king's forces in the West and as far north as the Riverlands. We have had a small group of maesters set their focus to the trees recovered from just beyond these walls. The handprints are there. These are forces the likes of which we could not have imagined. The strength required to break a tree as if it were a twig. Is it magic? Is it some creature we thought lost to the world? You would set your gaze so narrowly to just the enemies with banners but I fear soon, Lord Varys, you may just realize how dangerous a foe whose banner is but the simple outline of a bat may be."

As Harvey sat listening quietly, he could only think of how well Luthor was at speaking with people. More directly, manipulating people.

After the meeting had ended, Harvey went straight to his chambers on the third floor of the Keep, across from the Tower of the Hand. The tower that Ned Stark had once occupied, and that was currently vacant as everyone waited with baited breath for Lord Tywin to arrive and save the day.

Harvey's thoughts had lately turned towards his childhood friend. Of their days together as children, of their long absence from each other's lives, and that last fateful night they had spent talking months ago. Harvey wished he could return, if but only to speak more with his long lost friend. I hope you are well old friend, and that Gotham's worst days are behind it.

Suddenly his door burst open as a guard ran in. The guard donned the golden armor of the Gold Cloaks.

"Ser, you told me to come to you should anything treacherous happen again," he heaved.

Harvey stood, "Yes, yes what is it?"

The man was out of breath. "The newly appointed commander of the City Watch. He's killing them ser."

"Killing who?" Harvey gravely muttered.

"Babes, young girls, children. The Gold Cloaks are killing King Robert's bastards."

Selina: Chapter 2

"I'm sure Gotham will be sad to see you go, m'lord," Selina lied.

Tyrion chuckled, "Please Selina, I don't think this city will bat an eye at a Lannister leaving its walls. I know my face was not a welcomed one in these troubled times."

"Then I will be sad to see you go. You were a bit of fun in this humorless, broken city."

Tyrion gave her a warm smile in reply. They were standing on the walkway beside the beach. Farther down the port bustled with activity but here it was calm, serene. Gulls flapped above, and the waves gently lapped at the rolling sands. Tyrion's sellsword Bronn followed a dozen paces behind, as always.

"It is a shame though, I was rather hoping I would be able to actually see the Batman before I departed. Laying eyes on that wonder, send shivers down the spine does it not? Equally disappointing is that I couldn't share a supper with Lord Wayne. Curious both protectors of Gotham are absent during my time here, isn't it?"

Selina knew what the dwarf was hinting at. Many, Selina included, had suspected Lord Wayne to truly be the Batman, but with the man's limp leg and the Batman and Lord Wayne being in plain sight together that night of the celebration months ago, it seemed improbable. Wayne appeared to care more for whores and drinking, a man after Lord Tyrion's own heart surely.

"Batman, Penguin, Riddler, they're all so bizarre. It's wonderful. Bizarre is against the grain. Beyond what nature had intended. We could use more of that in this world. Wouldn't you say, Catwoman?"

Selina froze. She had still been going out in the night, but not as frequently as she once had. Something about knowing she wouldn't be running into the Caped Crusader on her nightly escapades made them seem less thrilling.

She stared down the little dwarf, preparing for what he would say next.

Tyrion took notice of her rigid stance and chuckled. "Let your mind rest at ease, I don't intend to spout your secret to the world. Catwoman is of no concern to anyone. Perhaps my father, but I doubt he will be storming these city walls again anytime soon."

"Then why boast about knowing it?" Selina knew the dwarf had a certain hubris when it came to unearthing hidden knowledge, but he wouldn't merely boast to boast, he was too smart for that.

"I need you to relay a message to Batman for me," the dwarf stated with a suddenly stern face.

A couple passed, forcing the two of them to drop their current, secretive conversation as Tyrion gave her rear a quick spank and winked. The couple suddenly quickened their pace, fearing to witness an act of whoring. When they were safely passed Bronn, who was eying Selina and Tyrion with a wry smirk, Selina turned on the dwarf and slapped him across the face. Tyrion grunted in shock, but nodded his head soon after knowing he deserved it.


Selina scoffed, "I'm afraid I won't be able to carry out your little mission. Batman's dead."

Finally saying the words left a stone in her throat. He is, isn't he? Someone managed to kill him. Or worse yet, something made him want to hang his cape up…

"He isn't. I was told he would disappear, but also that he would return."

Selina blinked. How is that…possible? "What do you mean you were told this?"

Tyrion smiled as he reached down to sand beside the cobbled walkway. He scooped up a bit and held it high. Then, he parted his fingers, and let the small speckles of grainy earth take to the wind and fly away.

"A figure wearing the most pristine golden armor I've ever seen, with eyes that burned like wildfire and a voice that sounded like it could be the Father's for all I know. It was a dream unlike I've ever had, and was so vivid. The figure showed me so much, and yet I remember so little. But what remains clear were his final words. He told me that Batman would return, and that I must travel to Gotham to warn those he trusted most. Since I can neither find Batman nor Gotham's lord, I must turn to you."

Selina's brow raised. A year ago she would have mocked the dwarf's story, but with everything she had seen, Batman, Gotham surviving Tywin's assault, the Joker killing all of those soldiers, the crimson-eyed assassin with the changing face, there was a lot that had widened her gaze and scope of belief.

"Why me?"

Tyrion clapped his hands together to remove the last of the sand. "I remember the figure telling me that each of us are little beads of sand upon a beach more expansive than even this world. We collide, shift, bounce off one another, but in the end, whatever direction the wind takes us in, we must follow. I can't say what my fate is, but I know yours is to help Batman protect us."

"Protect us? Now you're of Gotham?" Selina scoffed.

Tyrion shook his head. "No, not us as in Gotham. Us as in everyone. Westoros, Essos, and every other land, man, woman, and child in this world. We are doomed if not for the Batman, and since I cannot stay to relay this message, you must in my place."

Selina shrugged her shoulders, "And that would be?"

"The Lord of Light, R'hllor, governs over light, heat, and life. He is the one who those foolish Red Priests praise. He defends the world against the wrath of the Great Other, the lord of darkness, cold, and death. Now, I'm not saying I believe a word of the religion, but I was told to speak this message placed into my hands and so I shall. The Great Other has awoken, and if Batman does not aid in stopping him, the sun will set, and dawn will never rise again."

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