My life is just as I always wanted full of joy and love. I defeated the impossible when others stepped over me and say I would never recover, I would never get over heartache. The same heartache the broke me before I really got introduced to the world but her I am three years later and I'm sure if they see me I would state proudly that I proved you wrong. It is possible to give love a second chance without it falling twice, and I'm glad I did because I would of misses the opportunity to be in the position that I'm today.

My life had some serious downfall but I never once thought of going back to change anything, if I did would he be here, even more would they. I guess him leaving as one of the best things that happened in my life. When people ask if I regret, I answer them "YES", but "NO" and tell them I regret the part wasting my life in a place with someone I was not meant to be with when I could have had my family longer than I waited. I don't regret it also because I believe that moving in with my Dad "Charlie" helped me grew up and mature into the woman I am today. I also think the my high school relationship was the one that prepared me to know that in life there is no fairytale but there can be a happy ending you just have to work for it.

Going to Forks and Meeting the Cullen family was and will always and interesting experience for me. Would I have resented him if it weren't for the preparation I had with vampire's maybe, maybe not. It is true when they say "LIFE CHANGES IN THE BLINK OF AN EYE" I could remember I like it was just yesterday when I first sat in the cafeteria when I saw them deathly pale, having very dark eyes and seem to have the same golden color eyes even though they claimed to not all be related but adopted. Under their eyes are dark, bruise-like shadows, as if they didn't get good nights sleep, all their features are straight, perfect and angular, they are also said to be inhumanly beautiful. After finding out the names I was finally able to distinguish them properly. Edward Cullen was lanky, not as muscular, with untidy, bronze colored hair. He looks more boyish than the other Cullen's. Emmett is big, muscled like a serious weight lifter, with dark curly hair, and tall. Jasper is Taller, leaner, but still muscular with honey blond hair. Alice is Pixie like, thin in the extreme, with small features. Her hair was deep black, cropped short and pointing in every direction.

Rosalie's Statuesque, a beautiful figure, and the kind you see on the cover of Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. Her hair is golden, gently waving to the middle of her back. But Edward was the one who attracted me the most ever part of him was perfect and was just plain. I mean what was so special about me I was 5'2, wavy brown hair, brown eyes and undefined curves. I wasn't nothing much to look at but he saw differently, like I always thought it was to good to be true. Why would some as good looking as him be with some one as plain as me. I usually would bread about it a lot back in high school but ever since I met him he says differently and my husband is a man of his world when he states something.

With me and Edward together I got to meet hiss family officially especially his parents; Carlisle and Esme for extensive purposes. After months of spending time together we became deeply In love and I was immediately accepted into the family. Emmett become my big bear of a brother, Jasper still kept at a distance but threw a smile every once in a while, Rosalie hated me with me unconsciously knowing the reason but all Edward tell me is that she thinks I will be danger to the family and last but not least my energetic best friend of a sister Alice. Carlisle and Esme treated me like family but that was more like parental love. I saw Esme as a mother and Carlisle ad a father figure. My perfect family was always there to protect me was always they're when I needed them the most but that all changed on my 18th birthday. I resented that day for months because I never wanted a party in the first place but one Alice used the pout on me and talk about not celebrating a human party in years I gave in unwillingly. It was walking up on September 13th on a bad note what started my day off leaving moody. After having argument with Edward with his denial to change me I became sullen. At the end of the day after being persuaded to attend even though I faked being busy I was still dazzled into coming. Sitting on the couch in my house watching Romeo and Juliet is when I first heard of task that is being carryout by the Voultri if certain request are denied or made. After having an intense argument, about moral right we left for my "PARTY".

Putting on an excited expression I walked through the hands in an appearance that shows I'm excited and want to be here. When I was opening my second present I got a paper cut and was attacked by the newest vegetarian in the family: JASPER. Edward throwing me in the bowls of glass and unto a piano I was left in a pool of my blood. After having Carlisle stich me up perfectly due to his medical career I was taken home with one request from Edward that night: A KISS. Little did I know that it would be the last. A week after the accident Edward walked me to the forest on the edge of my house and declared his feeling saying that he and his family were leaving also that he doesn't want me and cant deny being who he really is and needs to stop pretending because he isn't safe for me. He also made clean that I was just a maar distraction for him in his existence to help time pass and that I should move on: get married and have children, and with a final kiss he left. I tired to following him but due to the numbing in my body I wasn't able to move any further. It was probably two hours I laid on the forest for when I saw the face of Sam-.


At tap on the door brought me out of my memories as I sit perched on a chair in my husband's office book completely forgotten.

"Mommy we want to come in," said the voice of the three-year-old daughter. Giggles erupted on both sides of here announcing that her sisters were they also.

"Mia Amor," a voice said around the corner.

My head whipped around my auburn hair flying around my face as my eyes seek his. There he stood leant against the frame of the door, three children behind him attached to his leg. His black hair was sleek black as always as his ruby red robs trained on me, his muscular frame peeking threw the peeks of his rob. With hands folding across him a dazzling smile lite his face when I ours connected.

"ARO,"I whispered