Chapter 1: I'm sorry

After the interruption Chloe made at Rumor Loren was doubtful if she was the one for Eddie. At this point Eddie had enough of Chloe trying to brainwash Loren into thinking she wasn't right for him because she was. He was in love with her he didn't want to let her go nothing not even Chloe would stand in the way of that. As soon as he got off the car to drop off Loren at her house he walked to her and grabbed her by the hand and said "Loren listen to me okay I'm so sorry about Chloe ruining the night you know that I'm done with her she's just a mistake to me." Loren sighed at first then said "I know you say you are done with her but it's just that maybe she's right about us." Eddie then said "You are really going to say that after everything I've told you". "I continuously tell you I love you not her you are my everything I don't care if you are just a valley girl I love you Loren Tate" Loren looked into Eddie's eyes deeply trying to see if he really meant it. But all of a sudden something came over her and made her get frustrated and upset so she told Eddie "You know what just give me some space for now I really need to think this through" then Eddie said "Please Loren don't let her get to you I love you how many times do I have to say it you know what I'll give you some space to think but please pretty please don't leave me I need you". With that Eddie left leaving Loren flustered and confused on what to do "Am I the one for him" she thought to herself. Loren then opened the door and ran to her room crying she was wondering "Maybe he's saying that and the he'll end up leaving me like my Dad". Loren cried herself to sleep thinking the next day would be better but boy was she wrong.

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