Chapter 27: You said you would never leave me


My mind was thinking a million thoughts right now, and I couldn't think clearly at this point. I needed to just get away to a place that would let every worry fade. I knew that the perfect place to go right this second was mine and Katie's beach bungalow. That's the one place where I actually have the good memories to remind me of back then. I wished and wished that I could take back everything from that night. If only I would have known that Chloe out of all people would be the one responsible for my wife's death. I knew Chloe was bad news from the start, but I never knew that she would be this horrible of a person. Katie if only she was still alive at this point, but I knew she would never come back. I now was driving to the bungalow I was about 20 minutes away. Eddie and Nora were probably freaking out right now, but Eddie probably was the one keeping Nora calm this is why I wasn't so worried about Nora. Little did I know though that Eddie was the one who needed to be calmed down. I actually was going to call and tell him where I was going, but I figured he was probably with Loren. After all it's been a few days since she's gotten out of the hospital, so she more than anything needed Eddie by her side. Eddie was really in love with Loren so I knew he was spending all of his time with her right now.


I now was on my way to one of the places that my Dad would possibly be. The place that I was going to right now was the M.K. club to see if my father was there. I knew that he wasn't staying there, but maybe he was packing to take off somewhere right now. I was now probably about 5 minutes away from my Dad's place. While I was heading there my phone kept ringing continuously. I didn't even look at to see who was calling me so I then turned off my phone for the day. Turning off my phone yet again was another big mistake. The person who was calling me was Loren I should have answered because little did I know that I would not get the chance to say goodbye to her. Sooner or later she would eventually leave and I wasn't going to be there to say my goodbyes. If only I could know that my Dad was truly fine and there was nothing to worry about with him. I now had arrived at my Dad's apartment, waiting to see if he was actually here, luckily though I had the key to his apartment so I wouldn't have to be hounded by oppressing fans of me downstairs. Also I was lucky because there was a little secret route that my Dad had that lead to his apartment door. I now was making my way to the front door entrance, and I soon opened the door only to see none of his stuff even touched. I then started calling out to my Dad "Pops are you here." Unfortunately though there was no response just dead silence in the room. I could literally hear nothing but the music from downstairs in the air. I knew now that the only place now my Dad could possibly be was the beach bungalow. I now rushed downstairs to get to my car and see if my Dad was there.


I couldn't believe what I had just seen right in front of me. Eddie it's like I was just invisible to him and he didn't even notice me standing there. Obviously he was death too because he couldn't even hear me screaming out his name. I snapped back into reality as soon as the front door to my house slammed abruptly. I now had a sudden memory pop up in my head it now reminded me of what Eddie just did.


I was about 4 years old at the time it was few days away from my birthday. I was supposed to be asleep right now because it was already past my bedtime. It was about 11'oclock at night tight now, I was just in my bed laying down looking at the window. Tonight the stars were shining more brightly and they were more of them than ever. I wished that I could just run outside and see the stars up close. I knew I couldn't though because I was barley 4 I didn't even really know how to dress myself yet, soon though after looking up at the stars for an often while I began to fall asleep. Suddenly out of the blue I was awoken by what sounded like someone shutting a door. I now took my blanket cover off of me and walked to my bedroom door. I soon opened the door only to see my Dad with suitcases in his hand. I then called out to my Dad "Daddy where are you going?" My Dad didn't even respond to my question and he then just walked out the door. I tried to go after him but the door shut before I could actually go outside. I couldn't even reach the door knob so there was no way of me getting to him.

I then snapped back into reality as soon as I had heard my Mom calling my name. "Loren honey please answer me." I now saw my Mom standing right in front of me and her hands were placed on my shoulders. "Sorry Mom I sort of blanked out for a second there." She then unplaced from my shoulders, and I now had tears forming in my eyes.

Loren: "Did I do something to him Mom."

Nora: "Sweetie you did nothing wrong I guess he just needed some time to think process everything that has happened in the last couple hours."

Loren: "Yeah well I guess he obviously didn't want to talk to me about any of it." I then began to cry and my Mom willingly pulled me in for a hug.

Nora: "You know this has nothing to do with you maybe if you try and call him he'll pick up and explain why he left." I then pulled away from my Mom's grip and took out my phone from my back pocket. I clicked on contacts and then on Eddie's name, I then pressed call only to have it go straight to voicemail. This meant that he didn't even have his phone turned on at all.

Loren: "Mom he didn't pick up his phone that means he doesn't want anything to do with me."

Nora: "Now Loren don't go jumping to conclusions you know that Eddie just needed time to think."

Loren: "Mom he left me just like Dad did he's probably not even coming back. He'll probably make up some excuse and just end up breaking up with me. I then started to burst into tears and just cry on my Mom's shoulder. I figured now that things between me and Eddie would eventually end. I knew this love was too good to be true, and also all good things eventually come to an end. I now was about to get up to go to the bathroom to clean myself up, but suddenly my phone rang. I knew Eddie had no intention of calling me, so I was then curious as to whom the caller was. I then took out my phone yet again only to see the caller was Kelly. I thought that as soon as I answered her call she would just start barking and yelling at me. Instead she actually was acting stable and not yelling at me.

Kelly: " Loren I feel like I haven't talked to you in years."

Loren: "Hey Kelly sorry that I haven't called it's just that I really have not had time too lately."

Kelly: "Loren I know under the circumstances you have been put under I'm sure you hadn't had time to call."

Loren: " Yeah well so what do you need to talk about with me."

Kelly: "Loren are you okay it sounds like you have been crying."

Loren: "Kelly it's nothing I'm fine just please tell me what you need to."

Kelly: "Okay anyways like I was saying one of the most major record labels has contacted me and asked about you, and guess what they want to sign you to their record label.

Loren: Suddenly some of my sadness had now been washed away by this fairly good news "Kelly this is great I can't believe they actually want to sign me."

Kelly: "Loren there's sort of a catch the record label that wants you is located in New York. And for you to actually get signed there you would need to move there."

Loren: "Oh well I guess I'll call you back when I have your answer."

Kelly: "By the way after you make up your mind on what you want to do just come stop by the office and tell me, because if the answer is yes we could just catch a plane for New York right then and there."

Loren: "Umm okay Kelly bye I'll talk to you later."

Kelly: "Bye Loren can't wait to hear your answer, and here's a little piece of advice whatever is making you cry right now don't let it stand in the way of this amazing opportunity."

Loren: "Thanks Kel I'll be sure to put that into mind." With that I hung up the phone only to be more confused more than ever. Maybe I should leave it's not like Eddie would care anyways. He'd probably not even come to say goodbye.


I now was on my way to the beach bungalow to see if my Dad would be there. I now had this sudden urge to just turn around and go see Loren. Right now I wasn't focused on Loren though she would be fine without me for a few days. All I was focused on right now was making sure my Dad was okay. I should have listened to my head though because Loren would be fine without me. Little did I know though that she would be especially fine without me in her life for good.