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Duck pushed her palms into her eyes, trying to stop the tears from falling out. It wasn't working, as she felt the warm liquid roll down her arms.

The pink haired girl didn't want to go. She didn't know want to leave this small room in which she was in now.

"Why are you crying?" said a male voice from across the room. Duck couldn't answer him. She doesn't honestly know. Suddenly she felt herself being pulled into someone's chest. "Geez, Duck, I think you're worrying a little too much. It's not that big of a deal."

"B-but…Fakir…it is. It's c-crazy." Duck stammered through sobs.

Fakir laughed airily under his breath. "But… I thought you said you were ready?"

"I-I am."

"And you already told me…that you love me, right?" Fakir said smoothly, looking down at Duck's head.

Duck shot her face up at him, her eyes wet, cheeks puffy. "Of course I love you!" She hugged him tightly.

This caused Fakir to remember the day she came back to him. It was two years after the trials set forth by Drosselmeyer when Duck awoke one day, mysteriously back as a girl. She was very tired and malnourished; she barely made it to Fakir's home before falling unconscious on his doorstep. Fakir remembered going to leave that morning for class to find her outside, leaning against his house, barely breathing. He, at first, thought he was hallucinating but only after realizing she was very sick, he brought her into his home, forgetting about everything else he was to do that day.

It had been exactly a year since that day. Duck and Fakir had spent every day together and Fakir realized only a few days after she arrived that he was in love with her. It wasn't something he could hide anymore. Duck, however, was not responding to his charms and was still confused about why she was back and how she was human again. It wasn't until she was able to think about the future rather than the past did she realize how important Fakir was to her.

Just two months before, Fakir asked her to marry him.

Duck felt odd, heat in her chest and butterflies in her stomach, but she said yes. She knew she loved Fakir. He had done so much for her.

As Duck stood there in front of Fakir with her, she looked down at her red, long, form fitted dress. It was a beautiful dress. Pike had really outdone herself in making it.

"Everyone is waiting for us. Are you ready for your last piece?" Fakir asked his fiancée.

Duck nodded, finally cracking a smile. Fakir smiled back and grabbed a small tiara off of a dresser just next to him. The veil was a bright red to match her dress.

"You look beautiful." Fakir kissed her forehead and held his hand out to her.

Duck looked him up and down, admiring her soon to be husband in his deep navy blue tuxedo with the matching pocket handkerchief to the color of her dress. He was so handsome; Duck hadn't ever seen him so dressed up before.

Fakir started to lead her towards the door which led out to the church.

"Wait…Fakir." Duck said, pulling back on his arm. "I just want to say thank you for everything you've ever done for me…even if I've never told you-" She was stopped in mid-sentence by Fakir placing his finger on her lips.

"Just tell me…in front of everyone." Fakir smiled as he opened the door and led his beautiful princess into the ceremony that would change their lives forever.