{This is a continuation of the same era created in Prompt 4, Gift}

Fakir had everything perfectly planned.

It had been three months since Fakir had promised to always protect Ahiru by being her forever knight. He had surprised everyone by defeating everyone that her father had sent to challenge him. Fakir was the first castle soldier to accomplish that in nearly a decade.

Coming up in a few days was the annual celebration of the kingdom's founding. Fakir, who was now the head of the Tower Knights, was responsible for guarding Ahiru during the event and making sure the castle had enough guards around the outside.

It wasn't only his job that Fakir had ready.

Ahiru had told him she had never been outside during the event and she had never seen the real celebration. Fakir couldn't believe it, but after seeing how protective her father was, he did understand. However, her father had begun to trust him and by working with him and her mother, Fakir had gained permission to take Ahiru into the village during the celebration.

"Oh Fakir! Can't you tell me what we're doing?" Ahiru had asked him one morning he came by her room to visit.

He shook his head, wearing a grin on his face. The boy wasn't always a happy person but just seeing Ahiru made him smile.

"It's a surprise, my dear." Fakir said. He rubbed her head as her cheek's glowed red. "You will enjoy it. Trust me. I know by now what my little idiot likes."

Ahiru scoffed. "You keep calling me your idiot? Is that supposed to be a pet name?"

Fakir suddenly got into her face, causing her to blush even deeper. "If I didn't call you names, it means I don't like you. I trust me, I like you." He stood back up and headed down the hall. "I'll see you Friday morning."

Ahiru woke up quickly on the celebration day. Her maids helped her to get ready as she went through her daily routines. Fakir had sent her a message the day before saying he would see her in the early evening, just before sundown.

"Mila?" Ahiru called to her maid. "Could you tell me what time it is?"

"It's nearly sunset. Sir Fakir should be here soon." Mila said from the other room. "Are you excited?" She came back into the room with Ahiru's town dress and over coat. It was mid fall and the nights were cold. Not to mention, it hid her identity.

Ahiru nodded. "I don't know what he has planned…but I know it's going to be fun." She smiled as Mila pulled her town dress on over her head, followed by her coat.

As Mila helped Ahiru into her shoes, there was a knock at the door. Mila called for the person to come in and Fakir walked in, dressed very differently.

He was in a dark violet suit and black dress pants. He had a very intricate band around his neck; his sword was still on his side, and his knight work shoes were on as well. Fakir looked very dressed up.

"Aww, Fakir, you look great!" Ahiru walked quickly over to him and grabbed his hand. "Can we go now? Please?"

Fakir smiled and nodded, leading his princess out of the room. They walked silently, hand in hand through the castle and out into the town. People were hustling and bustling around them, kids playing in the town square with popping toys, and families sitting around the fountain, talking and eating together. Ahiru had never seen so many people at once before.

"It's almost time." Fakir said. "Come over here, towards the river."

Almost as soon as they arrived, the lights out the town started to dim. All the kids ran to their parents, all of them pointing to the bright star filled sky. Ahiru watched them, trying to figure out what was going on. Suddenly Fakir tapped her hand and when she turned to him, she saw him looking into the sky.

Ahiru looked up just in time to see a large bright blue flower explode in the sky, following large red, yellow, and green circles. The lights flickered in Ahiru's eyes, her mouth agape in surprise.

"Fakir, this is beautiful! I've never seen these before! What is this?" Ahiru asked.

"These are fireworks, a recent creation from another kingdom. Your father asked me to purchase some from the kingdom where I used to live." Fakir explained. "Do you like them?"

"Oh yes!" Ahiru said, jumping up and down. She loved the lights and the sounds.

The two, the princess and her knight, watched the fireworks display well into the night. As they enjoyed them, as well as all the food and fun with the villagers, Ahiru realized how lucky she really was to have someone like Fakir in her life.

He had shown her the light of life.