I don't remember that day very well.

It's been so long since I first found Mytho that he's really become a part of my life. I couldn't really imagine him not being here.

After all, I am his knight.

I have to protect him from the raven and anyone else who dares to threaten him.

Fakir decided the best thing for Mytho, just to get his mind off all distractions, was to get him into ballet. Mytho was a natural at poise and style; Fakir knew it was the perfect thing for him. What Fakir didn't know was that Rue would also follow him and Mytho into the Gold Crown Ballet School. Rue was always obsessed with Mytho and followed both of them around, especially when Mytho would wonder off on his own. It seemed as Rue was able to find him no matter where he went.


She's such a strange girl. It's like she has eagle eyes to find Mytho.

I couldn't even hide him at the ballet school. She followed us there too.

Of course, I knew she'd probably be good.

I'm fine with the teacher asking them to dance together, as long as I'm around. But if I see her anywhere near Mytho outside of class…

she will know what hell looks like.

Eventually Fakir decided as long as Mytho wasn't focused on his emotions or feelings that being around Rue wasn't such an awful thing. The only thing he didn't like was she kept trying to convince him that he loved her. Such a foolish emotion. Love. All it ever did was hurt because hearts were so frivolous and didn't care to care for those who didn't want it. Fakir would try to interrupt her every time she would bring it up, but after awhile, Rue began more devilish and hide Mytho from Fakir all over town. Fakir knew he had to keep him remembering while he was home that nothing Rue said he could ever trust. Mytho would assure him that he only listened to Fakir, but sometimes, Fakir wasn't so sure.

I don't understand.

No one else seems to question her appearance.

But this girl…with a name so strange…


Sometimes I feel like she really is one. Her pointe is awful, and even when she's walking she seems off balance.

It's almost like she really is a duck.

Fakir soon learned that Mytho was trying to remember his emotions and feelings. Fakir soon learned it wasn't only Rue having an effect on him. The story was progressing. Princess Tutu had shown up as Mytho had told him. Fakir knew he had to do something. The plot could not move; Mytho could not go through that pain again. He knew it was time to become Mytho's knight not only in his mind but also in reality. Princess Tutu was going to find his emotions, wherever they may hide, and bring all that suffering back on Mytho. Fakir could not put him through that.

I could've seen it coming.

Duck had been following Mytho too closely. I should've known she was Princess Tutu.

She talks about wanting to help Mytho, but she knows nothing about the real story. Or the raven. I know what lengths he will go to and I must make sure that doesn't happen. She wants to work with me but she doesn't realize we don't want the same. She wants him to get his emotions back so he can love and be human. Mytho is just as happy being who he is now.

I can't work with this girl.

She's too optimistic.

Fakir could not comprehend why she helped him from the crows. Princess Tutu had too much of a caring heart. Kraehe had way too much raven strength behind her. Princess Tutu would not be able to harm Kraehe must less anyone else who harmed Mytho or herself. Fakir knew it would be his duty as a knight to stop Kraehe and the raven, to save Mytho from a fate worth than death. But…Duck showed him that she wouldn't back down. She was willing to risk herself to help him. It was something so irrational that Fakir really couldn't tell her no. The battle at Swan Lake was where Fakir knew he could start the battle but it was up to Princess Tutu to finish the job.

Mytho is gone.

I haven't seen him in days.

Duck and I try to search for him but it's a lost cause. Rue has all but stopped coming to ballet class, and I know she's with him. As usual, there's nothing I can do being this useless knight.

And now Raetsel has shown up. She's put in Duck's mind that I can write a story about Mytho to stop this madness.

Why did she tell Duck about this?

She is the last person I want to know…

about my failures.

Fakir had learned so much from the Oak Tree. It could show him the truths and it could protect him. But he was called back out by the girl who had always been there. Princess Tutu had called him back to the world with open protective arms with a firm belief that Fakir could write a story and save not only Mytho, but the town and all the people within. It was then that Fakir realized that it was not Princess Tutu helping him, but the small animal…the pink-haired girl named Duck who had complete faith in Fakir to be Mytho's knight, maybe not in the conventional way. Fakir realized now it wasn't only his job, his destiny as Drosselmeyer's descendant was to protect all characters including Duck herself.

Duck is scared.

I've found her crying at the bottom of the Lake of Despair. She's done everything she can and yet, she proves how human she really is. She is honest and doesn't want to let the story end.

I knew it was my duty, now that I had completed my duty as Mytho's knight, to be Duck's knight. I must reassure her that it was okay to be herself.

Sure, she was a duck. An animal who shouldn't have known better.

But she's was a very brilliant, loving, dedicated, friendly…

It was when I started dancing with her.

A quiet pas deux with the girl… no… young woman who had changed me.

She showed me that it would be okay to be who I was. A clumsy writer who couldn't protect anyone had to be protected.

I knew as I danced with her.

I realized I knew a long time before; I had just been too childish to admit it.

I knew I was in love with Duck.

And no matter what her form, I would always be there for her.