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"There is some good in this world, and it's worth fighting for." ― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Two Towers

As he sat in his cell Loki found himself wondering how everything could have gone wrong. He had once again been defeated by his brother's comrades, the avengers and been taken to Asgard. Once back the All Father had declared him a prisoner and had him locked in a cell. Now there was nothing to do but await the day of his trial. He would surely be declared guilty; no doubt most of Asgard would be out for his blood. Not because of his latest quest with Midgard (they could care less about what happened to that primitive piece of rock), but they each had their own bones to pick and would gladly have him hanged.

Just as he was deep in thought the floor beneath him shook and surged up. The ground cracked and he quickly moved to the other side as he saw it open up. He could just hear it now, 'Loki was not able to come to his trial because the ground opened up and swallowed him'.

As he pressed himself against the wall he saw a bright light burst forth so bright that it left him temporarily blinded.

Once he was able to see again he was surprised and filled with terror at what he saw. Standing only a few feet away the Norns called out.

"Loki Laufeyson"

Immediately Loki fell to his knees as he lowered his head, looking towards the ground. If there was anybody that he respected it was the Norns themselves.

The sisters gathered ominously around Loki. "We have held your fate since the beginning of time. We have seen your rise and have prophesied your fall." Loki shuddered at their words. They were not ones to be taken lightly.

"Yet we have felt great kindness towards you young fallen one and have offered a second chance."

Loki felt his heart thud faster at their words. His mouth felt dry as he quietly rasped out. "May I ask what this second chance you speak of is?"

The Norns gathered around and looked him straight in the eyes. "You Loki Laufeyson, 2nd prince of Asgard, god of mischief and lies have hereby been given a chance to redeem yourself and right your wrongs. You shall guard and protect a midgardian child who shall play an essential role in maintaining the balance of the world."

"And if I refuse?" Not that he would, Loki wasn't dumb. He just wanted to know the alternative.

The Norns didn't look surprised as they answered. "There is no other path you may take. Your current end is death."

Loki found himself silently nodding as their words registered. He may not want to play caretaker for a mortal, but it was preferable to death. A mortal's lifespan was short anyways. He was barely about to open his mouth to speak when he felt the air around him shift and he started to fall.

When he came to, the god of mischief found himself standing in a brightly decorated child's room. Upon closer inspection he noticed it was a nursery, if the crib in the corner was any indication. Loki felt a pull coming from that direction and knew he was the one. Feeling around with his magic he sensed the child in the crib. The infant held the common signature of midgardian mortals with a mix of something else. Curious he took a step closer and was about to probe further when the baby stirred and Loki found himself face to face with bright emerald eyes that mirrored his own.

Once the baby saw Loki he raised his chubby little arms and flung them around. "Up"

Loki felt himself transported to a time when his own children were young, before the cruel councils of Asgard had taken them away. He was silent as the memories came to him when he oww! Loki looked up to see just what had hit him in the head and stared in shock.

Right above his head there were three small toys floating in the air. Loki looked on as the child reached out with his hands and waved them towards a red block. With surprise he noticed that the block seemed to float down towards him. After about a moment the child babbled happily as he held it in his hands.

Regardless of what it seemed like Loki certainly did not gape at the child like an idiot. (There were no witnesses to prove it anyways, other than the baby.)He merely stared in stupefied silence at the young child in front of him. He was feeling quiet mystified at the fact that this mere mortal babe had managed to not only summon magic, but also use it at his will. He had never heard of such an occurrence in Midgard. Now he definitely had to investigate.

Once more Loki felt inside of him for his magic and released a bit toward the child in the crib. The child in question looked around curiously as green tendrils of magic circled around him.


Loki was astonished at what he found. The child's core was filled with magical energy. In fact, it appeared that the child was pure magical energy, just like himself.


Loki couldn't even finish the sentence. Why hadn't he been able to sense this in the child before? Had the child somehow cloaked his magical signature? That was unheard of in a child so young. In fact, if Loki didn't have great faith in his own magic he would have thought it to be an error. While his first scan hadn't found anything, this second deeper scan was able to detect this plus the mix he had found earlier. Was this child somehow not from Midgard?

Never before had he detected such presences that he had felt in this child in other humans. It was a strange mix of different sources of energy. Confounded Loki retreated his magic as the child looked at him with an expression akin to disappointment.

"No?" He asked slowly sitting up.

The trickster met the child's gaze, bright green eyes staring expectantly at his own. Oh, there was more to this boy than met the eye. He stared at the child in silent thought as both looked at each other intensely.

This intense staring contest went on for a few seconds before the child cracked a youthful smile. "Play?" he asked innocently, unaware that this was the feared Loki, god of mischief, lord of chaos and destruction.

Loki looked at the child in shock. The blind trust the child placed in him was astounding. Of course the child was too young to know who he was and therefore blindly trusted him. However, Loki found himself recalling long lost feelings he thought had been forgotten as he heard the child's words. He found himself liking this newfound feeling of having someone trust him so explicitly.

"Play" Loki found himself face to face with a red block, as the boy extended his toy towards the still pensive god. He carefully took it in his hands. Seeing him take the block the child giggled a childish laugh filled with innocence and glee.

Then Loki smiled. Not one of his normal maniacal smiles, not even a smirk. For the first time in a long time Loki found himself sincerely and genuinely smiling.

"Sure why not?" After all the boy would need a magical tutor if he was to help maintain the balance of the world, and who better than the greatest sorcerer in all nine realms.

Smiling he looked up and noticed something he hadn't seen before. "Christopher?" he asked, seeing the name on the wall above the crib. Sure enough the boy smiled. Giggling he passed Loki another block, this time blue.

"Very well, let's see if we can make these blocks do our bidding." Loki replied twirling his fingers to make the blocks dance and twirl as they gently floated into the air.

"He has taken the chance"

"Indeed he has"

"It is for the best, the child shall suffer much in his short life."

All three sisters nodded. They knew what tragedies would befall the boy. As keeper of balance in the world he would face many hardships that would break many. Sacrifices would be made and he would lose much.

"His life will not be easy."

"Such is the way sisters. A true hero never goes through life without suffering."

"Such is the way"

"Such is the way"