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The trickster god smiled softly as he sat watching over his young protégé. The boy had finally taken to moving from stationary standing, to giving two or three steps as he clung to the furniture. Every time he did so the boy giggled as though it were something new.


Loki looked over to where Chris stood on chubby little legs. The green eyed little boy babbled on some more as he pointed enthusiastically towards the corner. "Look"

Humoring him Loki stood and walked over to where Chris was pointing at. "Very well Christopher, let's see what it is that you are pointing at." Kneeling down to the young boy's level the trickster peered at the wall. "What is it?" Chris' only answer was a happy babble and another enthusiastic point of his hand. Loki gave a very serious nod of his head. "I see." But the truth was that he did not see.

"Look" Chris pointed to himself. "Me" The toddler gave a little giggle before seemingly disappearing into thin air.

"Chris! Chris! Christopher, where are you?" The god of mischief frantically looked around for the small child. "Chris!" A muffled giggle caught his attention. Spreading his magic around the room, Loki gave a sigh of relief. It seemed that the boy was still in the room. He had not teleported out of the room. Loki had been worried that Chris had developed the power of lightless teleportation. He still remembered the time he had found out that Chris could teleport.


Loki had taken to watching Christopher from the rocking chair in the corner of the room, as had become norm for them both for the past week. Loki would sit visibly in the child's room whenever they were alone, such as today. The boy's mother had taken her other child to the doctor and had left little Chris alone with his Aunt Phoebe. Loki could not understand how Chris' mother did not see that this Aunt Phoebe did not care much for her second nephew.

Thor, his mind supplied. He supposed that his not-brother was also thinking the best of Loki too. Chris' mother must not want to think that her sister would be anything but fair between the two boys.


Loki smiled as he saw the baby Christopher sleepily rub his eyes as he looked around the room for his mother. Sleepy green eyes zeroed in on the sitting god of mischief. A large grin broke out on the young face. "Oki, oki!"Chris' tiny arms waved around as he scooted about the crib, trying to get out. Frowning, baby Chris banged at the rails angrily. His young face scrunched up in what appeared to be frustration.

Loki was about to pick up his poor protégé, when Chris was suddenly enveloped by bright baby blue lights. Loki stared on in shock, as his young future student dissolved into these bright lights and disappeared.


No sooner had Loki finished called Chris' name, than he found himself with an armful of giggling baby. "Oki!" Chris turned to him and gave what could only be described as a baby grin. Complete with the appearance of a few baby teeth. Chris waved his hand about and babbled happily at the dumfounded god.

Loki stared at the child in his arms for a few minutes. Baby Chris just stared back, unaware that he had rendered his teacher speechless. To young Chris the situation was so commonplace, that he did not even give it another thought. If he wanted something he TKd it to him. Likewise if he wanted to reach someone he just orbed to them. He was too young to understand what exactly it was that he was doing, but he knew that it just happened.

"Oki?" Chris' questioning voice brought Loki out of his musings. He was even more perplexed as to what exactly the child was. The boy was a mage that was for certain, but as to what magics ran through his blood, well he had no clue.

"Oki!" Little Chris did not seem pleased at the staring.

"Yes Christopher?"



Loki felt like running a hand through his hair as he recalled that memory. It had been one of many other similar times in which the child had teleported himself with light. Loki knew that he had once read on such a form of travel before, but he could not clearly recollect it. It had just been a small passage found in one of the books in the palace library about the different cultures. It was upsetting, because he could not remember what it had said.


Loki gazed around the room as he let out a few tendrils of magic. As soon as they made their way to the right corner of the room, he let out a smirk. It seemed that little Chris had never moved from his spot. Out of the blue came a tiny hand, trying to grab at the magic.

"Ooh" Immediately the boy became visible again as he tried to catch the magic. The god of mischief let out a small smile as his tiny charge tried catching the swirls from where he stood. He let the magic swirls stop and land on the boy's shoulders. Chris giggled in happiness at the tickling sensation.


Loki walked over to where Chris stood and knelt down ready to pick up his protégé. Chris saw the swirls evaporate back into the god and stared. As Loki opened his arms to grab Chris, the young whitelighter set out. Little Chris gave Loki an indiscernible look, before toddling over to the stunned god. Giggling, Chris threw himself at Loki's arms and snuggled in his chest. After a few seconds of cuddling, Chris raised his head and gave the god a toothy smile.

The second prince of asgard was smiling openly at the boy. "Wonderful Christopher" Chris smiled and Loki lifted the boy into his arms. "I see that you finally learned to walk."

"Ack?" Chris looked up at the god confused.



"Close enough" Loki bit back a laugh as baby Chris gave him an almost dismissive look or as close to one as his baby face could get to. Loki watched with fascination as Chris once again turned himself invisible. Seeing as Loki had the baby in his arms, he could now feel that Chris was still there. His young pupil turned himself visibly again before giggling. It seemed to Loki that baby Chris found everything funny.

"A sense of humor is a good thing to have Christopher." Loki informed his charge seriously, Chris seemed to agree as he nodded once before giggling again.

Loki gave a shake of his head before turning to Chris. "Shall we play some more?"


Four Hours later, Loki found himself skulking around the manor.

His young charge was currently with his family and the god was still not ready to let them see him. Chris' mother had come into the room about an hour after they had finished playing. Taking her son downstairs she had fed him and was currently in the process of watching him play.

"Come on honey let your brother play with the dino too." Piper gently scolded her eldest. Wyatt pouted but gave the toy back to his brother.

"Wy!" Little Chris yelled out. Standing up he tried to reach his brother, but Wyatt had sat down a few feet away. Frowning the little boy stood on shaky legs and stood up. He looked towards his mother and pointed at her. "Mama"

"Yes peanut I'm right here."

Chris shook his head in frustration. His mother didn't understand. With his arms outstretched he tried to reach his brother, but couldn't. Piper stared at him in confusion. She wasn't sure what her youngest wanted. Chris got a look of concentration on his face and gave one shaky step after another. Four steps later and he reached his brother, who immediately caught him in a hug.

"Chris! Mommy Chris came!" Wyatt stared at his little brother in shock. All this time his little brother had crawled and held on to furniture, but he had never walked like a big boy. "He's a big boy"

"Oh my little baby" Piper exclaimed. "Can you walk to mommy?" Piper opened her arms. "Come to mommy Chris. Come here peanut."

Chris stared at his mother in confusion, but toddled over to his mother anyways. He wasn't sure why it made her happy, but seeing her smile made him smile. "Mama"

"Oh my peanut walked!"


"Yes Chris Yes!" Piper hugged her baby in elation. Soon she would call her family and tell them all about the new development in her baby's life. Phoebe would say that it had taken him a while to walk, but Piper would argue that it didn't matter he finally did it.

"I saw him first"

Loki whispered to himself as he smiled smugly. Even though he felt slightly miffed at the fact that the woman seemed to think that she had taught the boy to walk, he knew the truth. For all things considered, Loki was the one who saw Chris' first steps. He saw his first foray into his new power of invisibility.

He saw him first.