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The first thing he felt was the hard and uncomfortable surface of the ground, followed by the cool damp air brushing against his skin. Long eyelashes fluttered slightly before eyelids slid open, revealing the icy blue eyes beneath them. As the spirit of winter continued to stir he realized how truly uncomfortable felt from being bound for so long. Every little movement he made against the bindings cause a ripple of aches to travel through his stiff and sore muscles. His mouth was beyond dry from the cloth stuffed into it and tied around it tightly. It was so dark here, in this pit he was stuck in. He let his eyes wander a bit as they continued to adjust to the pale light.

After what seemed like an hour of being fully conscious he grit his teeth and pushed his body up into a sitting position. He couldn't stop himself from wincing as he shifted his body. He let out a loud sigh as he stopped his movements once more and leaned against the rough stone wall.

'How long have I been here now? It has to have been at least a day. This really sucks…'

It was frustrating not knowing how long it had been, but there was no way to really tell. The sun was well hidden and he had been in and out of consciousness because of a combination of boredom and exhaustion. The good news was that he was making progress in cutting his bindings. During the first hours of being left in solace he had crawled across the pit to the sharpest looking edge he could find. He had been using it to slowly cut through the cloth on his wrists, but this action came with consequences as he felt the dried blood around his wrists from rubbing them raw. 'I know I'm almost there, just a little more and I'll at least be out of these bindings…'

Jack's snow-white hair bounced slightly as he leaned back and let out another heavy sigh. 'Time to get to work.'

With a bit of difficulty he aligned his wrists with the edge of stone he'd been working with, rubbing the cloth against it with increasing speed. He winced and groaned when he would sometimes miss and the stone would scrape against the sensitive skin of his wrists.

After a few minutes blue eyes widened in excitement as he felt the cloth loosen. He wriggled his wrists furiously, forcing the cloth apart. Finally he was free.

In a flash he reached behind his head and began working away at the knot there. Soon the knot came undone and he pulled it away from his head. In one swift motion he leaned forward and spit the wad of cloth out as well, eyeing it in disgust before throwing it to the ground angrily. He licked his lips with his tongue trying to bring moisture back to his mouth.

After a few more minutes his legs were free as well. He couldn't stop himself from massaging his stiff limbs with his hands, enjoying the feeling of his stiff muscles loosing beneath his touch.

"I am never going to take the ability to move for granted ever again." Jack moaned as he stretch his arms high above his head. Shakily he stood to his feet, eyes straining at the faint opening of the pit as he rubbed his wrists. "Either I'm gonna have to learn to rock climb, or I'm still going be stuck here…" Jack groaned in disappointment.

He walked around the compound, brushing the stone with his fingers, looking for a pattern that would allow him to climb out. He stopped suddenly, his eyes staring intensely at the stone resting beneath his cool fingers. "This…might work." He said proudly before placing his foot along the ridge. He raised his hands and searched the wall for places to hold onto; luckily he found just that. "If I manage to get out of this then I can warn the Guardians about Pitch…Gotta hurry though."

Jack sighed again as he saw how far he would have to climb in order to get out of the pit to his freedom. "This is definitely going to be hard considering I don't have my staff and I'm not Spider-Man." He couldn't stop himself from chuckling at his own words. Carefully he began his ascent.

About thirty minutes passed and Jack felt spent, he had only made it about half way up the pit and he could feel his muscles straining in an effort to hold himself upright. "No, I can't give up, not yet." Jack coached himself to keep going. As he reached out for another foothold he felt a part of the wall give way. Instantly his body jerked and he was left hanging from his fingertips. "Not good." He whispered in a strained voice. His eyes widened as he felt his fingers slip off the stone; he was now falling to the ground fast and had no way to stop it. He hit the ground with a loud smack and instantly rolled over from the pain he felt, letting a short scream tear through his lips.

"That…didn't go…well…" Jack huffed through gritted teeth.

"You're right…it didn't. But it was amusing to watch."

Jack's eyes widened as he heard the silky voice of Pitch Black call out from the darkness. He rolled onto his stomach and looked around; he couldn't pinpoint the location the voice was coming from.

"How did you get out of your restraints? I put them there for a reason Frost." The Nightmare King taunted as he walked out of the shadow of the wall and up to the fallen winter spirit.

Jack looked back up at him defiantly, "You think I'd just tell you? Keep dreaming." He hissed.

Pitch sighed at the boy's snarky remark. "Really Jack? It would be a lot easier if you would just be honest with me. I guess I need to remind you who's really in charge."

In one brisk motion Pitch slammed his foot into the winter spirit's side, causing the boy to grunt in agony before curling into himself from the pain. Pitch smirked as he clasped his hands behind his back and began pacing around the boy. "I guess it's alright to leave you as you are, it's not like you can actually get out of here without your precious staff to help you."

Jack glanced upwards angrily as he still cradled his side with his arms, "you said the Guardians wanted to recruit me right? Well they are going to know I'm missing once they start looking. They'll come and find me."

Pitch tilted his head thoughtfully, "that's true, but they don't know where my lair is, so your point it pretty much invalid. Face it Frost, you're stuck here for as long as I want you to be stuck here."

Jack pushed himself up, swaying slightly as he tried to find his balance. His angry eyes narrowed on the Nightmare King once he found his footing. Pitch noticed him stand and smirked, "what are you going to do boy? Chill me into submission?" he said chuckled lightly.

Without another moment of hesitation Jack sped full speed at the Nightmare King and leaped at him. Pitch's eyes flashed precariously before he nimbly sidestepped the boy. Jack eyes widened in confusion as he missed his target and stumbled forward. He stood there, head whirling in every direction. He couldn't find the Nightmare King no matter where his eyes searched.

In an instant the hairs on his neck stood on end as he felt a presence behind him. He slowly looked over his shoulder and saw amber eyes boring angrily down at him. Jack couldn't react in time as he felt slender fingers wrap around his pale throat and slam his body against the uneven wall. "I told you that all of this defiance is pointless. You need to learn to obey boy…" Pitch growled as he tightened his hold on the winter spirits pale flesh, drawing out strangled grunts from the boy. Jack merely pulled at the fingers holding his throat clumsily. He needed to breath, that much was clear. Black dots began to form in his vision and his arms went slack, falling limply to his side.

The Nightmare King didn't notice the four figures standing at the edge of the pit.

"That is enough of that Pitch." A strong voiced boomed through the lair. Instantly Pitch's fingers loosened and Jack fell to the ground, coughing harshly as he held his sore throat.

"How did you find this place?" Pitch growled without bothering to turn around. "It wasn't that hard mate, we found an abandoned a bed right outside of Burgess, the town snowflake likes to hang out in. It wasn't that hard to connect the dots." Another voice called out.

"Let Jack go Pitch, he doesn't have anything to do with this. We're you enemy." A feminine voice joined in.

Pitch turned and looked up angrily as he was met with the four Guardians glaring down at him. "You want this boy? Well I got to him first." Pitch thundered possessively.

"Yeah…there is no way…I'm staying with you..." Jack said through a cluster of harsh coughs.

"You don't belong with them Frost, they have believers, they don't know what it's like to truly be alone like you and I do. They're just going to use you to fight me, then they'll be done with you." Pitch said as calmly as he could.

Jack let the words wash over him; he'd be lying if he said there wasn't some truth to what the Nightmare King had just said. "Doesn't matter, I don't want to hurt children, you do. This decision was already made a couple of days ago when you threw me into this pit and told me about your messed up plan." Jack said heatedly as he stood to his feet. "You heard him Pitch. Jack this belongs to you does it not?" North called down before tossing Jack's staff into the pit.

Jack ran swiftly passed Pitch and grabbed the wooden staff with one hand. Instantly he was off the ground and flying towards the Guardians.

"You'll regret this decision Frost!" Pitch bellowed as he watched his former hostage fly away. Jack landed heavily in front of the big four, "yeah I've had enough excitement for a while, so if we could get out of here-" The winter spirit was quickly interrupted by North's Russian voice. "We are on top of that." He chuckled, as he pulled a snow globe from his velvet coat. "Uh…no offence, but that's a snow globe, you know that right? " Jack said exasperated as he saw a plethora of nightmare stallions surrounding them.

"You really need to learn to shut your bloody mouth mate." Bunnymund said as he rolled his eyes. "Just wait."

Jack watched as Father Christmas threw the snow globe to the ground. As soon as it met the ground a portal opened up and beckoned them to enter. "Oh." Jack said sheepishly as he rubbed the back of his neck. "Let's go!" North yelled as he ran through the portal, everyone else followed suit. Jack glanced back one last time to see nightmares rushing at him. His eyes widened in fear as he leaped into the air and flew through.

Jack landed heavily on the ground of the North Pole as he shot through the portal. Warily he looked up and saw the Big Four staring down at him with varying expressions. Before he knew it he was grabbed by his arms and lifted off the ground. Jack looked to either side of him and saw North's massive yetis holding him up.

"Hey guys put me down!" He yelled frantically.

His command was obeyed as he was dropped to the ground. He landed on his feet easily before propping his staff over his shoulder. He glanced at the Guardians again before he decided he should probably thank them. "So um…thanks for the save… that was a really unpleasant experience for me." Jack said carefully.

North's laugh boomed through the North Pole, startling Jack as he found himself jumping back slightly. "It is no problem, us Guardians have to look out for each other." North said smiling.

Jack listened carefully to the words the Russian just spoke. "Wait…us Guardians? What do you mean? I'm not a Guardian." Jack said as confusion etched itself onto his pale features.

"You are now, Manny chose you a few days ago." North said beaming down at the utterly confused boy.

Little did Jack know that those words would be the beginning of a whole new life for him.