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The mission to retrieve Sasuke is. "Successful"

Walking back to Konoha while Naruto carries Sasuke on his back both of them are in bad shape. Naruto alone looks like hell, he has many chakra burns on his body a huge closed wound near his heart. His favorite jump suit is getting torn up as he continue to slowly walk back to the gate. Sasuke on his back is knocked out cold with his chest slightly burned by the Rasengan.

But some of the other rookies weren't so lucky as well.

Choji who took his family famous green, yellow and red pills giving him unimaginable power but at a great cost, costing your life. Neji who took an arrow to his shoulder is in stable condition, they said he would make a full recover. Kiba suffered a broken arm and a kunai stab but Akamaru wasn't so lucky he was badly injured.

Shikamaru and Lee only suffered minor injuries and they were back in Konoha. Arriving at the gate Naruto saw Shizune and smiled. Relieved to see her she runs towards him with a few anbu. Naruto falling to his knees smiles and collapse but when the anbu saw Sasuke condition they gasp.

"What did the demon do to him". Shizune being one of Tsunade most loyal friends almost as family sees Naruto as a little brother as well. But not a annoying one, a funny one to whats to play games. But when she heard that insult she got angry. Spending allot of time with Tsunade it has also affected her nature.

"You asshole he did what was necessary to bring back this traitor" spitting at Sasuke. She looks at the two anbu making them nervous, walking towards the the anbu that said that insult.

Shizune set a chop to his neck killing the anbu. With him dead on the ground the other Anbu shivered "Take them to the Hospital and If I find out no one is treating Naruto the same thing will happen to him" pointing to the dead Anbu on the ground. The anbu nodded and picked up the genins and quickly made his way to the hospital. Seeing

Shizune hands glow green when she killed the anbu he knew she meant it.

3 days later

Naruto having Kyuubi sealed within him has its own benefits. With most of his wounds healed quickly it seems the two have began to see eye to eye. Kyuubi in a long time is proud what Naruto did. He brought back the traitor and when Naruto was walking back to Konoha, Kyuubi was healing his wounds. As they were talking they agreed on a few things.

"So if I help you train and get stronger you will make sure you stay alive until you die of natural causes" repeated Kyuubi. This is the agreement between the two. If Naruto learns and trains more under Kyuubi guidance's he would let Kyuubi be free when he dies.

"Yes and when I die of natural cause your soul will be release but you cannot go out for revenge or anything. You must live your life peacefully but you can defend yourself if instigated" the agreement between the two. But Kyuubi wanted a certain person dead seeing that Minato failed to kill him. Naruto wanted to know who it was and all what Kyuubi said "In time". Wondering what the fox has up he sleeves he shrugs his shoulder waiting for that day to come.

Wondering when they will begin to train he looks at Kyuubi behind the bars and smiles "You know your different when you aren't trying to kill me" chuckled Naruto. Kyuubi smiled and refused to answer to Naruto "So when do we start?" asked Naruto.

Kyuubi opened one eye and looked at him "In time Kit but here's a warning. I know allot of Jutsus lets see if you can keep up" chuckle the Kitsune, seeing the happy reaction he got when he told Naruto of the many techniques he knows.

When he was released from the hospital he went home to rest for the next day.

"Cant wait to sleep in my own bed" talking to himself. He notices his apartment door broken 'Not again' walking in the first thing he notice his apartment was broken into again. Looking around 'Die demon' ' Kyuubi boy' seeing all the names he sighs. Listening to Kyuubi he walks to the wall and place his hands on the wall. "Go ahead Kyuubi" feeling his chakra go to his hand, the walls in the room turns into a different color making the place look nicer. "Useful and thanks" going to bed he waits to see if Sasuke will wake up.

But also wonders what is Sakura going to say when he finally sees her.

Its been a few days for Naruto but for Sasuke its been twelve days since he has been recovering. Naruto went to see Sasuke his so call brother. 'After everything we been through. Sasuke our bonds makes us brother even though we aren't related' thought Naruto.

Before visiting hours is over which is soon as he tells himself why is he calling Sasuke brother now after what happen. He betrayed Konoha for power. He left on his own will. No one told him besides the deranged hebi who wants his body. 'But still he left on his own will. While Sakura wanted him to take her but he didn't' thinking about it. 'Even after what he did and said why should I give him the benefit of the doubt' thinking more of the issue. Sasuke lost his clan, his parents by his own brother.

Shaking his head Naruto sighs and wonders why now of all things he is seeing and thinking. Soon he notices that he is already inside the hospital, shrugging his shoulder. 'I'll think about it later'.

Stopping in front of Sasuke's door something inside of him told him not to enter. Instead he cracked the door open a bit and peeked inside. The person he was surprised to see is 'Sakura'.

She hasn't left Sasuke side since the whole ordeal, the only time she left was when she had to go the bathroom or to eat something. Naruto just stood there watching Sasuke wake up. He wanted to make his presence known but couldn't he watched Sakura smile and cry in relief for Sasuke. 'Why him?' thought Naruto sadly listening and watching them.

When Sasuke woke up the first thing he saw was Sakura even though he rolls his eyes. 'Great her of all people' looking away angry but also sadden. That she of all people still cares for him after what he tried to do.

'Why is she here' letting out a sigh he felt a pair of arms hugging him.

"You're ok" said Sakura. Sasuke feeling the hug felt something in his heart. When he looked at Sakura's face he saw her black bags underneath her eyes, her messed up hair "I thought I lost you" Sakura tears soon started to drop from her face.

Sasuke seeing her tears soon begins to feel something more 'I did this to her. Its like that night all over again but this time its me doing this, not Itachi or anyone else. ME'. Sasuke looked down to his lap "I'm sorry" whispering the apologize he looks at Sakura and soon starts to cry "I'm sorry Sakura-chan"

Sakura again hugging Sasuke with all her strength "Its ok I'm here" Sasuke nodded and felt bad what he did to her. Thinking only for revenge he pushed his teammates away form him, ignored his sensei warning. He wanted to become stronger and he would had done it at no matter the cost.

'But was it worth it?' thought Sasuke feeling, Sakura let go she sees his broken spirit, his coolness she admires about him.

"Hey everything is going to be alright" smiled Sakura.

Sasuke looked back down knowing what he put her through, all that trouble all for revenge. But she was by his side almost the whole time willing to leave with him "I'm sorry Sakura-chan. I messed up and I want to try to fix everything" Sakura face showed a little life to it. Happy to hear this from Sasuke she leaned closer to him and smiles making him smile as well.

As the two lean closer they didn't notice their blonde teammate watching everything. This was killing and hurting Naruto inside but what killed him the most was seeing those two lips press against each other sharing a kiss.

Naruto stepped back shocked from what he saw and heard. As he took a deep breath to control his emotions he quickly ran down the hall ignoring the staff glares. The moment he reached outside his face already had tears flowing down 'Why him, everything I do all the work he gets it easy why' thinking to himself he runs aimlessly. Not wanting to see any villagers he jumps to the roof letting his tears fall from his face.

As Kami herself sent a cloud to rain on Naruto.

"I was the one that saved her from Gaara while he ran scared. I was the one who fought the hardest I was the one always pushing her" reaching the academy he sees the swing he sat down on many times. Trying to dry up his tears he looks down while walking to the swing "Why does everything come easy for him" wondering why Sasuke gets everything.

Naruto begins to think if anyone out their will ever love him.

As he sits downs and lets his tears fall from his face "I train so hard to be recognize and all he does is grunt or speaks everyone is at his feet even for breathing" thinking more to himself. He thinks maybe no one will ever love him. "My fate was already determine when the Yondaime sealed Kyuubi with in me"

Sighing to himself he begins to wonder what love really is? Is it like how he feels for Tsunade Baa-chan, Shizune nee-san or for Iruka sensei. Wondering to himself he just looks down and cries. Letting his tears fall to the ground 'Maybe someday I will find someone' cleaning his face. Naruto sat on the swing thinking how did it all happen.

"Sakura" mumbling her name. Not once she went to see Naruto, not once she didn't even thank him for bringing back the traitor or thanked him to bring Tsunade to heal him. Nodding his head while his body jerked he remembers how Sakura treats him, yells at him making him wonder why. 'All that for nothing. The promise I made for her wasn't even worth it. Asking me to bring her precious Sasuke back' thinking bitterly. Sasuke or Sakura are just teammates no one precious to Naruto.

Sasuke knows how Naruto feels for Sakura so why did he do it.

Out of no where Naruto heard someone laughing "Look its the demon and he's crying". Naruto wasn't having a good day looking at the four kids they were the same kids form his academy class who didn't graduate. "So the Kyuubi boy comes here to rub it in our faces surprise that we know" said the academy student.

Naruto rolling his eyes turned to all four "Beat it! I'm not in the mood to play ninja" looking away he starts to get mad watching them all four laugh.

Somewhere in the bushes a certain girl has been watching everything. She saw Naruto leave the hospital crying wondering why she activates her doujutsu to see two people in a room. From what she made out to be them kissing. Hearing some of the hospital staff seeing he want to see Sasuke, Hinata and remaining of the rookies knows Sakura hasn't left Sasuke's bed side since he arrived.

"Naruto-kun" whispered Hinata. AS she takes a deep silent breath Hinata feels sorry for Naruto. If that would have been Naruto and Sakura she would had done the same thing.

But it didn't to her relief.

She followed Naruto to see him cry and talk to himself. She heard everything about the Yondaime choosing him to have Kyuubi sealed inside of him. 'His fate was sealed'. Shaking her head she wiped her tears "No Naruto-kun you make your own fate" as she was about to reveal herself she recognized the four boys from her former academy class.

One of the boys grabs Naruto by the collar taunting him "Kind of Pathetic how he made ninja right guys".

Naruto already angry soon got pissed.

First he found out he so call brother, teammate and best friend kisses his long time crush. He even gets more angry how she goes to him and thinking everything is alright. But what pisses him off the most that she didn't come to visit him while he was in the hospital or even thanked him for bring back the traitor teammate.

Feeling he is being lifted off the swing Naruto looks at the four boys laughing. Glaring at them his blue eyes turned red with a black slit "Now I'm more pissed" his dark voice shocked everyone including Hinata.

When Naruto grabs the boys wrist a small red aura started to form around Naruto scaring the boys. "You want to see a demon" his eyes blood red, his nails turned into claws his whiskers marks gets darker like scars "I'll give you a front row seat that you four wont ever forget."

This made the boy drop Naruto to the ground "Afraid of course your afraid to see what I really I'm a demon that no one will ever love" grabbing the boy from the neck he lifts him off the ground. "Now your going to feel a true demon wrath" the other three boys are scared frozen. They couldn't move scared to see the red chakra around Naruto's body frighten them.

Naruto tightening his hand around the boys neck while he struggles to get free. As Naruto smiles he continues to add more pressure onto the boy's neck.

"NOO" screamed Hinata charging towards Naruto she hugs him from behind. Lucky for Kyuubi he was paying attention and sensed her running towards Naruto. "You are not Kyuubi. You are the jailer, you are great ninja you brought back your teammate, you fought against Orochimaru sound four. You a great ninja because you don't give up and you train hard".

Naruto quickly drops the boy onto the ground wondering what is happening. When the boy fell his friends picked him up and ran for there lives scared to see Naruto like that.

Allot of things was running through Naruto's mind 'She knows but why is she here?' thinking to himself he hears Hinata speak.

"You are not a demon you make your own fate. You taught that to Neji and you are great ninja please stop hurting yourself". Feeling Hinata's her tears wet his back, Naruto cant figure out why but how long she been there?

To Hinata, Naruto is everything to her. Her source of strength, power, the source of her joy and more importantly her source of love in her life. When she heard the boys call him Kyuubi she understood what Naruto meant when the Yondaime sealed his fate. She understood the harsh glares the mistreatment. It broke her heart to see her love to be treated like this.

He should be treated as a hero a true hero, the hero that she loves.

"Naruto-kun" whispered Hinata letting more tears fall from her face. Naruto feeling her tears is debating to turn around "You always been loved" still hugging him she hugs him tighter.

'Why is she here' thought Naruto, hearing Hinata say love he was thinking who. "No one loves me because what I am" said Naruto sadly, feeling the hug even tighter he doesn't understand. 'Why is she crying' thinking more to himself he hears Hinata speak.

Hinata is crying not because for herself, she is crying for Naruto that suffers so much. "You always been loved you don't realize it" laying her head gently on Naruto's back. Naruto can only stand there and think, looking around if they continue to stay at the academy grounds someone will come and check "Lets talk somewhere private" said Naruto.

"Yes please" cried Hinata still holding onto her crush in her arms.

When two left the grounds they went into the forest near the academy as they walk near each other it was silent between the two. Naruto still thinking what Hinata meant, he wasn't having a good day as they stop near a small pond. Naruto use to come here after or during class to hide. Letting out a sigh he sat down near the edge looking at his reflection. Looking up he notices its dark but its too early to be dark but sky was already black and a few stars made its way from the clouds, turning to Hinata who sat next to him.

He noticed Hinata's beautiful white pearly eyes that reflected everything. Her blue hair almost seemed to glow from the moonlight that shines on. Her pale skin gave her an aura look. Hinata is beautiful why hadn't he seen her before.

"Why are you crying" asked Naruto choking on his voice.

"For you" answered Hinata wiping the tears from her eyes. "I know everything"

'She knows' thinking to himself his body stiffens. Soon he starts to panic wondering what is going to happen 'Then she heard everything and she really saw everything' thought Naruto nervously.

"You shouldn't do it by yourself" answered Hinata, snapping Naruto's panic attack. "I know your pain. I know how it feels to be alone. I may not have spent most of my life with a demon inside of me" looking down she begins to cry. "But people still ignore me like I'm worthless, even my own family has little faith in me ever since my little sister Hanabi beat me in a fight. My own teammates doubt my abilities that hurts the most when those who are close to you thinks this way about you."

Drying her face she looks at Naruto and smiles. "But whenever I see you Naruto-kun, I don't feel so alone anymore I can do anything. Whenever I see you, all of my pain goes away. When the people in this village are mean to you or talk badly about you" stopping she looks away while Naruto looks down knowing how much people talk "Naruto-kun it's not right. Its wrong of them" smiling at Naruto " You deserve to be loved, and you deserve to be noticed. Not by your strength but from the heart"

Naruto is shocked from what Hinata just told him. Looking at the water seeing their reflection "Hinata why me? Why do you have so much confidence in me of all people? How do you see all this in me that others don't? Why don't you hate me or fear me like everyone?". Asking the questions out loud he thought he was thinking to himself. Still looking at the reflection Naruto stares at Hinata as if a piece of his heart was found 'Why do I feel different right now?' thinking to himself he closes his eyes and takes a deep breath, inhaling her scent her kindness her 'love'.

Hinata at this point is belittling herself telling her not to back down. She has to tell Naruto how she feels, she is leaving something out and she needs to tell him how she feels about him. 'This can be my only chance. He needs me and I need him' thought Hinata.

She wants to tell him she loves him, that she fall in love with him since the academy. But her insecurities made her to think that nobody or even him will like her at all. Instead she followed him wanting to know why he gets back up, she learned of his dream instead of his failures. She remembers everyone telling her to stay away from him like a disease or animal that doesn't belong in the village.

Hinata looks at Naruto down to his reflection smiling "Because I see a spirit who wants to be free, a good soul who wants to help people. Because you alone made a difference in me, you alone pushed me to become a better ninja. ...I ..I can never hate you" looking away she takes a deep breath. "Because I..I... love you" it was all but a whisper BUT Naruto picked up clearly.

'Love' thought Naruto holding his chest. His heart began to speed up as he looks at Hinata to see her red blushing face 'She loves me but why' thinking to himself he remembers the chunin exams. When she offered him some ointment cream to tend to his wounds after Kiba's fight. But when she fought against Neji and lost but stood up to change herself.

'I did it for her' remembering the blood vow he made in her blood to defeat Neji. She gave him the strength to fight and beat Neji during the first round of the chunin exams. Everything was coming to Naruto while he slowly chuckled "You know why everyone hates me in the village what I have". Wondering if she wont care what he has but he needs to know 'I want to hear it' thought Naruto.

"I don't care that you have Kyuubi sealed inside of you. Since the first day you been born you been protecting us and I know you wont allow him to control you because. Its your strong will that stops him and because of that I fell in love with you" protesting and admitting to him. Hinata looked at Naruto not at the pond reflection "What you are doing is heroic keeping him at bay. You continue to push him down and when you fall down you get up that's true strength you have" looking at Naruto she shows him, her determination her kindness but more importantly her love to him.

Naruto listening to her looked at her and smiles. "Hinata you understand me better then anybody, besides Iruka-sensei but you are the only one that treats me with true kindness and love. You cry for me because you care so much" said Naruto letting tears fall from his face he's happy but more importantly he's happy that its Hinata that help him "You always know how to restore my spirit"

Hinata leaning on his shoulder and smiles "I love you. I will always love you. I loved you since the academy and no other guy can make me feel the way you do to me" smiled Hinata, wiping her tears she stares at Naruto and slowly moves towards to him.

Naruto thinking to himself hears everything 'She really does love me. The village idiot, the class clown, the demon like everyone says' still putting everything together. He thinks that he died in the hospital or he is in the stomach of Shinigami. Watching Hinata moving closer to Naruto he doesn't know what is going on. Watching her close her eyelids half way 'She looks adorable like that'

It took Naruto a few seconds to realize that the Hyuga heiress is kissing him on the lips. 'She serious she loves me' feeling her lips pressed against his. Hinata broke away from the kiss blushing a very deep red.

She looked down to her lap playing with her fingers poking them together. "Naruto-kun" said Hinata in a sorry voice "I' ...I'm so sorry I don't know why I did that it. It was wrong of me to do and"

Trying to apologize, she was cut off with a sweet kiss on her lips knowing he will not reject her. Wrapping his arms around her body, Hinata does the same thing. When the two broke the kiss they felt warm and calm as they continue to look into each other they kissed again.

A uneventful night that turn into a beautiful evening as the two broke apart from their kiss. Smiling at each other they place their foreheads against each other.

"All this time I was trying to get Sakura to like me. But you always loved me I know I can love you" smiled Naruto. Hinata hearing this felt her heart being healed, by her long time crush. "You always know how to make me feel better" kissing her on the lips he thinks back before his match against Neji. 'It was you Hinata-chan. You won that match not me'.

It felt like hours but only seconds has passed.

Hinata breaking the kiss moves to his neck. "Naruto-kun" whispering his name. He strokes her back while he feels her kissing his neck making his heart beat faster. "'Hmm" moaning in pleasure she started to plant her lips on his neck slowly kissing it. "Hinata" said Naruto, feeling this new sensation in his whole body.

Pushing Hinata's body against his he can feel her breast press against his chest. "Hinata-chan" feeling a hard bite down on his neck his his heart begins to beat faster. "It feels good" feeling all this now feels good to him. Holding Hinata in his arms is this how couple's act. But one thing cross each other minds and bodies 'I want more" thought the two.

As Hinata continue to kiss Naruto's neck she slowly moves towards his chest "Ahh" moaned Naruto. Feeling paralyzed she continued to place love bites all over his neck and chest "More" whispered Naruto. 'What is this feeling' thought Naruto.

Feeling a surge of excitement going through him. It's intoxicating but too Hinata this feeling is the beginning the, yearning she needs from him. As he moves his head down to her neck he kisses her using his tongue licking her neck. "Hinata-chan" using a husky voice. He bites down on her neck making Hinata gasp.

"Naruto-kun" groan Hinata feeling the bite, she was feeling the same thing like Naruto. Her body giving her a warm sensation wanting more. "Please don't stop it feels great coming from you" The feeling is new something she never felt before, when they broke apart they blush.

"Naruto-kun I didn't know what I was doing or saying. I'm sorry" Hinata didn't know what got into her she wasn't aware of her actions what she was doing.

But she knows she is in love with Naruto Uzumaki, and she would show him through the best of her ability.

"Don't apologize I enjoyed it" smiled Naruto. Wondering how he missed her so much. How could had he been so blind to miss her? All the hints he was there. But he has her now and wont let go. He felt her tender sweet lips on his neck again "I'm really a baka" feeling the pleasure coming from his neck. 'Why couldn't I see she wanted me this much' his answer is simple he was chasing Sakura to get her to notice him.

Thinking to himself 'No more'. Closing his eyes he feels pleasure surge all over his body and his body is loving it 'I won't take you for granted. I won't make the same mistake that Sasuke teme made with Sakura for so long. You deserve better then that' thinking to himself. "I promise" spoke Naruto.

Hinata hearing the last part "Promise what" breaking from the kiss before she feels Naruto lips on her neck.

"I won't take you for granted I wont make the same mistake like my teammate did" saying the last part with hate. The word teammate was something he didn't like now. "Sorry" Hinata placed her hands on his face kissing his forehead. She knows why, she saw Sasuke and Sakura kiss. She knew Naruto was hurting and she was there for him.

And now she is going to take advantage it "Sakura lost her chance but I have my chance". Naruto leaning down to her neck he kisses her again making Hinata moan.

Hinata grabbing some locks of Naruto's hair while he slides his fingers through her hair. "Naruto-kun I made a mistake. I should have came sooner. I should had express myself sooner for you the most. You needed someone and I failed to be there for you when you needed someone the most" closing her eyes. She feels the sea of pleasure she was getting from her crush "I promise to tell you my feelings from now on". Feeling the warm bites on her neck he licks her neck making Hinata purr a bit.

'Maybe hanging with ero sennin has its benefits after all.' Thinking how Jiraiya would love this for his material he decides not to tell him nothing. This is special for him NO for them. Breaking away, Hinata pants from the excitement she is going through. Closing her legs a bit she stares at Naruto resting her head onto his chest. AS the two stay like that for a few seconds one word comes to both of their minds "WOW".

To them it felt like hours. The night sky escaping from them BUT they didn't want this night to end, not ever.

It started has a bad day for Naruto but Hinata made that day go away, he saw her. NO she found him, he found the most precious person in his life the person that loves him. He wanted to keep to hold her in his arms but he realized what time it is "Hinata you should get home"

"Why! I want to be here with you all night" pleaded Hinata. But the truth was she didn't want to go back to the cold places with hate and cold in there eyes. A place where people look down to her thinking she is weak and useless. A place that isn't home for her.

Naruto looked away knowing how hard it must be. "Your family wont approve of me. So we must keep this a secret for a while probably for a long time, they might try to do something" said Naruto. Knowing this wont be easy for them both, but he wont give her up after he just found her. NO he is going to train his ass off to protect her no matter the cost even if his life is put in danger he would do it in a heartbeat.

"I don't care" kissing Naruto lips again. "I love you, Naruto-kun, and someday I'll make them understand. Even if I have to renounce my Hyuga heritage and leave that place just to be with you". Naruto sat there shocked to hear Hinata say this to him. Was she willing to give everything she knows to be with him.

"Hinata is it worth it. Am I worth it" before he spoke any more Hinata places her finger on his lips.

Naruto stared at her lavender eyes "Yes every bit. Nobody will pay more attention to me then you, all I want is you. My family has some love but its like a unit love not really genuine love that I have for you. When I become of age to take over the Hyuga clan there is nothing that my family can do or change who I can fall in love with" kissing Naruto on the lips she smiles. "Is it safe to call you my boyfriend" seeing him grin she smiles and waits for his answer.

"Yea as long I call you my girlfriend" kissing her on the lips. She was the first person to show so much concern for him. To love him without fear and without regret.

Both looking at the small pond notices the many stars out. "Beautiful" wondering what time he gets up. Looking down he reaches his hand out to help her up, as the two walks towards the Hyuga compound they kept a distance so no one can see them.

"Tomorrow" asked Hinata. hoping to see Naruto she watches him smile.

Naruto chuckling "You mean later" kissing her on the lips "Training ground thirty four early morning" whispering in her ear she nods. Naruto jumping on to a branch and disappears from sight. As Hinata walks around the compound wall she gets close to a bush where her room is located on the side of the house.

Looking at the direction of the road "He's worth it" smiled Hinata.

Naruto's apartment.

Naruto when he got home he saw Jiraiya, Tsunade sitting on the couch waiting for him. 'Do they know?' thinking they know about him and Hinata he looks at the two with a glare. Not wanting to hear it from the two he wants to go to bed.

"Naruto what was that early and its late" asked Tsunade wondering why he is glaring at them.

Jiraiya noticed the glare was wondering if he was training. To let out some of Kyuubi chakra only a handful of people felt it. "Didn't go to well?" This made Naruto confuse "Using Kyuubi chakra we felt it early it was a small amount but we sensed it from you?" replied Jiraiya.

Naruto gave an internal relief. He thought those two found out about him and Hinata and knowing Jiraiya he would want details. Tsunade would probably beat him then give him a talk or lesson about females and responsibility. "Yea sorry got upset and mad, training more since what the traitor did" snorting after he finished his sentence.

They were taken back to hear Naruto snort when he said traitor. Tsunade thinking what he means while Jiraiya saw himself down the line years ago with Orchimaru.

"You sure you ok?" asked Tsunade looking at him she notices his puffy cheeks and dried up face."Is their more you want to tell us?" even Jiraiya noticed his face, his hair is a mess his neck is red.

As he moves closely to look more onto his neck he notice some red "Got carry away. The shadow clones grab me from my neck I didn't want to hold back no more" replied Naruto in a serious tone. This made them lean back more to the couch but they nod.

He will tell them when he is ready.

"I gave all the teams that went to the retrieval mission a month off to train. Since Sasuke is unable to train, Kakashi and some of the other sensei's is taking some missions ok" told the Hokage. Naruto just nodded but he wanted to know why the whole month off yes. Choji was still in the hospital, it would take Neji another two weeks to use his arm fully and Lee would have to take it slow.

"Understand" this made both of them raise an eye this isn't his type of behavior. He noticed them look at him strangely while he sighs "Look its been a long day today and it hasn't been easy for the past few weeks for me. My teammate who I almost consider a brother tried to shoved a Chidori into my heart trying to kill me. Then when I come back I find out my other worthless teammate didn't visit me nor thank me. I got allot on my mind so give me some time for me to adjust to their new relationship" exclaimed Naruto.

Tsunade listened to Naruto and nodded understanding what Naruto means. When she came back to heal Sasuke she noticed Naruto hurt when Sakura didn't notice him. But to hear she didn't thank him or visit him pissed her off the most BUT what got her more angry. What Naruto said about 'Their new relationship' looking at Naruto.

She is worry for him "What are you going to do?" asked Tsunade.

Jiraiya was also thinking the same thing but he felt bad for Naruto. He knows how that feels turning to Naruto to hear his answer. Since he was in the same predicament years ago with Tsunade since she had a major crush on someone else and never bother to notice her teammate.

"Train and move on and deal with it" said Naruto wanting to be straight forward. But in truth he is half lying he did want to move on but with Hinata more in his life.

That wasn't the answer that both Jiraiya or Tsunade wanted to hear. But it's a start as they got up they walked to the door but before they left they turned to Naruto talking. "Thanks for coming and thank you for caring" when they turned around seeing his tears.

"Always Gaki. Never forget that" smiled Tsunade.

"Yea baka" answer Jiraiya.

Hokage Tower

When they left Naruto's apartment and arrived at Hokage tower Tsunade took out two sake cups "That asshole traitor. That bitch how could she" taking the shot Jiraiya took a shot himself.

"I know what your saying give him time" said Jiraiya looking at Tsunade "What now?"

Tsunade taking another shot of sake looks at Jiraiya "Well first thing go do some research on juinjustu (curse seal or fuinjustu curse however you like to say it) then I'll give the traitor his options" mumbled Tsunade.

Jiraiya nods knowing this was going to happen sooner or later. "I already did your going to need about ten highly train medics to make sure he doesn't die and its going to be painful for him" grinning he looks at Tsunade who smiles evilly. "Very painfully" said Jiraiya once more.

"Well I guess he going to learn a long hard lesson" giggle Tsunade in an evil way.

As those two continue to drink they wait until next morning.

Back to Naruto

Sleeping he feels Kyuubi tugging into his mind waking up he sees the same sewers and golden cage wondering what Kyuubi wants but first "Thanks for stopping the chakra around my body"

Kyuubi hearing him just grins, staring at Naruto he smiles "Can't let you mate get hurt can I, it would probably void the deal we made but I got a funny feeling you want something to change or add?"

Naruto grinning wondering if he has any abilities to read minds. "You think you can help her? Train her as well with me but you cant change your word or change anything on your half" this made sure he wanted double cross him but Kyuubi just smiles.

"Fine I will also train her but I still get the original deal and to prove my word if something does happen to her. You die, I die even with natural cause" looking at his vessel who nods on the deal. "I wont change or make any adjustments to the deal and once you die our original deal is the same" meaning Kyuubi will also help Hinata. When Naruto dies of Natural cause meaning of old age. Kyuubi can wait for the years to come after all what another sixty years at best.

Maybe something down the road can change them both.

Naruto nods. "Deal" as they both glow red Naruto smiles "Now the biggest question is how am I going to tell her?" hearing Kyuubi laugh. Naruto wonders how Hinata is going to take it.

Next day Hospital

Tsunade woke up with an hangover but what made her blush after she regain her vision. She fall asleep on the couch sleeping on top of Jiraiya. When he woke up he turned red as well.

"SOO" said Jiraiya with a grin which will cost him few bones.

When she got to the hospital she walked in and saw Sakura and Sasuke asleep in the same bed. Rolling her eyes she slams the door waking both genin up.

"Forgive me to wake you two up" replied Tsunade in a tone.

When they saw her angry expression. They don't know why and what was bothering her the most, as they look at each other they noticed they fell asleep in the same bed. With both teammates blushing.

Tsunade on the other hand rolled her eyes and wanted to gag for many reasons. "Go home get some rest and sleep you are not allow to see him for the next seventy two hours and that's an order from your Hokage". Tsunade stern voice made Sakura nodded unaware of the killing intent she is placing on the deranged fan girl.

Sakura nodding kisses Sasuke on the cheek and leaves the room closing the door behind her.

Tsunade at this point has her eyes closed thinking to herself 'Must not kill evil pink hair must not pop her head like a pimple' taking a few breath. Sasuke just blinks at the Hokage wondering whats going on.

"SASUKE" screamed Tsunade making him flinch "I should have you killed but thanks to your precious people they asked me not to" looking at him with disgust Sasuke. Tsunade wonders why the elders and civilian council loves him so much.

"Naruto of course" smiled Sasuke thinking how Naruto told her or even asked her not kill him but how wrong he is.

"AHAHAHAHAHAHAH" laughed Tsunade. Holding her sides she cant stop laughing. Sasuke not knowing whats going on looks confused at her, when she stopped and wiped the tear from her eye.

"No you teme. The elders and civilian council said you were being control by curse seal which I know for a fact is a LIE" Sasuke taken back a bit wonders why Naruto didn't speak for him. It was the elders and civilian council that protected him. But what about all the things Naruto said to him? Did Sasuke words have more weight. Did they affect Naruto much more then he thought.

"You know half your friends almost died to bring you back especial Naruto" said Tsunade.

"What why?" shouted Sasuke, wondering why Naruto didn't talk for him. "I never asked them to come for me. I told Sakura not to follow, so why did they come for me" getting angry he looks at the Hokage "Why didn't Naruto talk for me after everything he went though to get me back why, cause of that promise to Sakura did it mean so much to him" asked Sasuke even more angry

Tsunade at this points rolls her eyes wanting to kill him right now. Taking a deep breath "Your girlfriend asked him to, piratically cried and hope you would come back" when Sasuke heard this he was sort of happy but also upset. But Tsunade didn't stop she decided to add more guilt to the traitor hoping this will never happen again "You know she not once went to see him nor came to thank him"

This made Sasuke confuse? Sakura not once went to see Naruto or thanked him for what he did for her. She not once went to see Naruto during his time at the hospital. Sasuke remained silent wondering why Naruto didn't come to see him at all, he was released a few weeks ago.

Tsunade at this points decides not to say anything more. "Back to Shinobi affairs but onto more pressing matters" looking down at him "We are going to remove the curse seal and its going to be painful" pausing so he can nod. "I will give you three options. First option you take a month of rehabilitation and if you do succeed I will restore your rank as genin but you will not be permitted to take any exams or higher rank for two years and another jonin will accompany you during your missions with team seven for 6 months" giving her a nod. Tsunade continued "My second option if you fail the rehabilitation I will seal up your chakra and your career as a Shinobi will be over. But to prevent from anything like this happen again not one but many seals will be place on your body and if you try to leave the village you will black out and be retrieved." Walking to the door Sasuke looks at her wondering whats the last option.

"What's the third option" asked Sasuke staring at the Hokage right before she leaves.

Tsunade stood near the door thinking about a few things. "You know Naruto looked to you like his brother" turning to see him. "Your alike but you always get everything, the easy way. While he fights and trains hard" Sasuke hearing this looks at her with an angry face.

"Naruto doesn't know nothing. He doesn't know how I feel" shouted Sasuke in a angry tone. Watching Tsunade just laugh, something clicked inside Sasuke head 'What did she mean when he looked to me as a brother?' thinking what she meant he looks at her.

"You think your life was bad, your brother killed your family living on your own poor you, lets help Sasuke" looking at him Tsunade shakes her head. "He lost his family the night when Kyuubi attacked. He suffered much more then you, in your whole life. Your clan is only a fraction of his pain. His pain is much more greater then anyone in this village. This Village" spiting at the word. "Is a disgrace going against the Yondaime wish, treating him like he is a plague". Turning back to the door she takes a step.

"What's his secret? How is his pain worse then mine" shouted Sasuke.

Tsunade stopped and turns to him with a glare "Village secret highly classified your clan was a casualty. But he didn't deserve this abuse from this village"

When Sasuke heard 'Highly classified, village secret' he was thinking how. How is he classified what secret is he keeping from all of his. Looking at Tsunade he wonders what is the last option. "What is the third option" watching her give him a stern look.

"Death and I will make sure my former teammate shoves a Rasengan through your chest like you tried to do with a Chidori to him" her voice was harsh and hateful, with an icy tone to it. Sasuke shivered from hearing her voice he made a mistake to ask but the biggest mistake he did was drive a Chidori right into Naruto chest.

"Option one" said Sasuke just before Tsunade left the room.