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No Flames

Konoha Hokage tower

Three weeks now going into the fourth week of Naruto's banishment and Hinata leaving with him.

Tsunade in her office looking at Team eight and what is left of Team seven, but there's more Sakiri Haruno is in the office. Tsunade thinking about a few things that the council woman said.

"You want Sakura. To follow in your foot steps being a civilian council" seeing Sakiri nod.

"Yes. Since my daughter shows great interest of the law and a few other things" turning around she notices Sasuke still next to Sakura. 'A powerful clan. With allot of money, its a pity that the Yondaime didn't have a son. A Hokage Heir is much better then a Clan head, oh well beggars cant be choosers.' Sakiri looking at the Hokage.

"I see" said Tsunade. She grabbed the bridge of her nose "Then Team eight would a have a member short?"

Sakiri disagreed "Just add Sasuke. With The sharingan he can also be scout and the team can be also a heavy infantry" replied Sakiri which Tsunade didn't like the idea.

"That would make the team too powerful. That would make it unbalance and the team work will surely fall apart" replied Tsunade. She doesn't want to add Sasuke "BUT" getting everyone attention "Kakashi will also be in team 8 then. He can still teach Sasuke the sharingan thanks to the council and elders" glaring at Sakiri she smirks. "Very well Team eight will consist of Shino, Kiba and the traitor"

"TSUNADE" screamed the Haruno's

Tsunade slammed her hands on the desk "Traitor. Now shut up or I will throw you out" seeing them quiet Sasuke glares at Tsunade. But when he felt the killing intent coming from Kakashi and team 8 he stopped. "As I was saying the jonin sensei will be Kurenai with Kakashi as back up. He will also teach the team but Kurenai will have the final word in it"

Kurenai smirked.

Kakashi on the other hand "Just like in the relationship" letting out a chuckle Kurenai rolls her eyes and blushes with a smile on her face.

"Good. Now get out and Jiraiya want news you bring" ordered Tsunade.

Team 8 and the Haruno's left while Jiraiya entered through the window.

"How do you feel?" asked Tsunade knowing how hard he took it when Gamabunta wanted to retire the contract besides Jiraiya debating against it.

"Fine I guess. I'm still shocked he did this and when I want to Myoboko he had the contracted sealed up. It's like he is hiding something from me... why? I understand about Naruto, but to go this far".


Jiraiya cant help to think that "Naruto has something to do with this. I mean what happens if I find the right woman and want my son to sign the contract
I have?" thinking about a few things.

Tsunade gets up and hugs Jiraiya "It will be alright" hugging him from behind. "Besides if you do find the right woman, you're going to have a daughter trust me it's a woman intuition" this made Jiraiya laugh.

"What about Naruto when he gets older?" which made Tsunade smirk.

"A daughter first that's for sure" giggled Tsunade. Wondering how Naruto will take it when he becomes a parent. "So any news?

Jiraiya got serious and nods.

"Yes from what I gather at Nami No Kuni. Rumors say that Naruto and Hinata got a ship and went to Uzu No Kuni" this shocked Tsunade.

"How that place was destroyed during the last shinobi war. How the hell did he avoid the maelstroms and whirlpool around the island. It makes it impossible for boats or summons to get on the Island?" replied Tsunade.

"You're right. But think for a moment. How did he manage to disappear like this. I mean the Inzuka clan is having trouble and The Hyuga's have almost all their members looking for her. I mean you have to give Naruto credit. Even with the orange jump suit he left with Hinata with out being caught. Then he arrived at Nami No Kuni got a boat and left with Hinata... but why there?" summarized Jiraiya.

Tsunade thinking about a few things but some came to her mind "His family. His clan maybe he wanted to learn more"

"You're right" sighed Jiraiya. Walking towards Minato picture "Some godfather I am. I couldn't even protect my student, couldn't protect sensei. Couldn't even protect Naruto unless we told everyone who his parents were" thinking about the past. 'I screwed up big'

Tsunade looks down knowing she shares the blame. "Even if we try the elders would put a stop to it. The the civilian council would try to force him to marry someone of there liking. Which Naruto wont tolerate whats so ever. So all we can do is wait and hope for the best" looking at the window. "You think you can remove Anko curse seal, since we removed the traitor?"

Jiraiya smirked "When, where?"

"Soon" walking towards her desk Tunto walks in finishing the audit, which he didn't like to see the numbers being way way off. Seeing his face "Jiraiya take the day off and do your research" This shocked Jiraiya but before he left. "I think I will do some more work on the curse seal" which made Tsunade smile.

When Jiraiya left Tsunade gave the retired guardian her full attention.

"Lady Tsunade this is how much is missing" Tunto passing the paperwork to Tsunade and when she saw the numbers.

"HOLY KAMI IS THAT RIGHT?" screaming to see a very big large sum of money being missing besides Naruto inheritance. "How" asked Tsunade which Tunto answered.

"Found all the paper work that the Sandaime left behind when he used Naruto's inheritance to buy him the apartment and used it to give him a allowance for the week. It seems that the Sandaime was doing he best to raise Naruto to be on his own. But seeing how everything turned out he would be disappointed how Konoha treated him" which made the adults in the room drop there heads.

"Indeed. About one million three hundred thousand ryos is missing for the past ten years. From what I gathered. I have found money that the civilian council took from the budget for their personal gain. I also found money going to different location and DEPARTEMNTS of Konoha, which it shouldn't". Shiro over hearing everything walked in "And I am certain of my numbers" seeing that both of them is looking at him.

Shiro sighs "This will not sit well with the Fire Daimyo. Konoha just suffered a thirty percent budget cut and the clans themselves have to cut back on resources they are using too much" answered Shiro. Wondering how everyone in Konoha is going to take the news and how will the Fire Daimyo act with this latest news.

"I will summon a meeting" replied Tsunade seeing how everyone is going to take the news 'They aren't going to be happy'

Hokage chamber.

Tsunade in her seat waiting for everyone to arrive. When the clan heads saw Tunto and Shiro they knew it must be about the audit, seeing that Tunto asked everyone to claim there property, money, land and also files from over the years. But the biggest problem that Tunto had is with the civilian council seeing how wasteful they spend the money, and a good chunk of money goes to a department that is register with Danzo. Now Tunto knows about Root and seeing that Danzo's uses Konoha budget he thinks he will get away with it. But he wont Shiro has a plan to deal with Danzo motives..

Lets just see how Danzo's pride take another dip for the worse.

Tunto clearing his throat "From what I gather about one million three hundred thousand ryos is missing for the past ten years" when everyone heard this they all looked at each other thinking how did this happen and why didn't no one catch this. "It seems to me that the civilian council uses twenty percent of the budget on themselves, thirty five percent goes to Konoha civilians, such as housing, plumbing electricity and schools. But what caught my interest the Shinobi only gets thirty five percent instead of fifty like the other hidden villages" seeing everyone talk.

The clan heads turn their sights towards the civilian council.

"WAIT. YOU SAID THIRTY FIVE PERCENT WHAT ABOUT THE OTHER TEN PERCENT?" scream Tsume. As a clan head her family is known to be trackers and some being hunter nin. So when she got the memo about cut backs she had to cut back on supplies such as weapons and clothing.

This is when Shiro walked forward with a huge smiles "Aww yes the last ten percent, we had to investigate the banker and when he refused lets just say he lost a finger or two" everyone raised an eye. The civilian council just rolled there eyes "Homura and Koharu as elders, I suggest you teach them some manners if not. They will force my hand to tell the Daimyo to cut all funding to Konoha"


Thinking if he is mad but seeing how things went bad for Konoha after Naruto left. Many of the civilians blame Naruto for the bad luck, while some of the Shinobi knows more and understands the reason why.

"Yes the money goes into a private account and when I want to the archives."pausing he looks at Tsunade. "She wouldn't let me in with the paper work that the Hokage gave me. Saying she has no power in that department what so ever" answered Tunto making everyone eyes widen.

But when Tsunade heard this she slammed her hand on the desk so hard it nearly split in two "ANBU I WANT THAT WOMAN IN HERE NOW" when she screamed it sent a icy chill down to everyone's back.

"So when I returned with paper work from the fire daimyo I saw her hesitant to let me in. So when I found the account and where the money has been going" he stops and grins at Danzo. "It goes to a special shinobi program that Danzo created... .with the Sandaime"

This made Tsunade confuse 'Wait sensei wanted the program disbanded' turning to Shiro he smiles and winks at Tsunade 'What are they up to?' thinking whats going on and how will Danzo explain his root army.

Tunto walking towards "Danzo program is to specialize some shinobi in battle. So when I saw the program and seeing that they VOLUNTEERED ,I took the literately to write there names, skills and address to you Lord Hokage" walking towards Tsunade he hands her a list of. "Two hundred and two shinobi joined the program BUT I would like to thank the clans to let their family members join the program as well. I think about fifty three of them from all the clans of Konoha joined Danzo battle specialize program" smirking every clan head in the room glares at Danzo.

They didn't know that their clansmen joined such a program and when this meeting is over they are going to have a long chat with them.

Danzo is sweating NO to weak of a word he has a waterfall of water falling down from his head, that's how much water is coming down form the old war hawk. 'He exposed my root program but yet he is saying its for something else what is he up to.' glaring at Tunto. 'I must relocate everyone before anything else happens' thinking will he have enough time to savage all the root nin he has under his command.

"As I was saying since some these Shinobi are deployed within the program. So I decided to add them in Konoha ranks" Tunto Smiled and when Tsunade heard where this is going she started to giggle inside. "But that's not all, I also had the seal on there tongue removed in case something happens" turning over to Danzo he sees the man shaking very lightly. "Also I went to the base of operations to get more info" Now he started to smile, he turned to Tsunade and nodding.

Danzo hearing this looks up with his eye widened 'How did he find out about my location'

"While I was there I gathered about ten anbu. That Ibiki suggest and when we arrived there. We took all the resources, data, files and added to the Hokage archives, evidence for future and past missions" answered Tunto.

Tsunade sitting there looks at Tunto 'He just took out Danzo root program that sensei has been trying to do for years'

"Yes and they are loyal to the Hokage they sworn to protect you and Konoha. But some of them didn't look to well. So if its not to much trouble can I ask Lord Inoichi Yamanaka to see if they will be able to perform their duties in Konoha" asked Tunto.

Inoichi looks at the Hokage and smiles "It wont be a problem Lady Hokage". He remembers years ago when the Sandaime asked him for help and when they found one root nin he died mysteriously, but from what they found was the seal on his tongue that killed him.

Danzo watching this 'It took me years to make this program. Years to build this army and he took it away in mere hours' Danzo anger is going through the roof. His life work taken away form him just like that, his life dream, his ambition, his plot to overtake Konoha and take the Title from Tsunade gone.

Tsunade on the other hand 'He just disbanded Root. He added them to the Shinobi ranks knowing Ibiki will have them watch, with Inoichi help we can get more secrets and maybe evidence against Danzo' thinking how this will help Tsunade but more importantly 'Danzo your time of hiding and plotting is over'

Tunto smiling "Yes after the program I decided to disband it and with all those years of the ten percent going to it. I decided to add it to Konoha Shinobi budget increasing it to forty five percent" smirked Tunto.

Many people in the room agreed to this.

"Indeed with the lost we suffered thanks to the Civilian council" Tsunade glaring them making them nervous. "With this we will help our Shinobi recover more"

Tunto smiling "Yes indeed. After I did the math I calculated a total of six hundred thousand was used during over the years" answered Tunto "But there is still still seven hundred thousand that still is missing, so to compensate that lost. I took all the weapons, justus from Danzo training program and added to Konoha library, barracks" seeing Danzo Reaction he just lost everything. "I also took the property, clothing pretty much everything that he had in that base and liquidated it" chuckled Tunto.

Tsunade turning to Danzo with a smile "Thank you soo much Danzo-sama for your lifes work. Also I am sorry that the program took much more resources and that we had to take everything that you worked so hard in your life." smirked Tsunade but she wasn't done. "Homura, Koharu did you know about this program of his?"

Both of them looks at each other "No we didn't" replied the two with a tone.

'Danzo what are you up to?" thought Koharu

Homura thinking the same thing as well but more 'Foolish your are. You ignore Hiruzen then you are made of a fool in front of everyone'

Tunto walking towards the desk "Now Shiro will talk with the Civilian council and there high spending"

The civilians hearing this started to get nervous, the elders were also angry to hear this. They didn't know about their personal spending of Konoha budget and seeing that they are having a luxury life which its going to Change right now.

With Naruto and Hinata.

Arriving at Wave Country.

Originally they were suppose to stay for another week but seeing how there Training has progressive very much with Kyuubi helped. But that's not the only thing has progressive their relationship as a couple is taking more of serious events.

"Finally were back" Naruto stretching his muscles while walking towards Tazuna house.

"Yes its good to come back" smiled Hinata.

"So anything new you learn from the medic scrolls you found Hinata-chan?" asked her boyfriend.

"Some what but without a proper medical nin teaching me its going to be difficult. But what about you Naruto-kun I know you were happy to find those books about your clan History in the library we found" replied the girlfriend

During the last few days they went back to Uzushiogakure and recheck some locations, but this time they went to the hospital and from there Hinata found allot of scrolls of healing and making medicine cream. It seems with the people of Uzushiogakure were noted to have notoriously long lives, so it gained the title. "The village of longevity" which Hinata founded out to be interesting. But when she told Naruto Kyuubi overheard everything and said he inherit it form his mother and with Kyuubi being inside of him his healing rate triple of that of a normal person, almost making it a kekkei genkai for Naruto.

Naruto he was jumping saying he "I have a kekkei genkai" which made Hinata giggle at him. But Naruto got very happy to find history books of his clan and of Uzu No Kuni. He felt connected to them. Something that he thought he would never have, growing up alone it made him think about a few things. But seeing that he came from a great clan and a powerful, feared Nation he wants to continue that legacy.

When they arrived at Tazuna house "Hello is anyone home" called the blonde

Inari who heard Naruto charged him and gave him a hug "You're back" seeing there new headbands and Katana on their side "Are those from?"

"Yea they are from Uzu No Kuni. Me and Hinata are going to continue there name since I am the last of the nation from there" answered Naruto.

"Well that's good...but we got some news you might not like" Inari started to get nervous but Tazuna walked in.

"I'll tell them" answered Tazuna.

When they left he told them that Konoha and his previous sensei were here looking for them. But allot of the villagers were glaring and telling them to leave, "Kakashi told me what happen. I acted like I didn't know but..." seeing them frown "We didn't tell nothing, no one did and I told them since what they did to you Naruto I cut all ties with them" replied Tazuna.

Naruto and Hinata hearing this and sighs. "Perfect wonder if we got into the bingo book" asked Naruto, still looking outside. "I wonder how Ero sennin took it when Gamabunta wanted to retire the summoning contract form him?"

"Maybe he took it well" replied Hinata knowing that Naruto and him were close.

"Probably right we should change into something else" replied Naruto making Hinata nod.

"Go use the room upstairs, from what waterfall told me you two shouldn't have a problem sharing a room" laughed Tazuna getting a glare form the blonde.

Inari smiling but he is also worried about "Naruto" getting his attention "I'm going to train here and take Waterfall deal to become a powerful Shinobi to protect my family". Naruto hearing this reminds him of Haku and Zabuza "If you do that, then train hard and go to Zabuza and Haku grave maybe they will give you something for your hard work" Inari nodded he walked out to find the old captain and train right away.

When they got to the room, Naruto took out a black pants with a orange sleeveless shirt. Looking into the bag he takes out his old mesh armor and places it on the bed but reaching for the scroll he takes out these two folded cloaks. Hinata taking out a dark blue pants with a light purple shirt and her mesh armor right on top of the bed.

"I found this and I want to give you this" Naruto taking out a hooded cloak to give it to Hinata. When she opened it her eyes widen to see the cloak "It's beautiful" The color of the cloak is a medium white and on the right side of the cloak has a whirlpool form the bottom going to the top of the cloak. It showed different type of blue colors and white making the whirlpool look real, but on the back of the cloak has the Uzushiogakure symbol showing where it originated from. "I knew you would like it" replied Naruto. When he opened his cloak it is the same medium white color but on the left side showed a Hurricane with different type of gray and white also making it look real. It should how small it is on the bottom but started to grow while going up to the top of the cloak "Awesome" turning it around he also noticed Uzushiogakure on the back.

When they got dressed they head down stairs to say good bye.

"Well this is it" Naruto seeing everyone in front of Tazuna house.

"Yes stay safe you two" replied Tsunami smiling to see those two together.

Naruto looks at Hinata and smiles.

"Good bye and thanks for everything" bowed the couple walking towards the bridge to leave wave country.

1 week later some where in the land of fire.

Naruto and Hinata walking down the road thinking a few things. "How long is it to the next town?" asked Naruto.

Hinata activating her doujustu "About an hour walk for here, but there is a small town which we can stop to rest a bit" answered Hinata.

Naruto looking up and notices its about to rain "Maybe staying at the town over night wont be a problem since it looks like its going to rain" seeing some dark clouds. They wonder how bad of a storm its going to be.

"Maybe you're right and besides I would like to have a warm shower" hugging Naruto she kisses him on the lips. "Maybe someone should join me" using a seductive voice Naruto leans closer to her ear.

"Maybe I will" taking a small bite on her ear she lets out a small moan.

"You're terrible you know that" said Hinata seeing how playful Naruto is.

"I know" smiled the blonde.

As the two continue to make there way towards the town they notices smoke coming from it "Hinata is that the town?".

Hinata quickly activating her doujustu "Yes it is. It being raided by bandits and rogue nin. We got to help them"

Naruto nodded. They both picked up the pace to run towards the town.

At the town.

"IS THIS ALL THE MONEY YOU HAVE PATHEIC" screamed a rogue nin. Looking around he sees allot of scared villagers, most of the men are tied up by his gang. "TAKE THE WOMAN FOR PLEASURE" this made all the bandits and rogue nin cheer. Many of the woman shutter and began to coward behind some of the other females "Time to play with them" Many of the bandits begins to charge towards them.

"Futon wall" Naruto landing on time slamming his palms on the ground making a wall of air blocking them "Hinata-chan now" quickly performing a few hand seals

"Suiton water blade" extended her arms out she slaps her hands together forming a ring of water cutting some of the bandits.

"Pretty good for kids" said the rogue nin. Taking out a Kunai he charges at Naruto "Clang" when the rogue nin reached him "A Katana and its a nice quality. When I'm done killing you, I will take that blade of yours" Naruto hearing this smiles.

"I would like to see you try" jumping back he slashes down "Futon strike" a blade of wind shots from the Katana and hits the rogue nin dead on.

"Amazing I didn't expect that" holding his bleeding chest he watches Naruto.

"Kage bunshin no justu" making a few clones. "Get them" ordered Naruto.

The clones running towards the bandits and rogue nin "Rasengan" screamed the clones slamming the spinning ball of chakra into the rogue nin.

"Naruto-kun behind you" called Hinata. Running towards him, Mizu started to glow blue "Suiton storm" slashing the blade side ways a huge storm of water shoots from the blade and hits the rogue nin with deadly force pushing him away from Naruto "Amazing" said the couple.

The rogue nin and bandits whoever is still breathing or standing watches this in horror.

"My turn. Futon strike" slashing side ways a gust of wind hits the remaining attackers knocking them unconsciousness. "That was easy" panted Naruto 'Dam didn't know it would take that much chakra from me.' Turning to 'Hinata must be exhausted. Next thing we got to work is on her reserves' sheathing the blade back on his back he walks towards the men who are tied freeing them.

"Thank you for your help, but there is still some of them hiding in the homes" said a villager.

Hinata hearing this activates her Byakugan "Naruto-kun there is two men in a home about sixty paces from us. He has a child in his arms holding a kunai to his neck" said Hinata terrified to see something like that happen to a helpless child.

Naruto hearing this got angry "Stay here and if something happens use a big justu as a signal". Naruto running towards the house. Creeping at the window he notices two men about "Chunin maybe low jonin the most' thinking he performs the kage bunshin justu.

Naruto opening the door startles rogue nin "Stay back or the baby dies" seeing the child cry Naruto eyes changes into red slits.

"YOU BETTER PRAY TO KAMI IF I DONT GET MY HANDS ON YOU" the shear killing intent Naruto is giving to the man is huge. Even the villagers felt the killing intent wondering whats going on "Release the baby or else" Naruto voice got deeper and cold.

"OR ELSE WHAT" screamed the rogue nin.

Watching the baby cry Naruto takes a deep breath and throws a Kunai to his partner.

But he blocked it with another Kunai "Got to do better then huh" looking up he sees Naruto's clones crashing through the roof with a rasengan in his hand.

"RASENGAN" slamming it in the chunin chest his partner.

"The child dies" holding the child with one arm he swings the kunai to the child but Naruto slams into him while the clone charges another Rasengan.

The baby flies in the air everything goes into slow motion, when the clones hits the rogue nin in the chest. Naruto getting up and jumps in the air catching the child in his arms "It's alright you're safe" rocking and holding the baby in his arms close to his chest. He turns around to see the clones poof away "Some town" said Naruto.

Walking out of the home he notices that Hinata made a few "Mizu clones?" seeing her nod.

She notices the brown hair baby in Naruto's arms "Is he alright?" Naruto nodding while the baby giggles.

"Otouto" hearing a girl call out "Kaa-san the ninja saved Otouto" a small black hair girl appeared next to Naruto.

"I guess he's yours?" seeing the girl nod. Naruto looks at the woman who looks like the girl in front of him "I hope he is fine, those rogue nin were holding him wrong" walking towards the mother she takes the baby from Naruto arms. "Thank you so much. Thank you" letting out tears of joy Naruto and Hinata smiles.

"Wahhaahh" the mother rocking the baby looks at Naruto. "I think he wants you to hold him" passing him back the baby stops crying making some people chuckle at the scene.

"Didn't know you are good with kids" said Hinata seeing the baby in Naruto arms.

Naruto holding the baby in his arms 'Why do I feel happy all of the sudden?' looking at Hinata 'She would make a great mom' stopping he thinks what he just said and begins to blush a bit. Lifting his head up he notices a middle age man.

"As mayor I would like to thank you two for coming and saving us"

"It was nothing, we were just passing through to the next town. But when we saw the smoke coming we came as fast we could" replied Naruto passing the child back to his mother since he fall asleep in Naruto's arms.

The mayor hearing this and bows "Thank you Shinobi-sama for your services. Please let us pay you for your services. We don't have much money but" before he can finish.

"A place to stay over night, with a working shower" asked Naruto.

"Hai. That's all the payment we need" answered Hinata.

They mayor hearing this bows "Yes that wont be a problem"

After a few hours or so the bigger town came and took the bandits and rogue nin away. The authorities asking who caught them "They didn't say there names. They saw the smoke and came rushing to see if we needed help and when they arrived they defeated them. Then they simply left" replied the mayor giving out a half of lie. Which he didn't mind but he wondered why 'Naruto and Hinata' wanted to hide from them?.

"I see very well. Maybe the will appear over to us in a few hours or so" bowing to the mayor "Take care"

"Hai we will" bowing back he watches the authorities take them away.

"That was close" said Naruto in a henge.

"Hai it was. If Konoha found out that we are alive, they would send hunter nin after us" replied Hinata.

The mayor looking at the two "Why is Konoha after you two? Are you criminals?"

Naruto waving his hands really fast "Nothing like that. I got banished because I beat the lights out of the last Uchiha traitor in Konoha. So they decided to Banish me because I used more force then necessary to bring back the traitor from a mission" replied Naruto.

The mayor hearing this "So some of the rumors are true?" this made the couple confuse "Rumors are flying around saying that they banish someone important and that the Fire daimyo cut thirty percent of Konoha budget" replied the mayor which Naruto started to rub the back of his head.

"Oops, I guess they learned there lesson" replied Naruto making Hinata giggle.

The mayor looking at Naruto "Amazing you fought a Uchiha member and lived. you must be a powerful Shinobi" praising Naruto he begins to smile.

Outside of the town.

Two cloak wearing figures are approaching the area "Itachi I cant believe that your clan was planning a coup DE tat" replied Kisame. Shocked to hear Itachi betrayal, but seeing that him and Itachi share a similar fate from there Hidden villages.

"Indeed. To prevent a civil war I killed everyone but I spared my Otouto with the Sandaime permission, but to do so. I must Protect the Naruto no matter the cost so what is your answer. Seeing you know my story" replied Itachi.

"Yea, almost like mine when I told you" Kisame pausing "I'll help but how are you going to convince him. I mean last time we saw him I was trying to cut his legs off and you beat the shit out of your Otouto" letting out a chuckle he remembers that day very well. As the two continue to walk they noticed its getting dark "We should stop in the next town. It shouldn't be difficult I kept in touch with the Sandaime before he died" answered Itachi.

Hoping Naruto will believe him 'I hope everything goes well' thinking what more he can do for Konoha in the shadows Itachi sighs "So much I given for my village so much sacrifice, will I ever find peace or love?"

Kisame started to laugh "We are Shinobi, we will never find love or peace in our lives" saying it in a regretful tone.

When they arrive at town they checked into a hotel "We should relax until tomorrow" replied Kisame making Itachi nod.

With Naruto and Hinata.

Hinata walking into the suite "I cant believe they gave us the biggest and best room in the town" still looking around she noticed the king size bed 'Bad thoughts, I cant think like that' shaking some bad perverted thoughts Naruto walks in and smiles.

"Finally a bed to sleep on. The ground started to give me a back ache a bit" seeing Hinata Nod. Naruto walks towards a room "A washer perfect" taking some clothes out of the storage seal he throws some of them in the washer. "We can do laundry here" walking back out he notices its half past seven. "Vixen-hime do you want anything from the kitchen?"

Hinata walking out of the bathroom "Anything hot and no Ramen please"

Naruto grunting "What's wrong with Ramen"

"Nothing I just want a change of diet" asked Hinata. Which is true she was getting tired eating ramen all the time, she started to notice some the change of energy she had in the morning when she ate ramen at night. "Cinnamon buns if they have any pleeeeaasssseeee" in a sweet yet begging voice.

"ok Hinata-hime" Naruto replied with a chuckle hearing her used a sweet begging voice.

Walking down stairs to the cafeteria "Still open awesome" walking around with a few plates he gathers some food.

"Hello Naruto" Naruto froze he started to shake "So you and the Sandaime read everyone personal's file?" Naruto eyes widening hearing this.

'How did he know?' turning his head he saw Itachi in civilian clothing?

"I'm not going to hurt you. I need to talk to you and why did you make such a perverted jutsu to knock out lord Hiruzen" replied Itachi smiling which is making Naruto nervous.

Now for Naruto he is looking around for a way out but when heard Itachi say about everyone personal files "How did you find me? I mean I disappeared for almost a month and Konoha hasn't found me, but you did?" still looking at him 'How the hell did he know about that. Only me and the old man knew about this'

Itachi let out a small laugh he reached out and grabbed a plate "I'm not going to fight you here. I have more personal mission to complete for Lord Hiruzen" placing some food on his plate.

Naruto watches Itachi 'I don't get it. He's completely different from last time?' watching him gather some food Naruto takes a step away from him.

"I think its a trap but how did he know all that information?" asked Kyuubi curious how did Itachi know this? "Well are you going to join him?"

Naruto hearing Kyuubi 'Do I got a choice'

"You're welcome to join me. I will answer everything you want, and I wont cause you or your Hyuga girlfriend any problems. But I hope you two aren't doing something inappropriate in your young age" smiled Itachi making Naruto blush.

'WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON. HE'S SMILING AND I CANT SENSE ANY LIE DID HE LOSE IT OR SOMETHING?' screaming to himself Naruto nodded. When they arrived at the table Itachi took a sip of his tea "How did you know about the personal files?" shaking a bit he watches Itachi very careful in case he is lying.

"Dont forget about the Icha Icha books he reads" letting out a chuckle Naruto jaw dropped on the ground.

"Nani. How did you know that?" Now this got Naruto attention. Itachi didn't attack Naruto, Kyuubi wasn't sensing any genjustu and Itachi feeling or behavior seems 'Normal?'

Itachi taking a bite of his Onigiri and swallowing "Remember when you became a genin after the team test" Naruto eyes widen. He remembered that meeting with Hiruzen and looking at Itachi Naruto swallowed hard.

"The old man meant you" pointing his finger at Itachi.

"It's impolite to point" which made Naruto to snort "Snorting as well. Elbows off the table you are a Heir, try to act like one" which Naruto dropped his mouth and making funny noises "How do I know?"

"Yea. I mean from what I learn from Uzu No Kuni, my kaa-san was heir and the last of her nation... well I'm the last I think!" said Naruto.

"I will be straight forward. You heard from Lady Tsunade about the coup DE tat haven't you" Naruto nodded he couldn't forget that day of his banishment "Yea Ero sennin mention it. Before I was sent to the Hokage chamber to have my Banishment no thanks to your brother" Itachi sighed hearing this.

Sasuke betrayed Konoha, betrayed the clan, but more importantly 'He betrayed a friend something I would never do. Sasuke you never got the message and yet you still fall further down in the hole you made for yourself' thought Itachi.

"He said you have everything for me to know. What did he mean by that?" asked Naruto.

Itachi finishing his third Onigiri "About four days away from here, there is a river, head east from here to that river. Once you found that river head north. When you come up to a waterfall you make a right. Continue about an hour's walk and you will find a lake. From that lake you will find ruins, that place use to be a old hideout during the third shinobi war" taking a sip of his tea.

"What will I find there a trap or" Naruto not finishing his sentence.

"Your heritage. Not just your mother but your father as well, Hiruzen thought if something like this ever happens, you can retrieve your inheritance. But you will be protected by some hidden guards as well" replied Itachi. "Find the Symbol, I'm positive that you will find it" this made Naruto raise an eye thinking 'What Symbol'

Naruto hearing this shakes a bit "Everything" with a low voice.

"This was done to protect you. If they found out he had a son, you would be a target of all your father enemies" replied Itachi. "But it was also to protect you form the Civilian council and Danzo" this made Naruto confuse "Trust Hiruzen letter"

"Who was he?" asked Naruto.

Itachi didn't replied "You will find out soon. But when you do, head to the fire capital and follow Hiruzen letter understand" getting up he leaves Naruto with his thoughts "Also bring the Hyuga with you. By the look you gave early you must love her" walking out of the area Naruto sits there thinking about a few things.

Its been over an hour and Hinata is getting worried 'What happen. It doesn't take this long to get food?' when she walked downstairs and found "Naruto-kun" calling his name he looks daze. Walking towards him "Naruto-kun is something wrong?"

Naruto lost track of time has been thinking what Itachi said to him. When he heard someone call his name out he looked up "Hinata what are you doing here?"

"Looking for you its been an hour since you went to get us dinner?" asked Hinata. "Did something happen?"

Naruto looking at her 'I cant lie to her' Naruto nodded "Itachi Uchiha found me" When Hinata heard this she activated her byakugan to look around "He's been working with the old man all this time" turning back to Naruto Hinata sits down.

"What do you mean all this time?"

Naruto telling Hinata from the day of the genin test and from what happen an hour ago "I trust the old man. I mean think about, it makes sense the whole coup de tat. The reason he joined Akatsuki, perfect cover to join to watch Orochimaru then watch me. The old man is steps ahead to protect me in the future if something like this ever happen and I don't know what to do. I mean I trust the old man but he knew about my parents as well... why did he lie saying he didnt?"

Naruto didn't need to finish. Hinata understood where this is going "Well we should go to bed and get ready to leave in the morning".

Naruto looked up to "Are you serous. What if its a trap".

Hinata smiled "Then we fight together" placing her hands on his "I will stand by you no matter what"

Naruto smiled and nodded.

"Come on lets eat something and go" seeing her nod.

The next morning they left and made there way towards the location that Itachi gave Naruto. The run towards there was clam and since they weren't walking the found the river in three days.

"Head north straight towards the wallfall after an hour so you will find a lake. In that lake you will find ruins of of a old shinobi hideout used during the war. After that find the symbol?" said Naruto remembering from what Itachi said.

When they followed the directions they found a beautiful sparkling lake 'Beautiful' Hinata looking around "The ruins over there" pointing to the location they walk on top of the water.

Naruto looking around "What symbol? I mean all I see is broken shinobi gear, a few stuff that is left behind and the walls has some weird writing" saying the sentence slow. Naruto looks around notices some of these symbols belongs to "A storage seal but why? Why all the way out here, whats so special about this place?" looking around Kyuubi recognized the area.

"Summon me. I can give you that answer" Naruto hearing the Kitsune and nods. Summoning him Kyuubi looks around "This is where your Otou-san proposed to Kushina" this shocked them.

"Naruto's Otou-san proposed here?" looking around she would love it if Naruto did something like that to her. All the flowers, the beautiful lake, everything is breath taking.

"But what symbol. All I see is a bunch of symbols here and this weird one that stands out." replied Naruto which Hinata looked at him "Which one Naruto-kun?" Naruto pointing "The white Uzu No Kuni symbol. I had that on my old outfit on my left shoulder" walking towards it. Hinata activates her byakugan "I see something weird in it?"

Naruto putting chakra into the seal "Nothing happen?"

"Of course nothing happen. Its a blood seal use your blood" sitting down he waits for it "I'm sorry. You will know why" what every Kyuubi apologize for. He knows Naruto will take it hard, sitting down he watches Naruto bites his thumb and places it on the white spiral on the wall.

The couple watching the seal glow white "Poof" a small scroll appeared on the ground.

"A scroll?"

Naruto picking it up "A storage scroll a advance one. It has the old man Name on it first. Then my Kaa-san Kushina the last is" Naruto didn't even say the last name. Hinata looking over his shoulder covers her mouth.

"Otou-san. Minato Namikaze" whispered Hinata.

Naruto standing there "The Yondaime" remembering the lessons in class "He's my Otou-san"

Hinata placing a hand on Naruto shoulder "We should follow what the Sandaime wanted us to do"

"Hai" Naruto snaps out of his daze and opens the scroll.