"You're doing it wrong, Zuzu."

"I am NOT doing it wrong! I'm the one who's already done this! Since when are you an expert on getting people pregnant?"

"I'm just saying that I don't think it's supposed to take this long."

"Azula, look at how pretty my baby is. You can't rush that kind of perfection."

"I don't care. You're not sleeping with Ty Lee for the fun of it. Hurry up and finish."

"Calm down, both of you! All this stress is making my womb a really hostile place. My aura needs to be as pink as possible when I conceive."

"That's right, Zuzu, so hurry up and finish while her aura is still pink."

"I can't do it with you pressuring me like this!"

"I'm sorry, I was under the impression you were capable of impregnating her. If you're having trouble, I'm sure Dad would be happy to take your place."

"Why are you always doing that?!"

"Doing what?"

"Comparing me to Dad! It's hurtful, and in this case it's really creepy."

"Less talking, Zuzu."

"Um, Azula? Would you really make me sleep with your dad?"

"No, of course not. I was only teasing."


"Why are you blushing? Please don't tell me you were hoping I was going to say yes."

"Well, he is very distinguished-looking, especially now that he's out of prison."

"Ty Lee! Stop laughing, Zuko, unless you want a scar over your other eye."

"All of you need to shut up before you wake the baby."

"Sorry, Mai."

"Don't worry; you were being the least obnoxious, Ty Lee. Zuko, what's taking so long? You've been trying for an hour."

"I can't finish with Azula watching me like this! It makes me uncomfortable. Besides, when am I ever going to have this kind of opportunity again?"

"Okay, that's it."

"What are you doing, Mai?"

"Speeding this process along. Look, you have to scratch his back, like this."

"Unnh! No, stop..."

"See the goosebumps? He likes it."

"Huh, it must be a family thing..."

"Shh, Ty Lee."

"And then you have to pull his hair. See, he acts tough, but he likes being bossed around and scratched up. Don't you, Zuko?"

"Ohh... no..."

"Liar. You like it when I pull your hair and tie you to the bed."

"Mai! Not- not in front of my sister!"

"Especially in front of your sister. Admit it, you like being my pretty slave boy."

"Yes... Mistress. Hey, stop laughing, Azula!"

"Hush, Zuko. Don't speak unless I ask you a question. Understood?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"Good boy. Oh, I like it when your whole face turns red. Now you have exactly ten seconds to come inside Ty Lee, or I'll tie you up, whip you all over, and make you wait to come for an entire week. Ten, nine, eight, seven- there we go. Good slave boy."

"Wait, it's over?"

"Yup. See you two later. Get up, Zuko."

"Don't move, Ty Lee. The doctor said you should lie still after sex."

"But I could do a handstand against the wall!"



"Lie still. If we have to do this again next month, I might actually murder my brother."

"Well, there's always your dad if we get desperate, right? Right? Azula? Azuuulaaaa?"

"Good night, Ty Lee."