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It didn't seem possible. This had never happened before and he never thought it would. Well, maybe somewhere in the back of his mind he knew it was possible but never did he think it would happen. He thought that they were safe.

He was wrong.

His little brother had been attacked. Robin had been attacked, but not as Robin and not on a mission.

Tim Drake had been attacked in, what they all had believed was, the safety of Wayne manor. They had all been so careful. It didn't seem possible that this would happen.

Yet, here Nightwing, no, Dick Grayson, concerned brother, sat waiting for Tim to wake. They were currently in the medical bay at Mt. Justice. Dick thought it would be safer seeing as Tim had been attacked in his own home.

He still couldn't believe it. He could still hear Alfred's panicked voice in his head.

The butler had found Tim in a completely destroyed Bat Cave. The place had been totally trashed. Alfred had been lucky enough to find the supplies needed to patch Tim up.

Dick had rushed over as soon as he got the call. The only thing on his mind was his little brother. He needed to find out who had broken in but Tim's well being was priority.

Dick immediately made the suggestion to move Tim to Mt. Justice and Alfred agreed. They both knew it would be safer till Bruce got back and they figured out who had attacked Tim. As soon as Alfred announced that Tim was stable enough to be moved, Dick brought the boy to the mountain.

There had been many concerned looks and even more questions when Nightwing entered the mountain with the badly injured bird in his arms. Dick ignored them all. It was like his mind was on autopilot. Get to the med bay and watch over Tim. Noting else mattered at that point.

The team didn't push. They knew that Robin and Nightwing were close and they also knew not to push a bat when they were upset. Nightwing would tell them when Robin woke up. For now, they left their leader to tend to his little brother.

So here Dick sat waiting and hoping that Tim would wake soon. He wouldn't leave till he knew that the boy would be alright. He needed answers that he knew only Tim could give him but right now he just wanted his little brother to wake up. Everything else could wait.

It was getting late and Dick was starting to nod off. He made a mental note to ask how Bruce had put up with these kinds of things for so many years. Suddenly he heard a groan come from the bed. He looked over to see Tim stirring.

"Tim?" Dick said quietly while taking the boy's hand into his. "Come on, Timmy. Wake up."

"Dick?" Tim asked finally finding the strength to open his eyes. He grimaced in pain that spread throughout his body. "Where are we?" Tim asked realizing that they were not in the Bat Cave.

"Med bay at Mt. Justice," Dick replied calmly happy to see the boy awake. "You were attacked in the Bat Cave. Alfred found you and patched you up. Then I brought you here."

Tim only nodded. He didn't want to talk at the moment or answer the questions that he knew the older bird was waiting to ask him. He just wanted to pass out again, but he also knew that Dick wouldn't let him till he gave his older brother answers.

"Tim, this is important," Dick said gently and trying to stay calm. "Who attacked you?"

Tim just turned away. He didn't want to talk about this. Dick would think he'd gone insane.

"Tim, please," Dick practically begged. "I saw the cave. It was trashed and I, I mean we, could have lost you. We can't go back there till we figure this out. You have to tell me what happened. Tim, please."

"It was Jason."

The response was so quiet that Dick almost didn't hear it. But he did, and the second he heard what had come out of the boy's mouth he froze. It wasn't possible.

Dick's eyes went wide as he stared at the boy who refused to look at him.


"It was Jason!" Tim yelled turning to face Dick. He was now breathing hard and glaring at the older.

"Tim, Jason's. . ."

". . . Dead! I know, Dick!" There were now tears in Tim's eyes as he cut his older brother off. "I'm not making this up, I swear! It was Jason who broke into the manor. Jason trashed the cave. Jason beat the ever loving crap out of me. I don't know how, but it was him. I'm sure of it."

By this point, tears were streaming down Tim's face. Dick didn't know what to do. Jason Todd was dead. He had seen the body with his own eyes. That was not something he wanted to live through again.

"Are you sure?" was all Dick could think to ask.

"Yes," came the small answer. "I saw his face and he knew things. Things that only you, Bruce, Alfred, or I would know. It couldn't have been anyone else."

Dick came to sit on the edge of the bed and took the sobbing boy into his arms. He didn't know what to think. He didn't know if he actually believed that Jason was back from the dead, but Tim did. The boy was scared, there was no denying that.

"It's gunna be alright, Tim," Dick whispered. "We're gunna figure this out. I promise."

The two stayed like that till Tim fell asleep. When Dick was sure that he was asleep he left. He had to know if what Tim had said was true.

It just all seemed too impossible.

A/N: So, I may or may not continue this. This came from inspiration I got after seeing an image from the new Young Justice episode that is going to air on 9/29/12. It has been confirmed that Jason Todd was Robin before Tim in the show. I now have high hopes that Red Hood will make an appearance and maybe even Damian Wayne. Just hopes though.

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