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So, without further a due, here is chapter 7.

Tim was worried. Dick had gone out on patrol hours ago and still wasn't back. Any number of things could have happened.

"You alright?"

Tim turned to see Bart enter the situation room.

"Yeah," Tim shrugged.

"Really," Bart retorted, "because you've been staring at the zeta tubes for hours. Big bro still not back yet?"

"I can't help but worry," Tim sighed in defeat. "I mean some baddie could have broken out of Arkham, there could have been an accident, he could be hurt, or-"

"Okay," Bart stopped his rambling, "slow down. Speed is my thing. I'm sure Nightwing is fine. Probably just double checking or lost track of time. I mean, with Batman off world, it could be that much harder to patrol Gotham, right?"

"Yeah, sure," Tim said trying to calm himself.

"You still thinking about him, aren't ya?" Bart questioned.

"He's my brother," Tim replied quietly, looking away.

"Not Dick," Bart corrected. "You're thinking about Jason."

"How?" Tim stared in shock.

"Future boy, remember?" Bart smirked.

"I just," Tim started, "I feel like I'm going crazy. Maybe I was just seeing things."

"Dude, you dress in red and black tights and jump off roofs at night. Of course you're crazy." That earned a chuckle from the bird. "But you're not wrong about Jason."

"What?" Tim stared in disbelief.

"Don't ask for details," Bart put his hands up in defense, "but Jason Todd is alive as the Red Hood."

"Are you sure?" Tim glared. If Bart was telling the truth, then he had to find Dick. Tim had a gut feeling that something bad had happened.