Author's Note: Hey everyone! Thanks for reading this! Just a quick little note before you start the story. This is a True Blood/Sookie Stackhouse Novel fan fiction. I'm going to be pulling concepts from both the television show and the books. For instance, I'm going to be using the whole concept of the Authority from the television show, although I'm not going to go into their level of corruption. Another example is the concept of Fairy (Niall, the time difference being non-existent between the worlds, etc.) from the books. Also, I'm not entirely sure what time period (as far as what is going on on the show) this is going to take place in. This is meant to be a story on its own, so I'm just going to pull as I please. Hope everyone likes it! And if you have any questions, feel free to message me, etc. Thank you!


I was not going to make it. I could feel death on my heels like hounds on a fox. There was a throbbing pain in my left leg, and with every extra step, it only increased. I knew my brother was behind me, pushing my back, and urgently whispering something, but I could not tell what it was he was saying.

"What?" I mumbled. The corners of my vision were beginning to fade, and I held onto him with all my strength, though it must have not been much. Never before had I cursed so heavily that I was not yet old enough for my wings to be fully grown in.

"Keep going." Brother pushed me, urgently urging me forward, "They're catching up to us. Hurry! They're almost here!" I could see the waterfall up ahead, but it seemed a world away. I stumbled on bare feet through the little stream we were using to confuse the Fae Guards who were following us. Brother hovered behind me, and guided me through the water, over the rocks, as his wings fluttered behind him, creating a golden light that was most likely a beacon screaming to the guards that we were here, and thus making the water travel incredibly useless. I said nothing, though, as the cool water was splashing against my leg, and calming the raging, stabbing pain that was traveling down to my knee, and outward across my thigh. I could already feel the iron poisoning my body, and I knew I was lucky there was was but a small amount on the knife that had stabbed me. Of course, if I survived, I would be lucky.

Brother knew what I needed. While the council had been deciding whether or not to execute me, he had come to help me. "Find a Vampire," I could remember him whispering to me as we ran away from the prison. "Drink their blood. Steal their energy. That's the only way for you to survive this. Go to Earth. Get out of Fairy." I had nodded shortly at the end of each command, and now, as we stood at the top of the waterfall, looking down onto the perilous drop below, he was repeating them.

"I know what to do, Brother," I mumbled, and held onto him. I turned my gaze upward to his eyes, and was shocked for a moment at how much he looked like our father. His black hair was messy and his blue eyes pierced my gaze with a ferocity like lightning. It was surprising that we were twins.

"Get out of here, Lily." Brother mumbled, his lips pressed against my forehead as I looked down with fear at the drop below me. I could hear the guards running through the woods until they came out to meet us.

What happened next happened too fast for me to remember it clearly, dear reader, but the next moment, I was falling, the wind whistling through my hair as I fell through the air. There was a scream just as my foot left the ridge, and a wave of sparkling dust washed over me. I only had a moment to wonder if that was my brother, before I disappeared into the portal in a flash of light.

It felt like hours, though it could have been merely moments later. I was lying flat on my back on the ground, and the damp, warm, Louisiana air surrounded me. The pain in my leg had intensified a million times, and I pushed myself up into a sitting position. I blinked a few times before glancing around in the darkness. There were trees and low hanging branches. I closed my eyes, and slowly felt a bit of the energy from the nature around me filter through my fingertips, and spread through the rest of my body. The pain in my leg became less intense, but I knew that I still had only hours before I became as dusty as whatever Fairy was covering me.

The problem was, where was I going to find a Vampire?

Little did I know, at that moment a bloodthirsty Vampire was flitting through the forest, with only one intention: to drain me dry.

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