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"What are you doing here?!"

I stood in shock and confusion as I stared at the handsome, blonde Vampire, funnily leaning against the quaint pink bathroom counter. He looked incredibly dangerous; his fangs were out and his eyes were murderous. One of his long fingered hands was clenched on the counter, and with how white his knuckles were, I wondered if he might break it.

I, meanwhile, was standing there, staring at him. I had no idea who he was, except a name. I remained stark naked, feet planted firmly on the cold tile bathroom floor, and unwilling to admit, even to myself, just how scared I was. "Who are you?"

"Don't pretend like you don't know, Lily. There's no other Nature Fae besides your family. You told me that." Eric said through clenched teeth, "Do you have any idea how long I waited for you? How many times I stood at that portal because I promised you I wouldn't follow? NO ONE cheats me out of what is mine. And now a thousand years later, you just show up and pretend like you don't know me?!" If Eric was scary just standing there, he was terrifying when he shouted and advanced toward me.

"You're crazy." I accused coldly, "I'm not even a thousand years old. Look at me!" I turned my back to him and let my little wings flutter a few times, before folding them back against my back. "I don't even have my wings yet. My name is Lilithiana. I've only been called Lily since my sister died and-" I stopped, dead in my tracks, and watched as Eric's eyebrows lifted.

"Your sister?"

"Yes... Lilyeth." Eric's grip on the counter relaxed and his hands fell to his sides. He stared at me for one long moment before taking a few steps toward me. I didn't move, only lifted my head higher in the defiance of trying to act unafraid, and met his eyes. There was a banging on the door, and I could hear Sookie's voice as she angrily shouted through the crack. But I wasn't listening to what she was saying. I was too focused on the Vampire's hand on the back of my neck. My heartbeat skipped, and I swallowed as I stared up at him. A bit of my resolve melted away, and I blinked rapidly. Eric leaned his head down toward my neck, and I began summoning the light that would throw him away from me. I felt the power rushing through from the pit of my chest, to the ends of my fingertips, and my face hardened.

But he didn't bite me.

Instead, his lips pressed against mine, gently, and only for a moment. Without looking at me, Eric stood up straight, and walked out the door to the bathroom, where a red faced, furious Sookie was standing, and disappeared down the hall.

I stood there, shocked, but only for a moment. The blood returned to my face and I blushed as I saw Sookie's shift of her feet and awkward movement of her eyes at my bareness. Quickly, and without a word, I wrapped the towel around myself.

"What was that about?" she asked me, her eyebrows constricted in the middle as she frowned. I walked over to the counter, and looked down, my finger tracing the crack that Eric had left in the pink surface.

"I have no idea..."

"I suppose the story begins with my falling in love with a Vampire." I was seated in the armchair of Sookie's living room, a glass of iced tea pressed between my hands. I was wrong. I had had something like this before. We had soaked mint leaves in water in the sunlight back home. Sookie and Bill were both seated formally on the couch in front of me, and Eric stood, silent, leaning against the door frame. "For a long time, I traveled between worlds, back and forth. I could never stay long, though, because I had not yet learned to control my telepathy." I saw both of the Vampires' eyes flicker to Sookie, before going back to me. Bill's were thoughtful, and Eric wore a mask of quiet resolution. "Eventually, he decided that he did not want to wait for me anymore, and one night, he followed me into Fairy." I looked down at my hands in my lap for a long time. I was wearing a pair of Sookie's jean shorts, and a long sleeved, brown, v-cut shirt. My wet hair was drying considerably fast considering the muggy air, and the curls fell in cascades down my back and over my shoulders. "It was a disaster following that. He became intoxicated by his surroundings," I had decided at the last moment not to tell the Vampires that the sunlight in Fairy was harmless, "and before I could stop him, or send him back, he disappeared into the forest. I searched for him for hours. It was difficult to follow his scent because he was moving so fast, but it had been so long since a Vampire was in Fairy, he was easy enough to find... by the screams that were coming from a nearby village." I shuddered.

"When I got there I was too late-" my voice broke, "He was feeding off a young, little boy, Fae, and the rest of his victims were turning to dust before my very eyes. I heard the Guards coming and they showed up by the hundreds, with their silver arrows and iron swords." I thought for a long moment before I delivered the lie, "The Vampire escaped, and no one was ever able to find him again."

"What was his name?" Bill's voice broke the silence, and I felt my bottom lip tremble. I took a deep, shuddering breath, and continued without answering.

"When they found me, I was deemed responsible for what had happened to the People... and was taken prisoner. I've been in the prison ever since, awaiting the decision of my execution until just tonight, I managed to escape."

"Why would they kill you?" Sookie asked, scooting forward on the couch to lean closer. "If it was the Vamp that killed those Fairies, obviously it wasn't your fault. Niall would never let them kill you." I gave her a small, sad, smile.

"The only reason I survived so long was because Niall defended me. He worked every angle: my brother and I were the last of our kind, it wasn't my fault, I was too beautiful to go to waste, I would pay some other way, keeping me alive with my guilt would be a better punishment. He tried everything, but over the Senate he has little power when they want something else. And just a few days ago," I looked from the fireplace to meet Sookie's eyes, "Niall was assassinated and the next morning it was decided I would be publicly executed. Tonight I was able to get away, and escape here... to Earth. But I'm afraid I'll never be able to return." I shuddered again and finally looked down at my hands, feeling the familiar pull of silver tinted tears gathering in my eyes. Two fell down onto my hand, and I wiped them away quickly. There was a long silence before Eric's voice spoke quietly.

"We've got to go to ground." he said shortly, and looked at Bill, "I'll stay at your home. Good night, Sookie, Fairy." with that, he walked out the door without saying a word. Sookie stared after him, both looking confused and annoyed. Bill, too, shortly after, made his leave and after giving Sookie a kiss on the forehead, he flitted out into the night air. The two of us left sat there for a moment in silence.

"I've got a bed upstairs if you want to sleep in it tonight. Tomorrow we can work on gettin' you a job if you want one, and maybe a place to live. I like you a lot, and maybe you'd want to stay up in the guest bedroom. My old roommate, Amelia used to live up there, so there might be some weird stuff. But if you want to, you can live here. You've just got to get a job, because Lord knows I can hardly afford sometimes to live here myself... sorry. I'm babbling let me show you upstairs." I stood up, and pushed back the pain from the forefront of my mind before following Sookie up the stairs to what I assumed was the second bedroom. She pointed to the door. "That's the bedroom. There's no bathroom up here, so you'll have to use the one downstairs. There's food in the refrigerator if you want some. Just don't touch the cake. Tara's babies' birthday is tomorrow and I don't want to show up with a cake that's been eaten. Um. But if that's all, good night!" I could sense from her thoughts that she was wanting to get away so that she could grieve over Niall. I frowned a bit in compassion and pulled her into a hug, briefly, before letting go.

"You have a beautiful heart." I said, and smiled at her before turning toward the door of the room. Sookie turned down and when she was halfway down the steps she turned back.

"Lily? That's your name right?" Sookie asked.

"Yeah." I replied, smiling, "Lilithiana. But Lily's easier for humans."

"Do you need some pajamas, Lily?"

"No thanks." I replied, smiling. I already felt welcome by this strange human who hangs out with Vampires and invited me into her home after only one night of knowing me. "I'll be okay."

"Okay, well. Good night."

"Good night."

I entered the quaint little room, closing the door behind me. Leaning against the door, I let the exhaustion from this night hit me, and it did. Like a train. The grief that I had pushed away came back, and I felt crippled by it as I stumbled across the floor of the room, leaving a trail of my clothing behind until I was naked yet again.

I crawled into the small bed, and wept quietly for a long time. The sky lightened to a dull gray and I continued to weep. Finally, I wiped away the silver tinted tears that ran down my cheeks, and fell into a fitful sleep as I watched the first rays of dawn creep through the window and spread across the floor like wildfire.