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Omitted Memories Chapter 6

The sun peaked its way into the Babcock house as the sun hit the face of teenage girl staring open eyed at the celling. Courtney slowly sat up on the couch and rubbed her eyes as the exhaustion hit her in full force.

"Can't sleep." She heard as she turned to see her father standing at the entrance to the living room as she shook her head.

"I was finally able to convince your mom to lay down on the bed and try to get some sleep." Perry said as he looked towards the upstairs area and let out a sigh. "It's been a hard week for all of us, but your mother has been taking this whole situation the worse cause you know she and him were the closest."

Courtney looked at her father before slowly picking up her phone and started to check for any messages she may have missed. Her father stared at her for a moment before he shook his head and walked to the kitchen and sat down at the table.

"Why would he go and run off like that without telling anyone. Was he having trouble with something or someone? I assumed since the whole witch's ghost he was doing fine and he was happier from what I could tell. Was there something that I missed form him we never really talked that much… in fact we never really had a talk about him his ability. Could that be why he ran off? Cause I never really sat down with him and had a good old fashion father son moment with my boy." Perry thought to himself as he rubbed his face in guilt. Before he turned his head to where he had left his daughter.

"Do you have any idea of why he might have run off like this?" He asked as stared though the doorway waiting for a response.

"No I do not dad." He heard her shout as he let out a long and annoyed sigh.

"Do you even care?" He said as he raised his voice.

"Listen Dad, of course I care and am worried about Norman, but is there anything more we can do besides wait for him to come back on his own when ever he does." Courtney responded as she continued to text on her phone As Perry shook his head when he heard her response.

"Where ever you are son I hope you come to your senses and come home cause everyone is worried sick." Perry thought to himself as he continued to rub his face to try to relive his stress.

Mitch slowly stepped out of the driver seat of his van as he looked at forest that was in front of him. He slammed the door with a shut and locked his precious van before he slowly started to walk towards it. As he entered the forest Mitch started to look around for any signs of the person he was looking for. He continued to walk through the woods as he looked around his setting looking for anything out of the ordinary when heard the sound of movement in the distance. Mitch slowly began to walk in the direction of where the sound was coming from. After a minute of walking Mitch stopped and stared at the person in front of him.

"Little bro is time to for you to come home with me." He said as he stared at his younger brother.

"No." Replied Neil as he continued to look around the forest to see if there was anything he missed.

"You have been out here for the entire night!" Mitch said as he glared at his younger brother. "Mom's worried and told me it's time to bring you home."

"I'm not going." Neil said before he turned around and started to walk in that direction.

"I will pick you up and drag you back home if I have to, you need to take a break and-"

"Give up like everyone else." Neil said in a raised voice as he turned and glared at his brother who just stared at him in shock.

"No one has given up." Mitch responded trying to comfort his brother.

"Yes they have, his own family has not done a full search since the day after we learned he disappeared. Also don't get me started on the town that don't even really seam to care that he is gone." Neil said as he glared at Mitch who was slowly walking to him.

"We do care little bro, it's just that some people express that in different ways. You can't be out here night and day looking for Norman and blaming yourself." Mitch said as he looked back at his younger brother.

"It is though." Neil shouted at his brother before he looked down at his feet as Mitch walked up to his brother and gave him a pat on his back.

"I should have invited him to stay the night or I should have been with him as he went home and then maybe that would have stopped what ever happened to him and he would be here and none of us would be looking for him cause we would know where he is." Neil said as he looked up at his brother who in turn let out a deep breath.

"Listen bro, I know you want to look for Norman some more but you have been out it for hours, and mom told me you need to come home and rest and have something to eat. So let me make a deal with you then, if you come home and rest for the rest of the day I promise I will help you look for Norman as long as you want. I can even bring my boyfriend down to give us a hand. Does that sound good bro." Mitch said as he stared at his younger brother waiting for his response.

Neil stood there as he looked at his brother before giving a slight nod as his brother gave him another pat on the back and they both started to walk towards the entrance to the forest.

"Don't worry we are going to find him, and I'm sure where ever Norman is, he is safe and sound." Mitch said as him and his brother walked out of the forest and made there way to the van.

"You think so?" Neil asked in concern as he looked at his older brother and he climbed into the back seat of the van.

"I do little bro, I do." Mitch said as he started the car's engine and began their drive back home.

The streets of Blithe Hallows where quiet and empty as the midday sun illumined the street Norman used to walk down on his way to school as the ghost of Normans Grandma floated on the sidewalk trying to still full comprehend what was had happened with Norman.

"It has been a week and we have not found a single trace where he could have gone." She thought to herself as the fear of what her precious grandson might be going through at that moment Norman was most likely alone and by himself where he had run off too. "There is also the fact that even though we had all the ghost search for him we found no sighs of where he went." She reminded herself as she tried to control the emotions that where coming over her as she floated there not paying attention to her surroundings.

Her mind then wondered to her other living family members and how they have been handling the recent turn of events as well. "It's like they have just given up on going out and searching for Norman, and just accepted the fact that he has run off for some reason and that he is fine on his own." She thought to herself as she turned her head and looked in the direction of the Babcock house. "Are they not worried what Norman might be going through or that for all we know he could be lying in a… no don't think like that, he is a brave and strong boy and we are going to find him safe and sound." She thought as her mind went to all of the ghosts that have been searching high and low for any sign of where her grandson might have disappeared too. Though despite all of the effortless searching around the town night and day the ghost have found nothing that could clue them in on what had happened when a sudden thought crossed her mind. "What if one of those bullies from school did something to him like lock him up somewhere or beat him up and left him on the outskirts of town somewhere." Norman's Grandma thought as worry began to come over her. "We need to start looking on the far outskirts of Blithe Hallows and any abandoned building that may be near there, maybe we will be lucky and find him." She whispered before she turned and floated away as fast as she could looking for any sign of one of the many ghosts in town that she could tell the new plan to.

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