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Omitted Memories Chapter 8

A disoriented Norman felt himself being moved as he felt his feet slide across the floor as the two men carrying him used their strength to hold him up as they took him back to his room. Norman heard the sound of a door being opened before he felt himself being flung through the air when his face suddenly slammed into the hard floor beneath him. He heard the door slam shut as he opened his eyes and looked around his empty room. He slowly used his hands to push himself off the ground as pain and soreness surged though his body as he sat there on the ground.

He slowly lifted himself off of the ground as he slowly stood up and gained a balance as he started to walk to the sink ignoring the soreness in his body. When he reached the sink he turned the water on and let the cold water run through his hand before he collected it in his palm and splashed it on his face. He looked up as he saw his reflection in the mirror he watched water dripped off his face as he noticed the dark bags under his eyes and how his hair was even more disheveled if that was even possible.

He turned and slowly walked to the bed in the room and he got on it and curled up into a ball as he stared at the blank walls as his mind started to go over all that had happened over the last month and a half. "I need to do something." Norman thought too himself as he tried to figure out a plan that could help him escape the place he was being held in. "I could try and fight back when they take me for my next appointment" Norman thought with a shudder as the pain of every shock test he went though stayed fresh in his memory. Though he would never say it out loud his time in this place was begging to have its effects on him.

"I wonder if my family has found any clues to where I'm at." Norman whispered to himself, as he looked down at his feet as he sat on the bed. "I know Mom, Dad, Courtney, Neil, and Grandma are all probably still searching. Hopefully they have learned I'm no longer in the area or even the country." He thought to himself as he hoped that that was the case and that someone was coming to get him out of this nightmare.

"Next time they try to take me, I'm going to fight back." He thought to himself as he slowly reclined out of the ball he was in and layer in the bed as he closed his eyes and unsuccessfully tried to get some rest.

Henry slowly entered the room as he saw a shadow behind the large black screen sitting down.

"Take a seat Henry." The man said as the scientist slowly sat down in the chair in front of the glass.

"So I have been going through the research we have collected from the shock tests you have been putting the boy through, and I then noticed that we have not gotten much evidence on why or how his abilities work. Would you not agree?" The voice said as Henry leaned back in his seat.

"Yes I would." Henry responded as he started at the figure behind the glass. "What do you suppose we do then?" he asked as he waited for a response.

"I have already come up with an appropriate exercise to test the child with." The man said.

"Okay, what do you need me to do?" Henry asked in curiosity as he watched the figure sit there completely still before he shifted and leaned back in his chair.

"I feel like its time me and this Norman Babcock meet face to face, so I will need you and the boy in room A." the man said.

"You positive that 's a good idea?" Henry asked in worry.

"Don't worry I know what I'm doing. Get the boy for me."

"Yes Sir." Henry said as he got up from off the chair and slowly turned around and exited the room. He then began his journey to where Norman was being held as his mind wondered about what possible experiments his boss meant about Norman. "I guess I will have to wait and see." Henry thought to himself as he reached Normans room door and put in the code and opened the door as his eyes shot wide open when he looked in the room.

He looked in shock as he saw the empty room as he stepped in to look around. He looked throughout the room standing in to doorway a sound caught his ear and he turned his head just in time to see the metal door being swung in his direction right before it slammed into his face and body.

Norman stared at the ceiling since he was unable to fall asleep as he tried to think of a possible plan for escape when he looked at the door and a light bulb suddenly went off in his head.

"That's it!' Norman said to himself as he hoped off his bed and slowly made his way to door. He stood there staring at it for a moment when he suddenly heard footsteps stop on the other side of the door. Without thinking he bolted against the wall next to the door as he heard the sound of the code being accepted as the door opened as Norman quietly stopped it with his hands peaking over the edge and saw that scientist how he believed that his name was Henry looking around the room in shock. As the man looked away Norman saw his chance and got out from behind the door grabbing the edge of the doorframe and with all the strength he had ran and slammed it into the scientist face as the man turned to see what was coming his way. Norman watched the man fall down to the ground before running past him and out of the room. Norman stopped for a moment as he looked around the empty hall way and before he quickly ran down the hallway to his left.

"Where in the world is the exit?" Norman thought to himself as he tried to navigate his way through the hallways not looking back as he ran. He turned a corner when suddenly a loud beeping sound echoed throughout the entire hallway making the feeling of panic take over him as he started to run down the hall even faster as he turned the corner and saw Rick standing at the end with his gun pulled out and pointed at him.

"Stop right there kid." The man said as he slowly made his way to Norman who in in turn stared to back away.

"Don't even think about it boy." Rick said as he continued to move towards Norman who was too scared to move. "There's no where you can run off to in this facility, so I'm going to give you one option your going to come with me willingly or I'm going to have to drag you to where ever they want to take you myself. Understand?" Rick stared as he continued to move towards Norman who just stood there as Rick grabbed ahold of his arm and dragged him along as Rick walked along series of halls and turns before reaching a door and it quickly opened and he shoved Norman in before stepping inside the room himself.

Norman looked around the new room the first thing he noticed was Henry holding a red stained cloth on his face glaring at Norman. Norman changed his gaze to a chair in the center of the room in front of a table with a tea set and a chair that was facing in the opposite direction. Norman slowly walked to the chair and carefully sat down in it as he looked around the room waiting to see what was going to happen. When suddenly the chair in front of him turned and Norman saw the man who was sitting in it and staring at him.

Norman stared at the man sitting in front of him. The man appeared to be in his late 20's and was wearing a buttoned up suit and had a very wealthy presence. Norman watched nervously as the man stared at him for a moment before he leaned forward and grabbed the teakettle and poured the water into both of the teacups before he looked up once again and stared at Norman letting out a smile.

"Hello there." The man said in a British accent as he looked at Norman who looked back at the man confused.

"Hi." Norman responded.

"I am sure your wondering who I am and why you are sitting in front of me right now. So I'm just going to tell you." The man said as he grabbed one of the cups and took a sip. "Go on drink." The man requested as Norman slowly picked up his tea cup and took a small sip from his cup and looked back at the man who was drinking out of his cup before he looking up at Norman.

"Well to get to the bottom of it, I am the reason you are here." The man said. "I was the one who paid for you to get abducted, in fact I'm the one paying for all of this right now." He stated nonchalantly as he looked at Norman waiting for a reaction.

"What?" Norman responded in shock.

"I paid for you to get kidnapped and I am the one who signed off and planned your tests and experiments you're being put through at the moment."

"WHY?" Norman shouted as anger and fear came over his face.

"Money." The man responded.

"What?" Norman said in confusion.

"Money, you Norman have a very are special ability that if it was able to be made sellable could make any person very rich. That is why you are here we are going to find out every detail we can about the gene or part of you that gives you your ghost seeing ability. Once we find out how it all works and such we will find a way to produce it and then distribute it to the population for a nice profit of course." The man said, as he looked at Norman who sat in his seat to stunned to reply.

"So the reason you kidnapped and experimented on me was for money." Norman shouted as he looked at the man in front of him with anger and fear.

"Yes." The man replied. "I was also not too happy with that little stunt you just pulled back there. So I feel we need to address this issue now." The man said as he leaned forward and closed the distance between him and Norman.

"You are never going to be able to escape from this place, no one is coming to rescue you, No one is even looking for you or know where you even went off to. You have been here for a long time if anyone was looking for you they would have found you by now. You belong to us now accept that fact and move on." The man stated venomously as he looked at Norman.

"Who are you?" Norman asked as the color in his face faded.

"My real name is not important but here you can call me Howard."

Norman stared at the man in front of him "I have to get out of this room and away from this man." Norman thought to himself as he looked around the room looking for anywhere he make a run for it but saw nothing.

"Now the current experiment path we have been taking with the shock therapy tests have not been going the way we wanted them to." Howard said as he leaned back in his chair.

"So I have come up with a new way to find out more about your ability if you don't mind me saying." Howard stated before he snapped his fingers and the door to the room suddenly opened causing Norman to turn his head and look in the direction of the open door. Norman watched in confusion as a young man in plain clothes stepped through the door and walking into the room. The young man walked past Norman and stood a few feet away from Howard who stood up out of his chair as he still stared at Norman.

"Norman I would like you to meet Francis. Francis is a junkie we found and pulled off the street, and for 100 Pounds agreed to be apart of this experiment. So Norman say hi to Francis." Howard stated.

"Hi" Norman said in utter confusion as he looked at Francis.

"Now say bye." Howard said before he quickly pulled out a gun from his jacket and pointed it at Francis before pulling the trigger.

Norman fell out of his chair in shock as he watched Francis fall to the ground and stay there as blood stared to spread across the ground where the young man laid, and the rest of the people in the room besides Howard stared in shock and silence at what had just happened.