"Well tarnation y'all, this calls for a celebration of sorts. What do you say we turn this here funeral in to a weddin'," Tootsie said, pulling a Ring Pop out of his vest pocket and getting on one knee.

Everyone gasped as Mega-Girl sheepishly grabbed the ring pop.

"Oh Tootsie… My pleasure circuits are at D-maximum capacity," Mega-Girl said switching in to her robot voice that Tootsie found so adorable.

"Why we're just getting started, come on everybody!"

Tootsie grabbed Mega-Girl's hand and brought her over by Commander Up, who acted as the priest.

"Gather 'round everybody," said Up as the Starship Rangers corralled to watch, "Do you, Ultra-Beam Mega-Girl, take this human, Tootsie Mega-Girl, to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

Mega-Girl nodded her head proudly, "Confirmative!"

"And do you Tootsie Mega-Girl," Up continued, "Take this machine to be you awful cybernetic harbinger of doom?"

"Hell yeah," said Tootsie nearly shouting with excitement.

"Then by the power vested in me, by the state and county of Mobile, Alabama, I now pronounce you Man vs. Machine… FIGHT!"

Everybody cheered as Tootsie warmly embraced Mega-Girl, cupped her face in his hands and kissed his new wife.

9 months after their magnificent wedding, Mega-Girl gave birth on her designated Starship to a baby girl.

"She sure is pretty lookin', Mega-Girl!" said Tootsie looking down at his new baby daughter Mega-Girl was holding.

"Wow, she looks exactly like her mommy… Bee Boo Boop," said February holding onto the baby's tiny hand.

"Congratulations, Mega-Girl," said Bug leaning over the pod bed to give Mega-Girl a hug, "So what are you going to name this little critter?"

Mega-Girl smiled at Tootsie who smiled his sheepish smile back.

"We decided to name her… Eileen! We felt that it would be an appropriate name since she is half robot and half human…" Mega-Girl said proudly looking at Eileen.

"Bug, February," Mega-Girl said looking at her fellow Rangers, "Tootsie and I would like you to be Eileen's Godparents!"

"Oh Dead God, we would love to," cried Bug as he caressed his new god daughter's face in his claw.

"Wait, wait, wait a second… what do you mean she's half robot half human? She looks EXACTLY like you, Mega-Girl," said February in a confused tone.

Mega-Girl smiled again. She rubbed Eileen's back until she began to wake up, flashing her father's big, bright, blue eyes to everybody.