"Where am I going to live? Who is going to take care of me?" Celeste sobbed into Valentine's chest.

"I will," Valentine answered, her mind already made up. She hugged Celeste closer to her as she rocked her like a baby.

Percy was quietly talking to the crying Taz trying to console her as Ryder held her in his arms, stroking her back.

Link looked down at Eileen who was crying silently on his shoulder. He pulled her face in for a kiss, showing that he was here for her. She gripped Link's hair passionately and angrily. She wanted to feel completely in love with him at that moment but she was filled with so much anger and sadness over what a had happened that she just couldn't. She broke off the kiss and Link stroked her platinum hair as she continued to cry on his shoulder.

Anita crawled over to Link and hugged his leg. Link picked her up.

"Anita… you're going to come home and live with me. You're my little sister now, and I'm going to take care of you," he said hugging his new sister.

"What are we going to do about Sebastian?" Valentine asked thru tears.

Taz, finally collected, stood up, "We are going to give him a proper burial. Everybody, grab the blankets that were in your Ranger bags. We're going to make a shroud for him."

Everybody did as they were told and grabbed their blankets from their Ranger bags at the entrance of the cave. They wrapped Sebastian's lifeless body in all the different quilts.

"Now we will always be with you, Sebastian," Celeste said as she wrapped the final blanket around her big brother.

The Ranger boys went to work at digging Sebastian's grave, using any sharp tools that they could find in their bags. The girls went to work at find things to decorate Sebastian's shroud like plants, flowers, and colorful rocks. Eileen search around and found his bow and quiver laying on the ground. She took one of the silver arrows out of the remaining in the quiver and placed it on top of the shroud.

After several hours of working, the grave was finally ready. The men lowered the fallen hero into the grave slowly as the girls watched sorrowfully.

"Sebastian, you were an amazing Ranger and brother to Celeste, and that is what we will remember you by," Taz said as she looked down at the shrouded body, "Celeste, do you want to say something sweetie?"

"I love you, Sebastian. I miss you already," Celeste choked out pitifully, gripping onto Valentine.

"Sebastian, please take care my sister up there. I love you," Valentine looked at Link with tear filled eyes, signaling his turn.

"Sebastian, you were one of the bravest guys I'd ever met. I'm proud that you did everything for your sister, because I would have done the same," he said looking down at Anita and then at Eileen, "Rest in peace, buddy."

"The sky has lost a star," was all Eileen could choke out before completely breaking down into tears.