My first published KH (AU) fanfiction work I worked pretty hard on it~ so, hopefully, you all like it, and if you don't, give me some feedback on how I can improve my story :3 It's actually inspired by me and my friend when we were blabbing about Kingdom Hearts "derp moments." Anyway, enjoy~!

::Prologue:: Whispers of the Dark::

"Old fool." A deep grudging voice echoed.

In the night, rose a grand stone castle, standing in the midst of darkness. Overlooking the lone structure was heart-shaped moon, illuminating the land with its pearl-white glow. Masses of flowers surrounded the lone, proud structure; a cold breeze gently brushed against the courtyard trees and shook them—sweeping them into an embrace. One of the castle's windows was lit with gold, a sign that someone was using the room.

The mysterious voice of the night belonged to a man, who was sitting behind the wooden desk. He was dressed in black from top to bottom—a long trench-coat and heavy boots; his gold eyes were fixed against the files sprawled across the desktop, each clipped with pictures. A dark, sinister smile formed into his lips as the dim light showed off his tan skin, completed with mockery in his irises.

"To think that former headmaster Ansem would so easily entrust me with the Academy…and thus, the future of the Gifted…" He shoved the papers around hastily until a photograph caught his immediate attention—a dark-haired boy with sapphire eyes. "…Only a fool would follow the Last Words of a fool…" He then slapped his large hand on it. Hard.

"So, you're going to dispose his last instructions?" a voice asked.

The man laughed upon hearing those words. With the other hand going down his long white hair, he said, "It is his loss."

Before the new headmaster stood a shadowed figure dressed in a trailing trench-coat. The hood was up, concealing the servant's face and so—his identity.

"Have you completed the mission I've sent you on?" asked the man.

"Yes." answered the mysterious stranger, his voice soft. "I made sure to see the process done."


"…Master Xemnas…"


The shadowed figure's lips pursed tightly together, pausing out of hesitation. "I am not questioning your authority, but what are you intending to do with the Gifted?"

Being slightly pleased with this, Xemnas slowly stood up and crossed his arms. "What am I intending…to do?" He twisted around to see a hanging picture-frame, hanging by the large castle window.

In its wooden frame was an old, faded photo of an elder man with blonde hair. He was standing by a fully-clothed mouse, who was about half his height. They were both smiling at the camera, with bright eyes of light. On the bottom of the picture, there were inked words written as Ansem and King Mickey.

Xemnas quickly turned away and knocked many of the papers off his desk, revealing not just the brown-haired boy—but also several other youths varying in age.

"This…" A deep, sickening smile crept into the man's lips once again. He eyed the servant wickedly. "…is what I intend to do."

The stranger made his way to the desktop and nearly gasped at the photographs shown to him.

And of course, beneath one of Xemnas' large hands laid the brown-haired boy's photograph; it was lined up neatly against the name…