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Tony sighed as he walked away from another 'future neighbor' who apparently had never heard of the word shower in his whole life. Seeing a man enter the next house, Tony decided to go to it next. He was just about to knock; when the door was thrown open and he was yanked inside. He felt dread as he recognized one of the men as a suspect that had gotten away on a previous case. He knew immediately that not only had he found the terrorist group but that they knew who he was and what he was here for. Knowing that he didn't have long he immediately called for backup. That was the only chance he had of getting away from the ten armed men around of him. His only saving grace in all this was that none of them had their weapon out, but then neither did he. Not to mention that he was being held from behind by one of them.

"Ziva! McGee! Back Up! There's- ugh!" Tony doubled over at the punch to his gut. As the man behind him loosened his hold Tony grabbed his gun that was strapped to his leg. He reared his elbow into the throat of the one holding him crushing his windpipe and shot one in the chest that was raising his gun. He barely dove behind the couch in time to dodge the bullets from the eight remaining men.

"McGee! There's eight left! I need backup!" Tony hissed as one of the bullets went through the couch and grazed his cheek. Knowing that he couldn't stay there Tony kicked the lamp on the other side of the couch causing the men to be distracted long enough for him to dash into a doorway. Seeing two men trying to sneak towards the doorway he fired two consecutive shots into their chests.

"Ziva! McGee! Where the hell are you! Fuck it!" Tony cussed further when his next shot missed. Digging out his cell phone Tony hit one on his speed dial.

Ducking down Tony shouted into the phone "Boss! I need backup! I'm at house 26 on Parkway! Ziva and McGee haven't shown up! There is ten of them! Augh-hsss." Tony dropped the phone as a bullet hit his side.

Tony gritted his teeth as he tried to stem the bleeding. Tony started to walk backwards a little further into the room shooting one of the men in the thigh. He tried to force himself to focus as the edge of his vision started to go black. Burning pain in his thigh jolted him back into awareness enough to wound the shooter.

"Freeze! NCIS!" Tony smiled at Senior Field Agent Jack's voice. If he was here then Gibbs definitely was and that meant he was saved. Unable to stay conscious any longer Tony's vision went black.

SFA's Jack Robbs, Edward Lendell, and Laura Marsh were discussing a get together when something caught Jack's attention. Leroy Jethro Gibbs dropped his freshly bought coffee. Looking at him he was worried when he saw the man's face go pale.

"You three come with me! Dinozzo needs backup!" Gibbs barking orders had all three agents jumping up and grabbing their guns and followed Gibbs as he called an ambulance.

It was Laura who finally asked the question on all three of their minds. "What's the status of Agent McGee and David?" All three held on for dear life as Gibbs slung the van around a curve.

"I don't know. Dinozzo said they never showed. Hopefully they were just knocked out and aren't dead. Agent Lendell, you will have the duty of finding them while Robbs and Marsh will come with me. The LEOs already have someone on the way. Thankfully someone heard the shots and called it in so we'll have plenty of backup. There are ten terrorist and Dinozzo is most likely wounded."

When they arrived they immediately strapped on their vests and got out. Edward and three officers immediately jogged to the direction where McGee and Ziva; while the other three started heading towards the house with eight officers. The ambulance arrived just as the three were stationed at both entrances.

Kicking the door open Jack shouted. "Freeze! NCIS!" Both Jack and Marsh ducked at the rain of bullets as they started shooting. With Gibbs shooting from the other end of the house it did not take long till all were down with shots in the arms or legs. Gibbs would be damned if any of them left the place unscathed or in a body bag.

Leaving the other two to secure the scene Gibbs started searching for Tony. When he found him he at first thought he was too late. There was so much blood and Gibbs couldn't see his chest moving. Putting as much pressure as he could on the side wound Gibbs called for the EMTs. If it wasn't for the fact that his other members of his team might be hurt; Gibbs would have went with him. Sighing he walked outside planning to join Lindell on his search for the other two.

Stepping onto the street Gibbs saw Agent Lindell, Ziva, and McGee. Gibbs gut twisted when he saw the pissed off look on Lindell's face and that the only thing wrong with the two was a slightly disheveled appearance. Why did he feel as if there was something about this he wasn't going to like?

AN: Other than some grammer changes and making a few sentences better; I added police officers. Basically Gibbs didn't have time to get a SWAT or a lot of agents from NCIS. So he called the LEOs knowing that there was bound to be some driving near the place; only he found out that it was unneeded. I did this because it would be odd for three of them to handle what they thought were ten men even if one was Gibbs. Not to mention the fact that Edward would have been looking for two agents by himself. Especially since they thought those two were probably injured or worse. He could have run into the would be assailant.