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Anderson rubbed his temples groaning as Abigail Scutio left the room. What was worse he didn't really learn anything. Hell, he could barely makes sense of all her ramblings. Shaking his head he headed towards Dinozzo's room. About to open the door he froze as he heard the conversation the two were having.

Tony stared at Gibbs terrified. Even though Gibbs had been acting like his old self it didn't mean he would be okay with this. He vividly remembered how his boss had failed to remember their friendship and even seemed to have hated him for awhile. He knew by the knowing look that was in Gibbs's eyes that there was no way he was talking himself out of this one. He'd be lucky to keep his job after what Ziva and Tim had done. Well if he was going to be off the team then he would just have to do it his way. "Gibbs, I'm resigning from the team."

Gibbs actually looked shocked and even a little angry, "Why? You know that those two aren't staying and I promise that you will have a say in any other team mates."

"No it isn't that. You know why I have to leave I saw the look on your face when you woke me up. Are you trying to force me to admit it because you want to fire me?" Tony asked desperately.

Gibbs shook his head looking baffled, "Everyone has nightmares Tony. It is perfectly natural for you to have had a nightmare after nearly dying this morning. Why would I fire you for that?"

Tony was unable to contain his shock. Gibbs didn't know. He thought he was having a nightmare? Damn he had ruined it now.

Gibbs noticed his shocked look because he asked, "Tony if you weren't having a nightmare then what is wrong?"

Tony couldn't answer and avoided even looking at Gibbs scared that he would see the truth in his eyes.

"Oh, I see. It was one of those dreams."

Tony looked up shocked to see Gibbs looking down at the tent under the sheet. Tony embarrassed covered it with one of his pillows.

Gibbs shook his head, "Tony why would I fire you over a dream you had of some girl?"

Tony froze feeling relieved. He had an out now. All he had to do was say it was a dream of a past flame and everything could go back to how things were. Looking up he was about to reply when he Gibbs face suddenly changed to that of having an epiphany.

"It was of me. Your dream was of me." Gibbs spoke as he grabbed Tony's face forcing him to look him in the eye. "Just answer me this. Was it just a sex dream or do you have feelings for me?"

Just as Tony was about to deny it or apologize when Gibbs lips crashed into his. Tony froze before closing his eyes and burying his hands into Gibbs silver locks. Then reality set in and he yanked his head back.

Gibbs looked at him cautiously, "What's wrong?"

"Rule twelve. You saw what happened with Tim and Ziva today. What if we do something like that?" Tony demanded.

Gibbs rolled his eyes, "That rule is mainly in place for flings. If one of you had actually been in love with another team mate then I would have allowed it. I was against one of you having a short term relationship during an op and to keep any of you from deciding to have a friends with benefits relationship. What you need to realize was that Tim and Ziva didn't leave you without backup because they got caught up with each other, but because of how they are as people. They didn't find us or this team important. Would you have ever done something like that?"

Tony shook his headed disgusted at the thought. He was about to reply when another voice interrupted him.

"My brother is in a very happy relationship with one of his subordinate agents. Trust me if they can have a relationship that is happy and professional during the job than I am sure the two of you can." Anderson said as he entered.

Gibbs looked almost relieved at his input and even more determined. Tony nodded thoughtfully to himself. If push came to shove then he could take one of his promotions in the D.C. Office if needed though it would feel wrong not to have each other sixes.

"Anyways I need to ask Agent Dinozzo some questions then I will fill you in on the investigation. Agent Gibbs you are free to stay.

Tom worriedly looked around the hall that contained interrogation rooms. Turning to the Agent Crauson in front of him he waited for a more detailed explanation.

Crauson cleared his throat before talking, "Earlier today agent Dinozzo went with Ziva David and Timothy McGee to check a neighborhood for voice prints. It was a setup by David. She had two of these terrorist attack a young woman, Claire Gibson, so she could save her just in time. She then set up fake emails between this woman and McGee. She told Miss Gibson to arrive at a certain time today. Her plan was for McGee to turn off the transmission and get him off. Then she would kill him and Miss Gibson would show up. She would force the woman get in a position as if she had been giving him a blowjob. Then she would shoot her. Dinozzo was supposed to be tied up by her subordinates. She was going to act like she had went to a bathroom and saw the other two like that and ran to find Dinozzo. Then she would kill the subordinates with her agency issued gun. She would then take one of their guns a kill Dinozzo."

Tom blinked surprised, "That's actually a pretty good plan. She then would have been closer to Gibbs doing this. That is I take it one of her goals."

"Yes, In reality Dinozzo fought them off and got in another room and called Gibbs. Gibbs got there at what should have been an impossible time, but I've been told that he makes NASCAR look pathetic. Another agent found Ziva and McGee still in the process of having sex. About thirty minutes later Miss Gibson showed up saying that Ziva wanted her there to identify her attackers. Since then we've found some startling things." Crauson finished.

Tom looked at Crauson sharply, "What things?"

"Ziva David is some sort of lieutenant in a terrorist organization. Each lieutenant controls three cells and we recently found out that unlike we had originally thought this was not one of her cells. The dangerous thing about this organization are the specialists so to speak. They each have a job for the organization. Michael Rivkin was a spy, Ari was the assassin and cleaner so to speak, but he went rogue. It was the last one Ziva named that made us panic. It essentially told us that these people could be politicians, secretaries, officers, anybody. Jenny Sheppard is one of them."

"Wait, is? Jenny Sheppard died in a fire for killing The Frog." Tom spoke his mind spinning that his successor could do something like this.

"It was faked. Apparently they had someone of her build and did things to this woman's body to make her pass as Sheppard. She was alive when they had her take Sheppard's place to die. Sheppard's job was to pass info, lessen the quality of agents, make sure their actions usually didn't get caught by NCIS, and her final job was to get rid of Dinozzo. He was chosen for that mission so that either The Frog would kill him or that Jeanne Benoit would press rape charges against him. They got the idea from a Florida woman whose husband was a spy for another country and used her as a cover.(True Story) Afterwords they just helped her frame him for murder." Crauson continued.

Tom shook his head bewildered but he knew this organization sounded very familiar, "Why are they so obsessed with Dinozzo?"

"He has shown that he is suspicious of Ziva and she can't manipulate him. Her job in NCIS is to plant evidence or remove evidence in some crimes that are ordered by the organization. So far she hasn't been very successful because he keeps a very watchful eye on her in-case she breaks procedure. He was becoming a problem. Do you have any clue to who these guys are?" Crauson said rubbing his eyes tiredly.

Tom deeply thought about it. They sounded familiar. They sounded like the organization that Ex-Senate member Kyle Lewis was apart of. "They're called Golgeler. It means Shadows in Turkish. They operate around the world. The leader is rumored to be from Turkey but the members come from everywhere. They infiltrated governments and corrupt offices and do as much damage as possible. Their goal seems to be to weaken governments most likely so that they can prepare what ever country they are based in to win a war with them. We have caught three politicians, five biochemist, seven security guards, two High ranked FBI agents, a captain in the Army, and even two of my secretaries so far. That isn't even going into their operations in the UK, France, Spain, China, and Australia."

"Damn, I was hoping that we had caught them early. Anything else I should know?" Crauson asked exhausted.

Tom nodded as he fixed two cups of coffee. Handing one to Crauson he answered, "Yeah you can drink that and get ready for a long haul. As of now this case just became a matter of national security and fell under my jurisdiction. Your team and whoever is helping you in NCIS are from now on to report to me. This is the biggest breakthrough we have ever had on these guys. I will get in touch with some of my agents that are on the need to know list. They will help you investigate. Get everyone to report to the conference room on the end of this hall."

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