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Gibbs paced out in the hall as he waited for the doctor. So lost in his worry for his agent and best friend he almost didn't brace himself in time; when Abby launched herself into his chest. Rubbing her back in a soothing manner he let her cry as she showed her fear and worry.

"Bossman is Tony going to be okay? Well of course he's going to be okay. He's Tony and he has the lives of twenty cats. What happened? Are the others okay? How badly is he injured? When can we see him? Why aren't you answering me?" Abby spoke in a rush. She was wringing the cuff of her right coat pocket and her eyes were flickering between Gibbs and the two that had come with her.

Gibbs sighed as he pinched the bridge of his nose feeling the throbbing of a migraine behind his eye lids as he explained. "Tony was sent to see if he could find anything suspicious. He was wired and McGee and David were supposed to listen in. The two cut off the radio and during this Tony somehow fought a group of gunmen. When the two didn't come to provide backup Tony called me. He was shot in the leg and side and he wasn't breathing when I got there."

Ducky face showed nothing but shock and sadness, while Abby looked to be in denial. It was Palmer response that shocked them. His voice was that of furious resignation, "I knew something like this was eventually going to happen! Though I thought it be more along the lines of him telling them to follow him and provide backup and them disobeying. I swear those-"

"Palmer, explain."Gibbs barked, while Abby and Ducky stared bewildered at the assistants outburst. The two nearly stepped back when the medical assistant leveled them an enraged glare. Gibbs merely gave an unimpressed look and gestured him to get on with it.

"I don't know why you finally decided to give a damn because you sure haven't cared since the explosion. Now I'm not telling you because you ordered me; I'm telling you so this doesn't happen again. When you left for Mexico and left Tony in-charge; it was as if the team started believing that if they got rid of him that you would magically appear and take over again. The first few cases it wasn't so bad. Everyone might get a bit snarky with him, but he understood that they missed you and was okay with it. He didn't realize until after a month that they had only thought you would be gone a few weeks and then would come back as if nothing happened. He knew that wasn't the case. He knew that most likely you would be gone for few months until you started remembering things or finished grieving for your family and wanted to start to do something again. When the others realized that wasn't the case they made sure Tony knew they wanted Gibbs and only Gibbs. First it started out small. McGee and

David would show up late or leave before he gave them permission. Then they started turning in paperwork late. They then started questioning every order he gave. In frustration he ordered them like you and they finally did as they were told. It came obvious that the only way they would follow an order was if he acted like you. Soon they were all telling him how he wasn't Gibbs and then Abby started joining in. She made sure to tell him that he would never be as good as you and even started stalling on the evidence he gave her. Not enough to cause problems but were it was noticeable that she was doing it deliberately. Though she later cleaned up her act. I-"

"Jimmy! Thats-" Abby yelled only to stop and lose all the wind in her sails, when Gibbs stared at her and gestured for Palmer to continue.

"It got worse when he tried to do lead his way and the two outright refused to do their paperwork and couldn't be trusted to do their job at all. I started staying late to help him with doing their paperwork and Tony called other teams to help him with fieldwork. Tony was practically solving the cases himself. Ducky didn't really know about it, because Tony didn't want to bother him, since he was taking your leaving especially hard. When you came back in the way that did, the three took it as an invitation to put him down. Abby kept on talking about how he went on a power trip when quite frankly it was her and the other two that had the trip. When it became obvious that you still had memory problems; especially with Tony they became even more insubordinate. The only reason that Tony didn't take the Rota promotion was because he was scared that your memory troubles would get you killed. When your memory came back the two still acted out just not in-front of you."

Jimmy swallowed when Gibbs continued to stare at him unmoving until he noticed that he seemed to be lost in thought. Abby stared down at the floor in guilt, while Gibbs searched his memory finding that Palmer was right. Ducky fiddled with his watch trying to ease the headache he was feeling from the stress.

A throat clearing behind them drew their attention from the young man's pent up rant. Turning they immediately tensed seeing Tony's doctor. Seeing them she gave them a smile hoping to ease their fear as she spoke; "Anthony Dinozzo has survived surgery and we believe that he is out of danger. The wound on the side of his face needed some stitches and fractured his cheekbone. The thigh abdominal wound were more serious. He will need bed rest until the stitches come out then weeks of physical therapy. He's unconscious at the moment and will be taken up to a room in an hour. You can visit but you need to be very quiet for the other patients."

Jimmy watched transfixed at how Gibbs simply blocked Abby from going in; before staring at her as if waiting for something. His jaw nearly dropped when Abby started to look guiltier and guiltier.

"I was angry, okay?! I- I was a wreck and yet he seemed to just shake off your leaving like a minor setback. It wasn't until later that he told me how he knew you would need months to yourself to deal with the lost memory and family, but that you would eventually come back out of sheer boredom. When you didn't return in a few weeks I guess I lost a little hope that you would return at all, and I lashed out at Tony because he had taken your place in the team. Then Tim and Ziva started complaining about him and I somehow got it into my head that he was happy that you had left. After the case with The Frog I realized how much of jerk I had been to him and I apologized. Okay okay, I didn't realize as much as it was shoved in my face. Kyle Lennings, the Head of Security, forced me to watch the footage on how we all treated him. After he told me stories of agents that committed suicide over lesser grievances. I did apologize though and I've been working to get his trust back. Now will you move and let me go see him already?" Abby finished furiously.

Jimmy shook his head in amazement when Gibbs merely smiled as if nothing had happened and walked into where Tony was. Ducky had left already in the direction of the doctor most likely for more information.


Tim groaned as his face was pushed into wall. He hissed through his teeth as the handcuffs being put on him were tightened to the point that they were practically cutting into his wrists. Next to him he could hear Ziva muttering what were likely curses in Hebrew.

He groaned in exasperation instead of pain when he recognized that the one reading their Miranda Rights was Fornell. When he was turned around he wished the floor would just swallow him up because everyone within sight was glaring at them.

He flinched when an agent he had insulted the other day asked why couldn't he arrest 'That Pompous Self-Absorbed Bastard'. Tim swallowed when he heard another telling him he couldn't, because they wanted backstabber in one piece when IA got here.

Tim looked to the side to see Ziva walking with her head high and as if nothing was the matter. Tim wondered if she thought her father was going to get her out of this.

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