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"I see so let me get this straight. Ex-A=agent McGee you got tired of your superior pulling small office pranks to lighten the mood. So you and Agent David decided to teach him a lesson by turning off the only ready line of communication Dinozzo had while searching for a possible terrorist cell. Quite frankly it's not Agent Dinozzzo that is incapable of doing his job but you two."

It was like Crauson was talking about the weather and McGee didn't know what pissed him off more. The slur or that Crauson sounded bored; while he wrecked his life. Finally McGee was so irritated he was no longer able to hold his tongue, "It's Dinozzo that's incapable. He's just some dumb jock who got into this agency using Daddy's money. He hasn't got the right education for such a position. He's just some dumb cop. I'm the smart and qualified one. I worked my ass off to get into this agency. I deserved that promotion to SFA and I shouldn't have received the demotion in the first place; when Tony should have been fired. So yeah I turned that radio off. I should have expected that Tony couldn't get a couple of voice prints without screwing up. No instead he had to blunder some situation up so badly that he revealed he was an agent to the damn suspects. He was supposed to show up and find me fucking the girl he liked. He was supposed to rat it out to Gibbs only for us to deny it so he could be named a liar. Hell who would have believed him; when it was my word against his."

Throughout McGee's fit Crauson had barely twitched. Instead his smirk could have put a fox to shame. Seeing it Tim paled and slowly lowered himself back into his seat. Crauson pulled out two files before speaking, "Since you've already screwed yourself over repeatedly throughout this entire interview how about I tell you just how much better Dinozzo is as an agent compared to you before I leave. You graduated tenth in your class and your daddy paid your way into MIT. Dinozzo graduated second at Rhode Island Military School. He got a double sports scholarship to Ohio State. You graduated fifteenth in your class with a Bachelor's Degree. Dinozzo graduated with a Bachelors in Physics Education and Criminology. He also minored in acting and Criminal Psychology. He already sounds more qualified than you. What's your opinion? Huh genius?"

Tim couldn't stop himself from gaping. Why couldn't anything go his way today? Tim jerked when Crauson cleared his throat and restarted, "After you got your degrees you took the long-term program of FLETC and you were ranked ninth. After that you got on Gibbs team and nothing changed with you until around two years ago. Dinozzo however did a lot more with his time. He went to the Police Academy and graduated top of his class. For the next year he walked a beat at Peoria and continued his education in Criminology. He got two Gold Shields during that time before he became on of the youngest to get a Detectives Shield. He put away three serial killers and took down a human trafficking ring. He moved to Philadelphia and while there he got his masters in Criminology and stopped an assassination of an US Senator. By the time he left for Boston he had another Gold shield and a 95% solve rate. In Boston he became their best undercover specialist and put another serial killer away. While there he caught the attention of every alphabet in the soup. Once here he got a Masters in Criminal Psychology and has turned down five promotions and eight job offers. Looking at this I must be missing something. I mean he's just a dumb cop who isn't qualified for his position according to you. Yet the only unqualified person I see is you. Goodbye Agent McGee. Oops I mean Ex-Agent. Are you still certain you don't need that attorney?"

With that Crauson glided out the door and McGee was left at the table with his head in his hands.

"I can't believe those two! How could they treat Tony so badly. I mean he's one of the best agents that work here and he's so lovable!" Abby ranted.

Gibbs sighed not answering as he continued to soothingly run his hand through Tony's hair. Jimmy put a comforting hand on her shoulder as Ducky seemed to stare unblinking at the window. Soon Gibbs attention was drawn away from Tony and towards Ducky as he interrupted the stiffling silence, "Jethro while this is neither the time nor place you might want to think of possible candidates to take those agents places. Leon isn't going to let you become or stay a two person team for long. I'm sure he wont mind sending the files and when Tony wakes up I'm sure he'll be relieved for something to pass the time."

Gibbs nodded before replying,"It probably is for the best and I think it's only fair that Tony gets a choice. Kate was the only one he agreed with and it seems in the end she was the only good one."

Suddenly a very familiar though raspy voice rang out shocking them all "I've definitely seen this movie before."

"Sir, when do you want David interrogated." asked Angela Davis standing next to Crauson. She was staring at tall black haired man with scraggly beard.

The man, Steve Anderson, rubbed his temple as he answered, "She won't be until we have everything from the remaining terrorist. Marty Rivhen seems to be decoy leader. From what Dylan has found so far it does not look pretty for David. It seems she is apart of a cell that is also feeding Eli his information and therefore controlling him. It seems as if she was put on the team to make sure they would be on the case; when her leader made his move. She decided to get rid of Dinozzo to increase her standing with the team. Marty was the decoy head and she set Dinozzo up. The only reason the other one knew seems to be because Marty didn't trust her. We'll have to interrogate David for more. Thank god they denied lawyers or we wouldn't be able to continue to keep it from Eli, because even though she is a citizen and untouchable he still could have cause a stink. By the time he does find out he most likely won't have the power to do anything as he'll probably be forced to resign. Two rogue children doesn't look good for him."

Suddenly Agent Marsh entered the room leading a petite blond woman. Stopping in- front of Anderson she explained, "Sir, I think David was planning something. This woman is Claire Gibson and she showed only a few minutes after the two shits were sent here. According to her, Ziva asked her to show up at the car they were using so as to identify some men that attacked her in an ally a few weeks ago. The two men are definitely are in that terrorist cell that was brought here."