I wanted to do something kind of fun, and I love the Paper Mario series. This is based off the first Paper Mario game about three months after the ending.


Episode 1: Anti Guy's Revenge

It was a beautiful day without even a cloud in the light blue sky. It was a little after noon, and Peach invited Mario to stroll around Toad Town with her. She looked lovely with her pink summer dress on and small, pink umbrella. Then again, Princess Peach always looked nice to Mario. He admired her genuine interest in her subjects, as she waved and even bent down to be at eye level with them, chatting happily away. Soon, they were slowly walking to her castle to have tea and cake.

"I'm so glad you could come today, Mario," the princess said, letting her fingers brush against his.

"Oh, anything for you, Princess. I enjoy being in your company."

"I already told you," she said teasingly, letting her hand casually slip into his, "Call me Peach."

He gently squeezed her hand, "Whatever you say."

She smiled down at him, and he returned it with a slight blush to his cheeks. They walked past Tayce T's house, the smell of her cooking wafting over them.

"Mmm, she always cooks such good food," the Toadstool Princess said brightly.

"I'll be right back," Mario said, letting go of her hand, and walking into Tayce T's small house.

"Oh, Mario!" She happily greeted him, "You're just in time for some cookies."

"Thanks, but I was wondering if you had some candy? I'm going to the Princess's castle and would like something for after our tea."

"Let's see…" the old toad, opened and looked around some jars and containers.

Mario looked out the window to see Peach run her fingers through her shiny, blonde hair while talking to a young toad. Her smile was like the sun as he saw her crouch down to look at a toy he was holding out to her, which made him in turn smile.

"Here," Tayce T said, holding out a small paper bag, "Some lemon, lime, and honey candy."

"Thank you," he took the bag, "How much?"

"Fifteen coins, please."

He gave her the money and ran outside. The princess stood at his return, her smile still on her face. Mario held out the bag.

"Oh, Mario, you're so sweet," she said lovingly, taking the bag from him. "Lets return to my castle and have that tea."

They walked up to the gate and went through. As they walked across the bridge something black jumped in front of them.

"You!" said the harsh voice. In front of them was the all too recognizable black suit and gray mask of an anti guy. Mario instinctively got in front of Peach, his arms outstretched.

"What do you want?" he asked.

"A rematch!"

"Rematch…?" "Yes. Don't you remember? You fought me in the Toy Box. It's time to show you what I can really do."

"Oh, yes," He said, remembering the fight he had all those months ago while trying to free the Star Spirits.

"I don't see any of those friends around. Looks like it's just you and me."

"I guess so," Mario crouched into his fighting pose.

"Be careful," Peach said quietly, backing away to give Mario some room.

The Anti Guy took a few steps back, then sprinted toward the plumber and jumped. He swiftly dodged to the left as the Anti Guy landed, using his hand to balance himself. Trying again, he ran toward Mario and jumped. He moved again, and this time jumped toward the Shy Guy. He was nimble himself and ran out of the way.

Then he quickly ran up to Mario and jumped, hitting Mario under his chin. Rubbing his chin, he stepped back, then jumped up, aiming toward the Anti Guy. Instead of running, he jumped too. They hit each other hard and flew backward.

"You won't win that easily," said the Shy Guy, jumping into the air again.

Silent as ever Mario braced himself as he came down. Instead of running, he brought his fist out and hit the Shy Guy as he came down. While on the ground, Mario ran forward and jumped on him once. Taking a breath, the little guy stood, lifted his arms and propelled himself into the air, flipping before coming down, hitting Mario in the chest.

"How do you like that?" The Anti Guy sneered.

He slowly stood.

"Oh, Mario!" Cried Peach, reaching into the brown paper bag, "Here! This may help!" She threw a candy.

Mario caught it, but was surprised when he heard:

"Is that…lemon candy?"

"It is."

"I-no. I won't be bribed by your candy."

He ran forward, as Mario popped it in his mouth. Feeling more energized, he avoided the Anti Guy's attack, and jumped. He landed on him once, twice, three times. He stood, then ran toward the plumber hero, but missed landing next to him. He jumped on him twice. The Anti Guy struggled, but stood up. As soon as he was up, he head butted Mario in the face, sending him to the ground. Peach gasped.

"That's what you get," he said, looking at Mario's body.

He turned, starting to walk away. Before he knew it, Mario's shoe was on his back, and he was being stomped on.

"I give! I give!" He cried.

Mario stopped, as the princess ran over to him.

"Mario! Are you okay?"

"I'm fine," he took a deep breath.

"Lets go. You deserve some tea and a rest."

"Thank you, Princess, but first…" Mario reached his hand into the bag, and pulled out a lemon candy.

He walked over to the Anti Guy and left the piece of candy in his hand, then turned and walked with Peach to her castle.

*Mario pops up* Mario here, telling you to watch out for episode two. Kooper comes back from his trip to Shiver City with Kolorado for a small reunion only to find out that something's off with the residents of Koopa Village. Tune in next week for Episode 2: The Curious Case of Koopa Village!