Their Dreams: A Summoner and a Shinobi
Naruto x Yuna
Author's Note

Based off of Macilnar challenge from Yourfanfiction. I'm not strictly following it or touching too much upon Naruto's life unless via flashback. (Per my way as I hate padding and chapters that are filler with only something happening at the end.) I will be submitting the challenge to his request and hopefully its enjoyable. I will also be doing other challenges. Said challenge will be posted at the end. With that I hope you guys enjoy the story.

Story Start

"You could be tried for treason."

"I know."

"Yet you still want to do this?"

"Konohagakure no Sato is not the place I once knew. If Sandaime-sama or Minato-sensei was still alive they would have found another way. We wouldn't be making deals with terrorist. I should be asking you if you're still sure about this?"

"We already tested with the blood and shadow clone. There is another world out there and as long as they don't get their hands on the Kyuubi that's all that matter."

"This will be the last time we see each other."

"I know...thank you Kakashi...sensei."

When he opened his eyes he found himself in a void of sorts. An infinite ray of colors surrounded him, mystified him. A soft sort of angelic harmony filled his ears. Suddenly a humanoid images appeared. A young woman in elaborate clothing showed up. The robes were like those of priest and monks he had encountered during his career.

She had russet colored hair styled in a long, braided ponytail with deep, eggplant purple eyes. Her skin was a remarkably light shade of an, definitely lighter than his. "I am Valefor, Aeon of flight. You are one from another world, are you not?"

"I wouldn't be able to tell you miss." the young man replied. He rolled his hand through his spiky blond hair in frustration. What the hell was going on?

The young woman cocked her head to the side as she studied the blond. "Most don't just happen to find themselves in between the worlds. You were lucky I was able to sense you, otherwise your being would have been undone. There is a great power flowing through you, which is why I wish to make a deal with you."

"Okay," he decided it wouldn't hurt to hear her out.

"I am known as a Fayth. We are the souls of those who willingly sealed our essence in a state of dreaming among statues. Our powers are then granted to individuals known as summoners to summon us in reborn forms known as Aeons. I am the Avatar of Summon of skies as I directly descend from one of the surviving summoners from a horrible incident. For a Millennium the world of Spira has been terrorized by a creature known as Sin. Only Summoners can call upon our powers through a right of passage known as the Pilgrimage, but only a chosen few succeed in calling the Final Aeon and stopping Sin's reign for a short time."

"I'm no Summoner. What can I do?"

"We Fayth are so tired of dreaming. We wish to end this dream, we wish to end Sin. Only by breaking the cycle can we hope to put an end to Sin once and for all."

"I literally only know what you just told me. I'm not sure what you want me to do."

"Find a Summoner. Protect that summoner and when the time comes break the cycle."

"Alright, you got yourself a deal Valefor-san." the blond haired man agreed. "I promise you, I will break the cycle."

Along the beach of Besaid, a girl with short, face-framing brown bob hair was looking out onto the ocean. Her eyes were that of a clear sapphire, while the other was a strangely colored jade colored with a spiral design. She was carrying a simple staff of sorts, it wasn't safe to travel without a weapon. She was able to convince her constant Guardian that he could guard the beach entrance so any fiends wouldn't sneak by, but the fiends rarely ever traveled to the beach. The beach was her place to come and think.

Suddenly something seemed to be occurring in the sky. The sky blue color began to darken. Colors emanating, red like the roaring fire of campfire crackled to life, followed by a shade of minty green and rays of purple that illuminated some of the spheres she had seen. The girl gasped when suddenly something rocked out of the colors into the ocean.

The force of the projectile had caused her to fall back and land on the sand. The cold, dampness of the sand could be felt on her hands and her clothing. She was stunned as a figure emerged from the water, heaving and gasping. His clothes were unlike anything she had ever seen.

The girl watched, breathless as the stranger quickly made his way to the beach, wheezing and hacking. She was shocked out of her stunned reserve-er when he made a few steps before collapsing on the sand. Gasping, she walked over to assist him.

His hair was a shade of yellow she had never seen. Very few people besides the Al Bhed had blond hair, but the shading was different. When he looked up at her she caught site of his icy blue eyes. They were rather unnerving, piercing through her as if he could knew everything in a glance.

His skin was a bit darker than hers, he must have been an islander of sorts. Considering she spent half her life on Besaid she still had a slightly lighter shade then the inhabitants. His outfit, was orange and black, and material she didn't recognize.

The boy had put some distance between them, recollecting his bearings and as a result the girl started to feel self conscious. She then all of a sudden bowed to him. "Konnichiwa." she seemed slightly flustered.

"Konnichiwa." he greeted her back. "Thank you for your help. My name is Naruto." she seemed to be a rather timid girl. "Do you mind telling me where I am?"

"I am Yuna. You are at the Besaid Isles. If you don't mind me asking...did you...fall from the sky?"

"Yeah, I...its a long story." he finally decided, after realizing there was no reasonable way to explain what happened without starting from the beginning. "Long story short, I came here to meet the local summoner." it wasn't a lie, just omitting some information. One of the things the Hokage made sure he knew along with what he was currently doing, sizing up every person he meet. Studying for an opportunity to learn any Strengths and Weaknesses or anything else he could learn. As he was doing that he suddenly noticed her eyes.

She must have realized he noticed as well as she suddenly shied away. He noticed that reaction, and it could have been a number of things. Shame, fear, or even what it meant to be different. He knew that all to well. "You don't have to feel ashamed. Your eye, its beautiful." he honestly told her. This was not a mission, but his training wasn't forgotten. The Hokage made sure he knew every avenue of shinobi, there was no advantage that couldn't be used. "You have beautiful eyes." it felt nice, refreshing to act on his own terms. To have someone he could comfort about what made them different, like he wished he could have had.

Yuna was surprised at the declaration and couldn't help but flush slightly. For a long time her eyes was a source of torment to her. Cruel children who poked fun at her or adults who looked at her with scorn or distaste. That was, until her Father had defeated Sin years ago and then suddenly she was High Summoner daughter this or Lord Braska's daughter that. Her father had gave his life to bring Spira the calm. So people could sleep peacefully at night without fear. So they could live their lives and smile. Because the calm brought so much happiness Yuna decided she would follow in her father's foot steps. Before she could answer a high-pitched shrill like cry echoed through the skies. Yuna looked up and gasped upon seeing the air-borne firm of the monstrous bird-like Garuda.

"Damn, I haven't been here a half hour and the creatures are already pouring out." Naruto remarked as he rolled up his sleeves and got into a fighting position. "Look, get out of here while you can." Naruto called to her over his shoulder.

For a moment Yuna contemplated the suggestion. She didn't have magic nor was she a strong physical fighter, but she would never forgive herself if she ran off and let another person get hurt. She grabbed her staff and steeled her resolve. "I...will fight too!" she joined his side. With that, the battle commenced.

Chapter End

I hope you guys enjoyed this first chapter. I don't know about you guys, but I feel like I'm getting better with the details and stuff.

Anyway, here's the challenge its based off of.

Naruto x Final Fantasy X by Macilnar

Pairing: Naruto (16) x Yuna (17)

Lime and Lemon scenes (focus on relationship more than these scenes, maintain their personalities, no becoming sex crazed)

Strong, Smart, Cunning, Observant and Calm Naruto

Naruto's life is much harsher than in cannon.

Kyūbi is the Ruler of Makai and while not evil, he doesn't have the same morals as humans. One of the few crimes demons find unforgivable is abusing a child.

The Forth sealed the Kyūbi's yin&yang chakra into Naruto the result is Naruto is slowly turned into a demon over the course of 11 years, there is no Key to the seal.

As a result of becoming a demon: immortal, won't die from aging; is immune to poison, drugs, alcohol and diseases; healing ability is further improved; stamina, speed, strength, reflexes and senses are all greatly enhanced; skin becomes flawless and clear; loss of all body and facail hair; the muscle fibers in the individual's body are much more compact than a normal persons, 3 times as compact (the muscles aren't larger, they just make the most optimal use of the same amount of space).

Kyūbi is still with him and he can use his Bijū Mōdo (Tailed Beast Mode).

Naruto replaces Tidus, only he is Not a dream or an idiot.

Post 4th War Naruto, he doesn't need Bunshin to perform Rasengan.

Naruto and Kurama are the only ones/things that end up in Spira.

Yuna never even considers Seymour's proposal, by the time he does Naruto and Yuna are already lovers (they've also become mates, Yuna is a demon as a result)

Kimahri and Arron approve of Naruto and Yuna's relationship.

No nerfing Naruto, they do that enough in cannon.

Happy ending for Naruto and Yuna.


-The Uzumaki's incredible longevity, life force and chakra chains (like Kushina's) is a kekkei genkai

-Cannon parents


-Mostly cannon, becomes confident quicker than in the game

-Max breast size: D-cup