Their Dreams: A Summoner and a Shinobi


Naruto x Yuna

Dedication Notice

This chapter is also dedicated to Kotetsu Bushido who is pretty much my primary reason for updating this chapter so soon.

Story Start

It was Yuna's birthday and a lively one at that. Solemn island music was being performed by several musicians. There were flashing lights and people dancing and drinking about the village.

''Heeeeeeey! Where you been birthday girl!" one of the female party-goers loudly called out with a giggle.

Hearing that Naruto turned to where the girl was indicating. He had been waiting for Yuna to arrive after several of the guests insisted on dragging Yuna away to present her a present. Naruto had concluded it must have been clothing that they insisted she showed off.

"What in Yevon!" only Wakka's exclamation could be heard over the silence that overtook Naruto. There were hushed whispers among many of the party-goers and for good reason.

"" Naruto stammered, unable to find the words. He was blushing and staring like an idiot. Yuna had her hair in an up-style sort of do with a rainbow colored seashell in her hair along with a shortened version of her usual violet skirt with slits in the side and lack of usual undershirt in favor of a black mini-dress with a slanted him over said skirt.

"Knock him dead girl!" One of the islanders shouted.

"Go get your man!" another girl added as the two of them began to blush crimson.

"You look amazing." Naruto finally found the words, rubbing the back of his neck.

"I don't look...weird or anything?" she tentatively asked.

"No of course not I mean it's not your usual style, but then again I think you'd look cute in anything."

"I can't believe they convinced Yuna to where that. Poor girl is probably going to die of embarrassment." Wakka chuckled incredulously. Wakka turned, expecting some sort of comment from Lulu, even for her to chastise him, but she had remained silent. Ever since they got news of what happened with Chappu, things had changed. "Lulu?"

"What?" she suddenly answered, almost sharply. "She wasn't going to stay a little girl forever and I'm not just talking about her matter of dress either."

"Is it wise for us not to put a stop to it? It's only going to hurt them in the long run." while Wakka had no problems with Naruto personally, he dropped a hint or two indicating he didn't think it was wise for him to get involved with Yuna, especially considering what befell the fate of Summoners.

"They are old enough to make their own decisions Wakka. Do you have the heart to tell Yuna she shouldn't open her heart up to love?" she questioned as Wakka looked uneasy. When it came to these kinds of things, Wakka couldn't help but be, as Chappu would put it, a harmless teddy bear.

They watched as Naruto let a hesitant Yuna to the dance floor. The music began to change the lights dimmed. The band was playing a song composed by a Hypello Band nearly a thousand years ago after Lady Yunalesca defeated Sin, titled, 'A New Era'.

"I'm not much of a dancer, but I promise not to step on your toes." Naruto admitted as a smile formed on Yuna's face.

"Just stick close to me and let me lead." Yuna assured him, her initial hesitation finally fading away. Over the course of the last few months Yuna had been growing and changing. She was no longer as shy as she used to be. Naruto in exchange found that he was growing an appreciation towards meditation and learning knowledge as Yuna's dedication towards helping people inspired him.

Despite the fact that most of his finesses relied in battle, Naruto added a great deal of energy and passion into things that mixed with Yuna's strove dedication and inner strength. Naruto twirled Yuna around and brought her closer.

"You surprised me you know, coming out in this. I know you've been becoming bolder and don't take this the wrong way, but I didn't think you could do spontaneous."

"Hey, I can do spontaneous."

"Nah, I don't think so." he teased her with a chuckle.

"I can..." she argued, doing her best not to whine. It always ruffled her whenever Naruto poked fun or teased her. What could she do to be spontaneous?

"It's not spontaneous if you think about it. It's okay, my poor, Un-spontanoues little apprentice Summoner." he was waiting for Yuna to break out in a pout or something. Though what he got instead was a dangerous sort of glint reflecting in Yuna's eyes. "Uum Yuna, why do I feel the need to ru..." he was cut off when he was cut off, by Yuna's lips. The squeals and whispers had intensified by the action. Some heartfelt laughter was heard by some of the older generations along with some cheering and uttering of 'about time'.

When the kiss broke something had changed at the moment. It appeared that Yuna suddenly lost whatever courage she had and would have made a dash to run if not for Naruto grabbing her wrist. "I'm sorry." she squeaked out. She didn't know why she did that.

"Why, I didn't dislike that sort of thing. Especially since I've been waiting so long to do this." he said as he reached out with a hand and grabbed her arm, turning her around and pressing his lips against hers. Naruto moved his arms around her thin waist. Taking in the sensation of her lips and smell Yuna found herself gently placing her hands around Naruto's neck.

"Looks like I'm missing all the fun, ya."

At the sound of this statement the kiss between the two had broken. It was Chappu, being aided by a crutch. "Well look who finally woke up!" Naruto shouted back. Sure enough the night was now not only in celebration of Yuna's birthday, but Chappu's recovery as well. "I don't know what's more surprising. Lulu crying or Wakka crying." he remarked.

After Chappu's unexpected arrival, the food was had and the gifts were turned in. There was that many gifts. Besaid was by no means a well off village so most of the village had chipped in to buy Yuna a special type of rod called The Rod of Wisdom. A weapon enchanted to focus the magical power of the Summoner. Wakka, Lulu, Kimarhi and Chappu had chipped in gain the materials and make Yuna a proper Summoner's outfit that she would wear when she became and Summoner. Now all that was left was Naruto's gift.

"This, this was given to me by someone I admired. For me, it was a safety net of sorts. Its influence helps me retain my identity so I want you to have it."

"Naruto...I can't." Yuna looked at the lovely gem in awe.

"Of course you can. Unless you plan on running off, I plan to always be by your side. My post precious gem for my precious gem." he said as he took off the chained gem and placed it over Yuna's neck.

"It's...lovely. Thank you." she said as she gently rubbed her fingers along the jewel. It was then Naruto took her into his arms. No more words needed to be communicated as they used their actions to show the depth of their feelings for each other.

Chapter End
I decided to hold off on the explanation for Chappu's revival for one reason. I'm a bit of a dick. Anyway, hope you guys enjoyed the chapter.