Ok! So, this idea came to me (just in time for Halloween!) after watching season 2 of AMC's "The Walking Dead"; I admit, it's probably the wackiest fanfic idea I've ever had, combining these two shows (which in truth, are polar opposites) but they say "opposites attract" and I just found myself thinking...

WHAT IF the Zombie Apocalypse took place, shortly after WWI? What if the poison gas used in WWI caused serious, biological repercussions, that brought the dead...back to life? What if our beloved Downton characters found themselves thrust into a world, where members from upstairs and downstairs, had to band together and unite, to fight off a horde of flesh-eating monsters? Needless to say, this is totally AU! :oP ;o)

Please keep in mind this is NOT a crossover story; you will not find characters from "The Walking Dead" in this story, but if you do watch that show, you will find some similar storylines/plot ideas/character traits from that show, making an appearance amongst the Downton characters. Also, some of the characters in this story are characters we have met (or will be meeting) in DA Series 3, while others will be from previous seasons. But at the end of the day, this story will follow its own timeline/plot.

Right now I have 2 chapters; if there is a positive feeling for this story, I will continue it; however, if not, I'll remove it. YOU BE THE JUDGE! But please, do leave feedback, be it positive or negative, because only then will I know whether it's worth pursuing. This story will begin with a "T" rating, due to violence, some language, and gory descriptions. It may get bumped up to "M" down the road, depending. Also, because this is a horror story, there will be some *major* character deaths here and there, so be prepared.

Alright, enough babble; please leave feedback! THANK YOU! And without further ado...

by The Yankee Countess

Chapter One


They had been driving for what felt like hours.

He glanced over his shoulder at his brother, whose eyes were scanning the road around them, his fingers tightly gripping the rifle in his hands.

They would have to stop soon, to get more petrol. After the amount of driving they had done in this day alone, they had be running on fumes.

"We're going to need fuel soon."

"Just a little further…"

He sighed; he hated when his brother was dismissive like this. He glanced over at him again, taking in his tense posture and his narrowed eyes. He was in full on hunting mode; nothing was going to distract him…save one thing.

"I can't drive like this for much longer—"


He shut his mouth, and turned his eyes back to the road, his hand nearly pulling on the break lever as he saw exactly what his brother was seeing.

One of them.

…And where there was one, another wouldn't be too far away.

He watched as his brother slowly and silently leaned out the passenger window…cocking the rifle and pointing it directly at his target.

He wet his lips, looking nervously around them to see if he could spot another. This wasn't good; the road had been clear for hours, and they were heading further and further away from Liverpool.

"It's safer where are there are less people…the rural areas are safer…"

That was what everyone had told them. Of course, none of those people were alive, so how would they know?

He didn't see any others, but that didn't mean they weren't close. And if his brother fired that rifle, it would be like a church bell, ringing loud and clear that supper was ready.

"I don't think that's such a good idea," he whispered.

His brother didn't say anything; he continued to follow his target with the end of his rifle.

"They'll hear you!"

"Then shut up!" his brother hissed.

He suppressed the groan, and merely locked his fingers around the break lever, prepared to release it and get them out of there as quickly as possible if the need arose. And a warning feeling in the pit of his stomach told him that the need would be there.

A blast erupted the air.

His eyes flew to where his brother's rifle had been pointing, and he watched as the creature stumbled backwards, before falling into a lifeless heap on the ground; not even a twitch.

"Got it," his brother murmured, pulling himself back inside the car.

He turned and looked at him, scowling deeply. He released the break and quickly started the car running once again; thank God there was still enough fuel for that. He didn't even bat an eye when the tire ran over what was left of the creature's head.

"That was stupid," he muttered under his breath.

His brother, who was still keeping a look out, had relaxed slightly, and was wearing that annoying, cock-sure grin that he only put on when he believed he was right. "What was?"

"You know what."

"Oh please…" he dug a hand into his pocket and took out a cigarette. "Killed it, didn't I?"

"Was it necessary?"

His brother frowned. "What kind of question is that?"

He rolled his eyes. "There could have been more; your rifle would have alerted them to our whereabouts!"

His brother proceeded to light his cigarette, not looking upset in the slightest. "While you were driving, I was searching; if it did belong to a herd, it got separated a long time ago."

He rolled his eyes again. "Even if that were true, then you wasted a perfectly good bullet; our ammunition is low enough; weren't you the one who told me to save as many bullets as possible? If there's only one, then use your knife?"

His brother blew out a long, thick cloud of smoke. "So you do listen to me once and a while…"

He glared at him. He was wasting his breath; he should just be happy that it only took one bullet to take the monster down, and that an entire herd weren't upon. No, what he should focus on was the harsh and frightening reality…

That even here, in the middle of the Yorkshire countryside…they couldn't escape them.

"Are you sure about York?"

His brother exhaled another cloud of smoke. "I'm not sure about anything anymore, Tommy."

He hated that name; it made him feel like a child. It also reminded him of his mother. He missed his mother. He missed his home.

"But the others said—"

"I know what they said, I was there," his brother growled, before exhaling another long cloud of smoke. "Just keep driving."

Keep driving. That seemed to have become their mantra. If York didn't have the answers, then they would keep traveling in search of a place that did. The question was, how many places did that leave them with?

"We will still need to get fuel, Kieran."

"I know, Tommy, I heard you the first time," his brother muttered, taking another long drag from his cigarette. "But for now, let's keep driving."

He sighed and did just that. His brother was clearly lost in his thoughts, and he didn't really want to know what he was thinking. The last time he had tried to find out, he had been shocked and horrified by the truth.

"It will be dark soon…" he murmured, looking up at the setting sun.

"Aye," his brother answered.

"What do you propose we do when that happens?"

Kieran shrugged his shoulders and tossed the remainders of his cigarette out the window. "When I know, I'll tell you."

How like his brother to reply in such a way.

"But there's nothing to worry about, Tommy; you know that."

He ignored the nickname and simply nodded his head. "Aye."

Kieran smiled and for the first time since this conversation began, turned his eyes and locked them with his. "And why is that?"

Tom sighed, before returning his gaze to the road. "Because we're brothers."

"Not just any brothers, Tommy," Kieran chuckled, before reloading his rifle. "The Branson brothers."

Yep, I decided to use Kieran in this story! PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK! I will be posting Chapter 2 immediately following the posting of this.