Another day, another dreary walk up the hill. Only this time, the weather wasn't dreary at all. In fact, it was unseasonably warm for this late in the year. The only explanation? Haruhi. It had to be. She must be in an exceptionally good mood today.

My hypothesis became theory when I walked into the classroom. I saw Haruhi with one of the biggest smiles I had ever seen her. What was more surprising was that she had her hair in a ponytail.

"Last night was fun!" she said, bounding up to me excitedly. As if on cue, everyone swiveled in their seats to look at me and Haruhi. You've got it all wrong, I thought.

"Don't forget to head over to Yuki's house after school! We're going to do it again tonight!" Haruhi seemed oblivious to everyone else in the room, whose eyes were focused on us now, eyes wide and jaws dropped. It's not what it look like, I swear!

"So, you and Miss Suzumiya are finally getting it on," Taniguchi said with a knowing look in his eye when lunch rolled around.

"Can it, Taniguchi," I replied, "Nothing happened between us. The club went stargazing last night, is all."

"Uh huh, right," the annoying young man said and went on eating.

After I finished lunch I decided to walk down the hall. I was so lost in thought that I didn't notice Haruhi walking towards me. We collided hard and fell backwards.

"Haruhi, are you ok?" I asked as I helped her up. She replied by pushing me back.

"Death Penalty for pushing down your Brigade leader!" she shouted at me.

"Fair enough," I said.

"But I'm sorry for bumping into you," she continued. Haruhi? APOLOGIZING? Something was very, very wrong with the world.

"N-no problem," I stammered out. I leaned on the rail near the window and looked outside. It was still a beautiful day.

"It's a nice day isn't it?" Haruhi said out of the blue. I nearly jumped. I thought she had left.

"Yes it is," I replied. She was acting very strangely. Nervous, I would say. She was almost acting…like a girl.

"Haruhi-" I began, but I was cut off by a noise coming from outside. It was a whisper, like last time. I turned and looked out.

"What is it, Kyon?" Haruhi asked, trying to see what I was looking for.

"I don't-" then I saw it. In the sky. What looked like a huge fireball was descending. Rather, it was getting bigger. It seemed to be heading straight toward us.

Without even stopping to think, I grabbed Haruhi and pulled her away. I just kept running and reached another part of the school just as whatever it was hit at the corner of the building where we were just standing. It shuddered violently but didn't collapse. I was in shock as I watched. I was also sweating. If I hadn't heard that voice…we may have died…

"Kyon! What it is?" Haruhi rushed to the window, looking out. A big cloud of dust swirled around the impact site of…whatever it was. "A meteorite?! Aliens!?" Oh please, don't let it be aliens.

I regained my voice and my composure quickly. "It's probably just a meteorite," I replied. I hope. By this time a group of students were cautiously approaching.

"Oh no they don't!" Haruhi exclaimed as she ran down the hall. "Come on, Kyon! We're gonna claim that meteorite for the Brigade!"

I sighed and ran after her. Soon we were pushing through the mass of students and sliding down the crater to see what it was. Surprisingly, no one tried to stop us. I followed Haruhi down, getting myself dirty in the process. She was busy looking over the meteorite. It was about as tall as her, and just as wide. Mostly spherical with pock marks in it from its descent into our atmosphere, I assumed. From the looks of it, it looked natural enough. We were soon joined by the other members.

"It is a standard meteorite," Nagato said when she was out of earshot of Haruhi, "composed of approximately 80 percent silicon-based minerals, 20 percent nickel-iron alloy, and trace amounts of iron sulfide."

I sighed in relief. At least there wasn't about to be an alien invasion. If that happened, Haruhi would have a field day.

"Kyon! Come here!" I sighed and walked over to the eccentric teen. She was staring at one of the pock marks intently. She moved away and pointed at it, a strange look in her eyes.

"What is that?" she asked.

I sighed and looked. What I saw couldn't be described.

The pock mark didn't end. Instead, it seemed to open up like some sort of portal. I peered into it. It was about the size of a manhole.

"That wasn't here before," Haruhi said, her voice trembling. I had heard that tone before, when we were in the Closed Space together. The colors of the portal thingy were orange, purple, yellow, with some hints of red. It looked like what science fiction movies would describe as a wormhole.

The others were standing right beside me on moments. I moved aside for our resident nerd, Nagato, to get a closer look. She stared at it for a few seconds, and then turned, a look of confusion on her face, although I was probably the only one to see it.

Now I was really scared. If Nagato doesn't know what it was, then we may all be in danger.

"I suggest we move as far away from this meteorite as possible," Koizumi finally spoke up, a rare serious look on his face. I nodded and began moving away, only it was rather difficult with Miss Asahina clutching to my lets and with Haruhi holding on to my shirt.

As I was climbing out, the ground beneath me gave way and I fell back down. "Kyon!" Haruhi and Miss Asahina both shouted at the same time as I fell back. Haruhi leapt back down to get me.

I sat up, blushing a bit, despite the situation. "I'm fine, just tripped is-" Something hit me very hard directly in my forehead and fell straight into my lap. I rubbed my head, wincing.

"Are you all right, Kyon?" Haruhi asked, genuine concern in her voice. I didn't answer. Instead, I looked down in my lap to see what had hit me.

It was some sort of weapon. Haruhi made the first move to grab it, but some type of electic bolt struck her hand when she was within a few inches of it.

"OW!" she exclaimed, putting the offending finger in her mouth. Curious, I reached down and picked it up with no problem. I examined its alien quality and sleek design. It was very light, but it seemed like a formidable weapon.

"The aperture is changing," I heard Nagato say calmly. I turned to the portal thing in the meteorite, and sure enough, something was beginning to happen.

"Time to go," I heard that same whisper in my ears. I stood fast, ignoring the dizziness in my head and scrambled out of that pit in record time, dragging Haruhi with a strength I never knew I had.

"What's gotten into you Kyon?" Haruhi asked after I finished dragging her out.

I looked her square in the eye, and said, without emotion, "Run." I then turned and ran as fast as I could back into the building. I don't know why, but I figured that the Literature room was the safest place at the moment.

I burst into the room and lightning speed, sweat drenching my shirt despite the coolness of the room. Haruhi and the rest followed suite soon after. Everyone except Nagato was sweating and panting.

"Kyon, what's wrong with you?" Haruhi asked, that hint of genuine concern still there.

The meteorite was still in view, and I was staring intently out at it. "I don't know," I said. I then looked at the weapon I was still holding. Suddenly something strange began to happen. It began to morph and change until it became an armband. It locked itself in place with a whirr and buzz. That was strange.

"Kyon, what is that?" Haruhi asked, coming closer to examine it. She moved her hand gingerly toward it, this time not getting shocked. Then her mouth widened into one of her typical grins.

"Alien technology!" she exclaimed. Crap… "Are you an alien, Kyon, sent by some higher power to watch me?" No, but someone else in this room is.

"No, Haruhi, I'm not an alien," I replied, looking at the device on my wrist. I looked out the window again, but nothing else had happened. The student body had formed a crowd all around the meteorite. I could hear sirens approaching from the inner city. I suddenly became very very tired and collapsed. The last words I heard were Haruhi screaming my name in a scared voice.

What in the world is happening…?

Also got inspired by Cowboy's Vs Aliens. Enjoy! Sorry if it seems too rushed.