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There are a few things that I've seen in messages and reviews that are fretting me. First of all, I think there's a misunderstanding with Hanataro's sexuality, he's a 19-year guy who is straight and likes Rukia. He is not gay. And I have never portrayed him as gay. Secondly, I think my humor and sailor language comes off as offensive. I tell everyone in bold letters that I recommend 18+ read my stories, for there is tons of bad language and explicit scenes that are not suited for the young ones. Please, please, please… if you do not like fics such as these, then don't read. I do have fics that are rated T and those have very little to no bad language or explicit scenes. I find there should not be any complaints if I let you know first hand but I still get questions. Lol.

And thirdly, my dear Rukia. A lot of you are going to read this story and not agree with how things will flow. I have worked really hard on my recreation of this story and my main goal is to stay in character as the plot unfolds. I figured, as long as I'm doing that, I shouldn't have a problem. But that's where I'm wrong. A lot of you are used to what the "anime Rukia" would do, and would think what this Rukia would do is totally out of character. Without spoiling the future chapters, Rukia is in debt and needs to fix these problems pronto. No she'd never sell herself for money just for the hell of it and I make that clear. Now would she do it if she made to, or saw no way out of her problem, yes… Rukia is a dedicated soul reaper in the anime… she's a hardworking college girl who has priorities here. Besides, this supposed to be an interesting read. But it can't be if we stick to the laws of Bleach. Okay I think I've covered everything that concerned me. If anyone has questions, shoot me a PM! Thanks to everyone that still continues to read and review! You all are amazing and I thank each and every one of you guys!

Rukia was pissed. She paced the living room floor like it was her battleground. Ichigo watched her; his eyes explored her body, seeking out each and every curve. Her butt was small but rounded like two succulent mini hams. Her small breasts were firm, perky and lightly bounced when she trailed in front of him. If only the girl could understand that he meant no harm, he was just intrigued by her. She actually could gain a free ride if she would comply willingly, maybe even enjoy it.

"Well?" the midget finally stopped, tapping her foot on the wooden floor.

Ichigo sat relaxed, long arms spreading out on the brim of the couch. He gazed at the woman, "Well what?"

Did he just ask that? She was still here because of this fool. "We have things to talk about don't we? Apparently I'm force to sell my soul to you over a damn suit."

"I told you…" Ichigo sighed, "I don't care about the suit."

"Oh is that so?" Rukia scoffed, "You say you don't care but then why am I here, huh? You certainly have balls to threaten I." she partially smiled, taking a few steps over to him. It only took a few steps and she was face to face with her enemy, noses practically touching, his breath reeking of a shot of whiskey and lime. "You said you were looking for an adventure. So how do you want me? As sex slave?" Rukia sarcastically teased. Ichigo didn't budge. Which scared her. He had guts and he wasn't afraid at all. He enjoyed it all too passionately. Almost like a dominant game of hot sensual foreplay. He was aroused hearing her voice and allowed his junk twitch uncontrollably.

"Call it what you want." He could smell her breath too. It was sweet, natural, and it practically made him drool. He'd fuck her now if he could but that wouldn't satisfy him much, not now anyway. He wanted to watch her to enjoy it.

Rukia backed away, her lashes fluttered angrily, "Excuse me?" this is what she was afraid of, Ichigo having the upper hand. She was scared that this guy would have her trapped into a deal she couldn't refuse or back out of.

"I said…" Ichigo smiled, "Call it what you want…"

"If you think, I'm going to be your slave, bitch, or slut! You're crazy…" Rukia trembled angrily, "I am a dignified woman… I have hopes and dreams… and…"

"Shhhh…" the man smirked, a slender finger touched his defined pink lips, "Not so loud. Karin is still asleep." He rolled his eyes, "Rukia, I have no intentions on making you a slave. You've asked if I was going to make you one and I said call it what you want… As in, if you want me to make you a slave then that's what it shall be."

Rukia frowned, realizing any and everything she said could turn against her and with that vital piece of advice, she spoke again. "Ok… fine." The young woman crossed her arms, "Then call me Miss. Kuchiki. Nothing more, nothing less, is that clear?"

"Fine. And… my intention is not to sever your hopes and dreams… but you will satisfy mine, is that clear, Miss. Kuchiki? He mocked.

Rukia swallowed nervously. "W-well stop acting like a hard ass and tell me how I can do that, so that I can work on not seeing you again in my life."

"Perfect." Ichigo took his first steps to the kitchen and made him another quick lime whiskey surprise. Seconds later, the man came out with a small grin. He was chill and calm as ever. This man really wasn't worried. He had the upper hand. Even if he had very little advantage, Ichigo wouldn't stop until he had her where he wanted her. His roaring brown eyes seemed to twinkle in the dim light. Rukia waited patiently, glaring into those dazzling irises, her heart thudding loudly in her ears, the pulse was vibrating in her sensitive drums. "Miss. Kuchiki, I want to make a fair, flexible deal with you." The man explained in a serene voice. "I'm a generous, wholehearted man, I'll give you anything you want… with one request…"

"Get to it already…" Rukia was heated. "I didn't stay for a speech…"

Ichigo smiled, "… All I ask is any time I need you, you'd be here."

That's it? Rukia frowned for a second, wondering if there was a catch. It was all pure and innocent enough. It seemed that the man just wanted support or company. He was nonchalant when he said it, even when she cut him off. But just to be sure she heard right… "So any time you need me huh?" anything thing she wanted for that?

"Yes…" he replied. "Appointments, special events, company, my birthday, hell— even my dad's birthday… anytime I need you, and you will be there. No ands, ifs, or buts about it."

Rukia swallowed. "Even for the most ridiculous request?"

"Nothing you can't handle. I'm an asshole but an asshole with a heart…" the man swore with his hand on his chest, hosting a toast with his drink in the other.

"And you mentioned company?" She questioned, very, very much afraid of what that meant. Who was she kidding? She knew exactly what he meant. Ichigo was dead ass serious. His words had power. It was clear that this man was going to have his way with her. It was only a matter of time.

Ichigo took another sip of his whiskey; the ice elegantly clinked against the glass. He licked his cold lips, and gladly replied, "Yes, your company, or any kind company I wish." He watched his dream lover loosen her tense expression, "And you're a smart woman, Miss. Kuchiki. I'm pretty sure I don't need to explain what kind of company I would desire."

"Sure." Did she have a choice? Nothing could really save her from this proposition. Not even her brother. "Explaining would be unnecessary… wouldn't it?"

"So… with that being said, I'm giving you until tomorrow tonight to think about my request. I will want answer after that." That sealed their deal, and she didn't give his consideration much thought. Quickly, she realized he never arranged it this way to give her a choice, but a little reminder of what little freedom she had left before she devoted four hundred percent of her time to his needs. At least that's the way she felt.

Rukia gathered her things and headed towards the door. She had about twenty-four hrs. to think about this and that was pretty much it. Her hands turned the brass French knob; the screen door screeched as she pushed it open shortly after.

"Oh and Miss. Kuchiki?" Ichigo called her back unexpectedly.

Rukia ceased, turning back around. A few fast steps and the man was already behind her. He slid a piece of paper over her shoulder. It was small and delicately fell in her hands. "What the…" she couldn't believe it; it was a check for a thousand bucks. She froze, looking up with an eerie suspicion, one eye twitching at the tall handsome lad. "Wh-what the hell is this?"

"Hm." Ichigo cocked his head to the side, grinning lightly, "A deposit to my merchandise." He watched the woman's eyes widen, irrevocably disgusted with orange haired freak.. He couldn't be sure if it was out fear or fury, "Heh, just kiddin," he chuckled, "I figured if you were helping me out, then this is the proper payment for starters."

She needed money. But she wasn't about to get it from this guy. She was fine with struggling if it meant not depending on someone. Rukia frowned, "Well for starters, I didn't agree to your dirty game yet." He was trying to persuade her.

The lad just partially smiled, pulling the screen door shut, "You will, if you know what is good for you. I still meant what I said about telling your brother." That would scare her hopefully. He was pulling out all the stops.

She cooed, stopping the door with her foot, "What's good for me? Don't think for a second that I need you or your precious money."

Ichigo swept the significant piece of paper out of her hands before she could rip it; he still remained so serene, and so humble. "OH really?" he wasn't shocked at all. It was as if he expected those exact words to come out of her quick-witted mouth. "I'd agree with you… if I didn't know how much of you was full of shit…" he forced the check back into her hands, "If I were you, I'd take the time to realize true blessings in disguises. Quit being such a hard ass."


Ichigo raised a brow at her. "Just take the damn money!"

"…." She snatched the check and stormed off.

"I will be checking my account too!" he scowled as she flipped him off. He ignored it, "All of it better be gone, and I meant it!"

Rukia plopped down in the car seat, turning on the ignition. She could feel a vein snake across her forehead. He was so nosy. However, strangely, he was serious. The midget had no doubts that Ichigo would tell her brother. He wasn't going to let her go that easily. Damn it, she wanted to scream. How could she let herself walk into something this horrifying? You really did it now Rukia Kuchiki… now everyone will think you're a desperate whore. She growled, small hands gripping the steering wheel. After she realized that Ichigo was still standing there, she forcefully put the car in reverse and sped off in the opposite direction. You wish. Kurosaki, I'll find my way out of this shit and then, I'm reporting you to the law. She was pretty sure what Ichigo was trying to do was illegal.

The doctor shook his head slowly, with wide eyes, watching his love to be driving off angrily. "She's a wild one. I love it…"

Rukia stuck the key in the door, sighing. "What's the matter with this door!" it wouldn't budge for nothing and the key had a hard time fitting. This has never happened befo— oh no… NO NO NO! Nii-sama changed the… but… why! Rukia tugged on the doorknob, "Brother!" she banged on the door, "NI-SAMAAAA!" Damn it! I should have come home early! I'm such an idiot. I can't even live on my own… "Please… open the door. I won't ever come home late again…" she knocked her forehead against the door seconds before it opened.

She gasped and stood back.

"Rukia? What's the matter?"

"Huh…" Rukia blinked. Why was a woman at her house? And it wasn't just any woman. It was her neighbor from next door, Mrs. Urahara. Rukia cocked her head in bemusement at the purple haired woman. "What are you doing here?"

"What am I doing here?" The woman laughed, "This is my house… I believe you're lost honey." She teased. Rukia frowned, eyes sliding to the door number. Gosh, was Rukia really that much in thought to miss her own house?

"Yes of course." Byakuya didn't change the locks after all. How reassuring. "I'm sorry Mrs. Urahara." Rukia backed up blushing. "I didn't mean to bother you…" she hurried to her car and pulled into the next driveway.

Quietly, she tiptoed into the house and closed the door. She realized sneaking back into her house was the second worst mistake she made with in twenty-four hours. The first was going over to Dr. Kurosaki's house, and retrieving her phone. She believed that started it all. Now the question remained, what was she to do about the deal? Would she accept or would she find a way out?

If it had been anyone else who tried to talk into sex, she would have slapped them silly and left with her pride. However, the fact she didn't do precisely that when Ichigo offered, confused her to no end. Why did she let it happen? The flow of events following up to today seemed way too unnatural and bizarre for her. It was almost as if Ichigo had planned it all. Right from when they first met at the dating joint— As if that wasn't enough, Dr. Kurosaki wanted play her sugar daddy. Was he really trying to help her out?

Didn't matter if he was really joking or serious, a threat was a threat and getting her brother involved would not be wise at all.

Creeeaaak went the stairs as her small feet reverberated on steps. Hard to believe that the stairs that were perfectly quiet any other time were now tremendously loud when she was trying to be quiet. Hell, Byakuya would definitely know she was here now, if he didn't know already—

"…Almost… there." The woman reached the last step, feeling a slight rush of joy. She would shower and maybe hang out with Hanataro or Rangiku.

"Rukia…" And that's what she was afraid of. She slowly turned around, facing the tall man with shame.

"Good… good afternoon, nii-sama," Rukia tried to smile.

"Where have you been?" Byakuya crossed his arms elegantly, looking rather indignant.

Breathe Rukia; he doesn't seem too mad.

"Well Rangiku and I—"

"Miss Matsumoto was here last night," he interrupted. "Apparently, she was looking for you, too."

Rukia almost fainted. Rangiku …was here? "You met… Rangiku?"

"Unfortunately." Her brother frowned at that thought. Rangiku must have been a hoot.

I must think of something, she insisted as one drop of sweat rolled down her face. "Forgive me. I'll have to be careful next time." Byakuya changed his demeanor; "After I left work, we went straight to a party and accidentally got separated afterwards. She must have come here thinking I was home. I apologize for the inconvenience."

"So where were you then?" he wondered, loosening his gaze on the small woman.

"I stayed over at a friend's house. Since it was much too late to drive home," Rukia answered smoothly. She hated to lie, but what would Byakuya say if she said: "I went on a date with this random guy I met…"

"Please Rukia." Byakuya sighed, putting one hand on his hip while the other one massaged his temples, "Call me next time. You could have been in danger, and I would have never known."

"Yes sir," she bowed, "I will call you next time."

"Seriously Rukia. Its very hard to trust anyone nowadays." It seemed off to say something like that. She could definitely feel the worry in his monotone voice. Then again she did get hurt a week ago.

She shrugged it off. "I understand." She proceeded to walk up the stairs when thoughts of an orange haired lad invaded her mind. Rukia whipped around, just enough to catch her brother before he disappeared into the depths of 6k square foot home. "Are you fond of the Kurosaki family?"

"I suppose." Byakuya turned around, brows raised. "Classy, well known family. Isshin and I were old business partners back in the day. Why?"

"No reason… hehe. I know he has a son… you know the doctor that took care of me when I was in the hospital?"

"Oh yes. Ichigo Kurosaki."

"So what do you think about him?" Since everyone else seemed to fucking adore him. Now, everyone's lovely comments had her wondering. Byakuya was much too critical to say anything nice, he was too brittle and scrooge, "I saw him at my job… so I was just asking." Rukia reassured him after watching him raise another brow.

Byakuya shrugged, "He's a nice fellow, very educated, smart— die hard Liberal." Her brother seemed confused, "Has he asked you on date or something?"

Rukia's heart fluttered, "No… no… I was just— "

"That's good to hear. You'd be quite disappointed, he doesn't date many females. I believe his preference is men."

Rukia's mouth dropped dramatically. "What? MEN?" That could not be true… Ichigo was all over her. And it was clear that he was no rookie when it came to foreplay. "Are… you sure?"

"Well I personally have never seen him date women. That was Isshin's worry for a while." Her brother just shook his head, "I don't know. For all you know it could be rumors." He proceeded to walk away but stopped and whirled back around, "Rukia you don't like women do you?"

Rukia blinked a few times, registering the question. "No… I don't."

"Alright. Not that I care." Her brother had a ghost of a smile, "Miss Matsumoto is a nice young lady…" he frowned softly, remembering last night, "…Well sort of."

Rukia could puke. Were they really talking about this? "Trust me. I have no intentions of dating Rangiku. We are certainly just friends." If that…

He said he didn't care but as Rukia could see, there was this thick wave of relief that washed over her brother. "Good to hear. I wasn't worried… just uhhh…" he blushed.

"I know I'm nineteen and haven't dated anyone… I'm working on it." Rukia reassured him. Now there was an awkward silence between them. "I'm just… going to get washed up…"

"Of course. Carry on."

"I might go out tonight— "

"Ok. Don't stay out too late." And before she knew it, Byakuya was gone, his soft whistling trailing off behind him. That might have been the most uncomfortable conversation she ever had with Byakuya ever in the history of awkward convos.

Rukia paused confused, besides her brother assuming she may have liked girls because of her lack of interacting with society, she wondered why he thought Ichigo liked men? Ichigo could not— would not be into men. She also couldn't believe with that persistent, overly confident ego that he wouldn't date many girls. So maybe she wasn't dealing with a womanizer. Soon she had to find out for herself.

Ichigo usually ran a different shower schedule. There is nothing better than starting your day off with nice hot shower. But there was something about late afternoon showers. They were private, and the water didn't take a long time to warm up. He knew he had exactly and hour before Karin would get up and barge in his room. So this was the perfect time to enjoy the quiet.

Today was also one of those days that stubborn hard-on wouldn't go away. So after he had finished all his normal shower tasks of washing, he decided to squirt out a handful of conditioner, lean on his back against the shower wall, and slowly began stroking himself. Images of what he would be seeing after his shower were running through his head: Rukia coming back to lay in his bed naked, the way she looked when he slid the covers off of her, the morning glow exposing every curve, watching her sit up, stretch and show off those amazing cute tits.

He didn't stop stroking; as a matter of fact the excitement grew as vivid memories of Rukia lying passed out drunk in his couch from the night before. He remembered picking her up and carrying her light body to his bedroom. Ichigo would never want her to know it but that night, she murmured how much wanted him. Although it was the drinks talking, she confessed how much she wanted him to be her first but she was scared. And just before he could ask her more, she started revealing things about school and how she was debt.

Things he already knew. It's why he couldn't let her go now. He could see the potential; he could physically touch these dreams with his fingertips. When he was done with Rukia, she was going to be a new woman. He was in his world when a noise snapped him out of it.

The toilet flushed and immediately he knew that Karin was up and she had come in to use the restroom without him noticing. He had a solid shower curtain, so he didn't worry at all but his little sister catching him. He wasn't sure why she used his bathroom. Maybe she would just leave.

"YO Strawberry!" the girl screamed at the curtain.

Ichigo winced at the sound; this almost made his ears bleed. "Can this wait, Karin? I'm showering." As if she didn't know.

"You never woke me up! We were supposed to spend the whole day together before Isshin came to pick me up. And it's like 2pm! You're working my nerves, Strawberry… you really are…"

Ditto. He frowned, narrowing his long response into two words, "Okay fine." It was pain that he didn't get to finish but he turned off the water and grabbed a towel. Karin had already disappeared once he pulled back the curtain.

He came down the stairs, fully clothed. The little brat was waiting for him in the kitchen. She had already made herself a PBJ sandwich. Humph… the girl crossed her petite arms, glowering evilly as Ichigo walked in. "What's got you so grumpy?" she grimaced at the man.

You didn't let me masturbate in peace. Ichigo raised a brow, "What? Nothing is wrong with me…"

Karin regarded him shrewdly. He seemed butt hurt, and his mood left the little one wondering, "Rukia left you, huh?"

"Left me?" Ichigo's eyes twitched, "What? Miss Kuchiki and I weren't even dating." He wouldn't tell Karin about his and Rukia's discussion, which, no doubt, was top secret.

"OOO please Ichigo, I heard the whole conversation," Karin admitted as she hopped off the barstool to wash her plate. "That sounded a lot like break up."

"What sounded…?" Ichigo blinked.

"Let's just cut the bullshit. I know you're planning to never come back. Personally that's fine." Karin mocked. "Rukia its fine. I know. I wasn't planning on you staying either but somehow I ended up liking you a little more than I should."

Ichigo jumped over the bar and tackled Karin to the floor, placing a hand over her mouth, a common gesture they did when they were in public. "How…" he growled, "How did you hear that?" wasn't she supposed to be asleep? Ichigo was really close to nailing her door shut.

"Get! Off! MEE!" she escaped her brother's grip, laughing, "Come on Strawberry, you me better than anyone. I can hear through walls."

Ichigo sighed deeply, forgetting whom he was dealing with, "Ok. How much did you hear?"

"Enough to know Rukia was gonna walk away without paying for an 8000 dollar suit—" His sister continued. "Then she said, 'Buy another one and fuck you. You egotistical, Grey Poupon, pompous, rich, bastard!'"



"Hey wait… ok, that last part you made up; that never happened," the doctor protested as his sister rolled her eyes. Why did he always have to call her out on her bullshit? "How does a seven year old girl know about breaking up more than her brother does anyway?"

"My friends always talk about it on Myface all the time."

"What the heck? Myface?" he blinked, intrigued. "Gosh, you actually have an account on that thing? You aren't even old enough… and your friends are like the same age as you. What could you guys possibly talk about? John stole my crackers… hey guys check out my new rad crayon set?"

"OH SHUT UP! Don't change the subject!" Karin raised her arms dramatically, forming her hands into creepy crawling claws, "This is what really happened with you and Rukia!" She grumbled, "Muhaha… Now where was I? Oh yeah!"

"Oh boy…" Ichigo stressfully sighed.

"Buy another one and fuck you. You egotistical, Grey Poupon, pompous, rich, bastard!"

"Gladly, as soon as I fax a request for a check of 8,000 dollars to your brother."

"Excuse me!"

"FINE! You are going to tell me what the hell you really want from me. But after it's done… I want nothing more to do with you…"

"Yeah I got ya, bitch. AND I hope you got my forty zillion dollars for when I sue your ass! That's right, I AM SUING YOUR ASS FOR STEALING ME AWAY FROM MY LOVELY SISTER KARIN!"

"Psh," the man shook his head. "That's impossible… and senseless."

"It is not," Karin pouted.

"You can't sue someone for a zillion dollars; zillion is not a number. Plus, such a case would get thrown out because it's so stupid." He assured her, "And for the record, we weren't together. Besides… breaking up requires the phrase: I'm breaking up with you. Just saying."

The girl giggled, "Oh well, she deserves to get sued!"

His lip curled, confining every little bit of fortitude he had left, "Karin …"

She twirled around with wide dark irises. "Huh?"

"…Shut up."

She was finally ready… for Hanataro that is. The short, dark haired male stood by his 1989 Honda, waiting for her, almost smiling at her disposition. Which consisted of her doing her own personal checklist to make sure she had everything before she went out on the town. The man could see that she had already gone through that list at least… at least twenty times.

Actually, Rukia knew she had everything… purse, money, and thankfully her trusty phone. But what really was bothering her was that lovely, delicate piece of paper that never left her possession… So many thoughts ran through her. She had a little over twelve hours, and though she had no choice… she knew there had to be away out of this. Who was she kidding? If there was… could she find it in the nick of time?

"And you mentioned company?"

"Yes, your company, or any kind company I wish… and you're a smart woman, Miss. Kuchiki. I'm pretty sure I don't need to explain what kind of company I would desire."

Hanataro frowned, wondering why Rukia hadn't budged from her porch step. After all, she was the one who was concerned about still being there after brother coming home. Did she have cold feet? "Um Rukia? Are you okay?"

As fast as she slipped into her trance, she quickly redeemed herself and sauntered to the car, "YES! I'm so sorry!" she bowed, pacing faster to the passenger side. She would have to put a rest on the chapter of Ichigo tonight.

"Oh… uhhh…" Hanataro blushed, "You'll have to get on this side." He opened the door to the driver side, "That door doesn't open…"

Rukia blinked, deciding to not ask what happened. "Right… okay…" she slid to the other side and crawled in. At least the car was comfortable. She paused, putting on her seatbelt. "Err… what's that sme…"

"Pardon the odor. It won't be so bad when I roll down the window." The young man admitted.

"What… happened?" she questioned, holding back a gag.

The man nervously laughed, "Heh… well. It wasn't funny when it happened, but it's a really great story."

"I see…" Rukia sighed, using a hand to cup her cheek, rolling her eyes good-naturedly. "I could use a really great story."

Hanataro smiled, putting the key into the ignition and turning the rusty POS on. In return, shook and it growled at them, "Careful for what you wish for…"

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