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Keeping Faith

Chapter Five: Nosferatu

By: Tamuril Telrunye A.K.A Bamvivirie

The moon was bright between the tree limbs as Alucard looked up, bright disk cutting a savage swath through the darkness that existed all around. She was a warrior spirit, one who believed that anything worth having was worth fighting for.

They were much alike, he and the moon. Both were immortal, eternal in their way. Unchanging, yet ever chaotic. Silent watchers of the night, always striving towards that which they could never obtain.

The moon strove ever forward to grasp the light, as Alucard did to grasp... Something else. What was it the he was seeking? He often asked himself this question, and he had the answer. But he would not openly admit it, to himself or another.


The moon was truly more comparable to her, then it was to him.

His Master was much more like the moon then she would ever know, strong and silent emotions hidden behind a blinding brilliance. She held back the darkness of the world through self-sacrifice, pride and sheer strength of will.

In many ways, she reminded him of how he had once been, long before his immortality. Save one aspect, her heart.

Her heart was truly pure, it may become clouded by anger, but it would never truly be blinded by hate.

The Undead King sighed deeply, noting for the first time an approaching presence. It whispered to him, like a tantalizing scent on the breeze. It had power, not like his own but not unlike that of a vampire. The creature he was meant to kill? No doubt, although it did seem oddly different then the presence he'd been following since his deployment.

Integra would have to be informed of this; it could be another vampire pair. Or rather another pair of faux vampires trying to make their mark on eternity. Foolish children, playing with fire when they should know better. Forever was not a thing one played at, it had a tendency to make ones existence painfully long, or excruciatingly short.

The wind kicked up, and the creature walked into the clearing, stepping into the moonlight and revealing itself for the world to see.

It took the form of a human female, small to the eye; it did not seem very threatening. But Alucard was no fool. Fools did not live very long, or perhaps it was that fools lived far longer than others? A musing for another time perhaps.

She could not be more than five feet tall, dark golden brown hair matted and hanging freely about her shoulders. She wore a deep red dress- almost black; similar in appearance to a nun's habit- formal but almost casual in cut, her pale skin was unmarred by tan and she possessed deep violet eyes.

Violet was an unusual color for any creature, save those who were fay touched, or magic marked. This was not a normal vampire. It also reeked of recent kill, and the dress it wore was stained near through with blood. Another might not pick up the red stained deep into the dark fabric in this light, but the blood called to him. Like an unclaimed penny lying on the ground.

She seemed surprised by him in some way, like he was not what she expected. Her hand reached upwards grasping a small piece of metal that he had previously dismissed. Its kind did not easily take to his, blessed silver burning his eyes with reflected moonlight. A crucifix, tied into a rosary of obsidian beads.

This was definitely unusual.

Where he would burn, she another creature of the darkness seemed to take comfort.

A most unusual Draculina this one.

How unfortunate that she should ally herself so poorly. He lifted his Jackal finger resting on the trigger.

She stepped into the bright moonlight, Hound slipping out of sight among the dark trees, she stilled her heart before looking up to face the monster. Her hand creeping up to grasp her rosary, half prayer ready as her lips moved to form words that never left the sanctuary of her mouth.

She raised her eyes in time to catch a flick of movement, before realizing that a large gun (Larger then she'd ever seen) was pressed against her forehead. Held by the most beautiful man she had ever seen.

Black hair stuck out from under a red hat, orange glasses covering his glowing cat slitted red eyes.

"Poor little draculina, it seems your luck has run out," he said before grinning manically, his voice was shadows and darkness, the guttural growl before the predators lunge, "But truly, you should have chosen your allies better. This one seems intent on proclaiming his existence to the world, and we just can't have that."

He moved to pull the trigger, but didn't get the chance.

Her Hound, ever a part of the shadows had saved her once again, lunging at the man and biting his arm clean off.

A Hell hound? The unusual one smiled at the beast, almost fondly. He had dealt with hell hounds for well over five hundred years, but never had he grown fond of them. Or perhaps he should rephrase that. He had become about as fond of them as a Master would of well-behaved hounds, but he had never forgotten their true nature- they were beasts in their own right. Subservient to him only because of his strength and will.

The Hound carried his arm over to her, like a cat would bring a mouse to its master.

And then something truly unexpected happened.

The hound wagged it tail like any silly dog would, and wound itself around her like a common pet.

Unusual Draculina indeed.

She rolled her eyes at her Hounds antics, and felt that this was not a rare occurrence between them... Him bringing her THINGS, not arms. Speaking of arms, she grasped the limb and attempted to pull it from her Hounds jaws, tugging in vain. Because her Hound in turn thought as any dog would at that point in time, and decided it was a good time for a decent game of tug o war.

Dragging her smaller self around like a rag doll in the process.

"I'm sorry," She said feeling absurd, apologizing to a man who was clearly NOT human felt strange. Particularly when she was also in the process, of trying to fetch his arm from her 'Faithful' Hell Hound. But then again, there was that whole part about him trying to shoot her...

She looked back at her Hound again, and stopped short. The limb, which had previously been clamped in its jaws, was... Melting? No, it was dripping away oozing like congealed blood. Her fingers were slick with the stuff...

A dark chuckle made her look back toward the strange man, cold biting metal pressing itself into her forehead once more. Two guns. Where in the WORLD did he KEEP the damn things? She hadn't seen this one, black as sin, sleek, and massive as the other had been.

She lifted her hand, and pointed.

"I maintain that I am unassociated. And the thing yer looking for? He's that-a-way."

She could almost feel his brain stop at her words. Clearly he hadn't been expecting more. A strange look caught in his eyes, before he smirked, and dropped the arm that was holding the gun.

"If you insist, darkling." His eyes narrowed, "But if I am forced to come back here and deal with you, you WILL regret it."

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