My Dearest Readers,

How do you begin to apologize for abandoning kind people who have done nothing but love you? I can't. Not really. I'm sort of terrible. But I had honestly got caught up in graduating and moving and adjusting to college life that fanfiction seemed to be a childish memory. But then I got a review a few days back on an idea for Deal With A Deity on AFF net from two years ago. I was curious as to what I had written and was pleasantly surprised by the admittedly clichéd Manipulative!Dumbledore but the idea still holds a place in my heart. I did have such grand plans for this story. From there I wandered back here and spent hours upon hours both crying and laughing over my horrendous writing and clichéd plotlines and over the top theatrics. But despite my childish writing I found that I couldn't really put my tablet down.

So if you are still out there and if you still care enough, I have decided to undergo the project one last time. Both stories are re-writes from stories I made as a freshman in high school so this will be attempt number three. Isn't three the magical number? Anyways this will purely be for selfish reasons, mainly as a passion but also as a stress relief. But if you are still out there and you do still care, DWAD is my current pet project. I will be continuing soon, I'm currently working on a new chapter and hopefully I can salvage the places where my overdramatic teen-self went a little crazy. You will hear from me soon.

I do love you all,