Author's note: This is gonna be a collection of drabbles written for a 100 themes challenge I found somewhere

I'm working on Broken and Fixed as well, I still have to adjust something…and type the whole thing from my notebook!

Anyway, for this challenge I chose a pairing that really started to obsess me lately (As you can notice), so 100 prompts with Volkner and Wallace. My very first attempt at something of the like. I'll upload them as soon as they are complete(I don't know how often I'll update)

Warnings: Shounen-ai

Disclaimers: I don't own pokèmon.

1. Introduction

A relationship has its ups and downs, Volkner and Wallace made no exception.

2. Love

"I love you"

three simple words, and Volkner was left silent when Wallace pronounced them the first time. They'd been together for a while, but really, wasn't it too early? Was it even true love? He chuckled under his breath "You're out of your mind! All those swimming hours must have played your brain an ugly trick…" he tried to ease the pressure. Wallace hugged him, whispering in his hear "You'll change your mind soon"

3. Light

If there was something Volkner was special at, it was everything that involved the electricity stuff, obviously.

He knew too well Wallace loved well enlightened rooms.

Volkner was also known as the most bored person in Sinnoh, if not in the whole world. So one time, instead of replacing the mechanisms in his gym for the thousandth time, he decided on making a better employment of his knowledge.

When Wallace saw the result of this application, he surely was stunned: his swimming pool had been applied lights underwater to allow him night swimming.

Obviously, for that evening he had better plans for that pool.

4. Dark

Wallace made a step inside their shared home, the switch wasn't going. "Not again…" he groaned. Being careful not to stumble, the water master made his way from the doorway to the bathroom, cursing occasionally when his foot hit against something.

He almost did it to the bathroom when he stumbled on something that looked like a coffee table, landing on someone. There, in the darkness he could feel Volkner's grin "I'd bet my cap you did it on purpose. The coffee table wasn't there yesterday"

Volkner kissed his forehead "Perhaps…"

5. Seeking Solace

Wallace sat on the couch, looking down at the hands on his lap, he let out a displeased sigh. Volkner spent almost the whole day at that conference at the power plant, and when he walked back home, he found the Hoenn Champion in that estate. The electric master hung his blue coat at the entrance, carefully approaching the other "Bad day?" he offered, as expected, the only response was a nod, which for Wallace was pretty odd.

Volkner took place beside him, placing an arm around his shoulders "So, wanna talk about it?"

Wallace leaned on his lover's chest "It's gone" his tone was emotionless "Something happened to Milotic?" Volkner was alarmed by the fact, he knew anything could have happened.

"No, my cape. Phoebe ruined it" the electric master rolled his eyes. Obviously what could Wallace be worried about? Cap or Cape. He felt his lover tightening his grip around his waist "But I don't need any piece of cloth to warm me up as long as you're here"

6. Break Away

"I need to go, now"

"Why so sudden?"

"Something occurred in Mossdepp City"

Volkner gave him the shoulders "You are the worst, you've just arrived and you have to go again! If you just want to break up, why don't you say it?"

"Volkner, are we at this again?"

"You are at this again! You always leave when you're not supposed to!"

"It's called duty!"

"No, it's called lying!"

Wallace grabbed him and kissed him sweetly "I swear on myself that this time will be the last one" Volkner smiled at him, as his lover made his way out, closing the door behind his back he huffed "You always say that"

7. Heaven

They had a deep different concept about holidays, Wallace was a beach lover, while Volkner, preferred snow and mountains better. He lived in a damned shore!

Once he finally convinced Wallace to go to Snowpoint for a week. Volkner was literally in heaven, the way he skied showed it in a brilliant way.

"Wallace, look!" he had a childlike happiness painted on his face as he trailed down the snowy peak, almost flying. The Hoenn champion wasn't the same, the first time he put a foot on the skis, it all ended with an injured arm. That was the most boring week in his life.

But all the monotony was forgotten every time he saw Volkner grinning out of his face and thanking him to death. Well maybe the place wasn't exactly heaven, but it sure was close to it.

8. Innocence

"Volkner! My hair dryer doesn't work properly! Have you modified it again?" the electric master came into the bathroom yawning "What's with all the shouting this early in the morning?"

"My hair dryer doesn't work. And I know you have something to do with it!"

"I swear I don't! Why on earth should I touch your stuff? To ruin my ears permanently with your complaints?"

"Who else in this house would touch it? The toaster?"

"Surely not me, I'm innocent this time!"

In that moment, Luxray came in, a guilty expression on his lion face. It had a piece of rubber cable between his teeth. Volkner took it away from his pokèmon, showing it to Wallace "See? This time I am innocent!"

9. Drive

Wallace literally hated Volkner's driving. It's not that he wasn't able to, well on the opposite, the electric master was way too sure about his driving way, so sure he loved to push the bond of his vehicle over board. He never had the courage to tell him anything.

Needless to say he was extremely satisfied when a fine arrived at home. Served him right!

10. Breathe Again

Kisses. That was okay to be passionate about it. But Wallace was way too much passionate, well as he was used to spend hours under water, it was normal for him to catch his breath for a long time.

Volkner literally can't, he was just glad to find himself able to regain some air for his lungs whenever a kiss broke.

11. Memory

Volkner pulled all the clothes out of the wardrobe once again. It was impossible, not humanly conceivable, a jacket can't disappear all of sudden! It was getting cooler outside and he needed it.

All the summer long the damned object always got under his feet, and now that he truly needed it, it just disappeared into the emptiness.

Hearing the curses from the living room, Wallace decided to check what was going on.

"May I know why are you disemboweling the wardrobe?"

"My jacket! Where is it?"

Wallace didn't answer, he came back with the object in his hands, leaving Volkner stunned.

"Where was it?"

"You hung it in front of the entrance."

"I don't remember it"

"Your memory sucks"

12. Insanity

Walking inside Volkner's gym was a choice he always regretted, the gears always revealed themselves to be a trap and Wallace often found himself with the ass on the ground. Besides he always needed at least forty minutes to understand which switch was to press and where to walk.

Every time he thought he learn the sequence, it just changed all over again.

Wallace feared his brain would get fried sometimes.

13. Misfortune

After three weeks, they were able to see each other again. Despite he wasn't prone to show it, Volkner was literally jumping for joy. They just had an afternoon to spend together, but he was happy all the way.

The gym was empty, as always, for once he didn't mind at all.

Going outside to finally meet Wallace, Volkner was stopped by a short blue haired girl "My name is Dawn and I'm here to challenge you"

That day of all days..

14. Smile

"Why are you always scowling?"

"That's my normal expression. You have a freezing queen as a Elite, and lecture me about scowling?"

Wallace embraced him from the back, and pecked Volkner on the lips. The electric master's lips twitched upwards "It's just that you are more beautiful when you smile"

15. Silence

Wallace just loved to complain. It was something he couldn't help. There always must be something not done correctly to whine about. Sometimes though, he did it on purpose, as he knew Volkner had his good methods to silence him.

16. Questioning

Brows twitched upwards and lip bitten. Wallace sat, arms crossed, on the bed. As soon as Volkner crossed the door, he pierced him with his look "Where have you been?"

"Oreburgh City"

"What for?"

"A gear was broken and I needed a piece that could only be found there."

"Who was with you?"

"Apart from Luxray, no one"

"Did you see Roark?"


"Are you sure?"


"What's that dust on your shoulder?"

"I don't know, I guess it's from the rock I hit while heading back home, I slipped…"

"Are you sure there's nothing you want to tell me?"

Wallace was leering at him "Yes, the years of work with the police grew you unbearably suspicious and fucking annoying, you know that?"

17. Blood

"Dammit! This was clean! Volkner, where's the bleach?"

The electric master came in with a bottle of bleach, he handed it to his partner "Here, what's happened?"

"I was shaving and I cut myself, some blood drops fell on my freshly clean shirt. Above all, I have a meeting to attend in forty minutes" he then pointed a cut under his chin "And look, this cut doesn't want to stop bleeding! I'm ruined!"

Volkner sighed, he took disinfectant and a plaster from the cabinet "Sit down, you walking disaster" he patiently spilled disinfectant on cotton, wiping away the last blood drops "All these whines for some blood, you're a champion, you should handle it better of this.." he put the plaster to cover the cut, that now was no longer noticeable "Here you go."

Wallace inspected himself on the mirror "Are you sure no one will notice the plaster here?"

Volkner kissed him on the cheek "You'll be great. Don't worry about that, no one would see it"

18. Rainbow

After the rain was over, it was nice for Wallace to just stare at the rainbow with his lover in his arms. It was just peaceful.

19. Grey

"Into the bin!" affirmed Wallace staring at the piece of cloth on the bed

"But why, that is new! I put it on for just three times in a year!"

"It's grey"

"It's comfortable!"

"Grey is an ugly color, it doesn't mean anything, it's not pure as white and it's not intense as black"

"You should know black, white and grey aren't proper colors either"

"Grey's still ugly. It remembers me of mould!"

"Your speech surely makes sense, man"

20. Fortitude

In front of the door. That door that would have lead him either to glory or back to ordinary, Volkner took a deep breath. "Wallace, I'm not sure I'm gonna do it…Flint will surely stop me"

"This shouldn't make you quit trying, you're so determined. Be strong, I know you are" hands squeezing and lips touching. Volkner felt a new energy growing inside, he knew he could do it, as well as he knew he had nothing to fear with someone like Wallace standing by his side.