Hermiones P.O.V I was in too much of a shock to be able to do feel of his lips against mine was something I can never way he kissed me set my body on a moment I wished I wasn't lying on the bed,I wanted to wrap my arms around him and pull him closer to me.

Realising that his lips were doing all the work he tried pulling away from me,and then I just wrapped my arms around his neck,and kissed him.I had no idea why I was doing this,I didn't want to.I was kissing ex Death Eater Draco a clearing in the throat helped us realize that someone was at the hurriedly pulled away from me and we realized that Harry had come to see me.

"I think your perfectly okay Hermione,aren't you?",he said and I understood what he exactly was my best friend and I didn't want him to think of us in any other way that wasn't left the room,leaving the two of us alone to talk.I guess he did what was right.

"Harry its not what you think it is...",I started in order to defend next thing he said somewhat hurt me.
"I get it Hermione,I get it.I aint a fool you think I am okay?I see the way he looks at you,I see the bloody way you look at him!You think I have no idea whats going on?I aint an idiot okay!You are lucky Ron's found someone else,he has found Lavender and I'm glad he dosent have to get hurt by you anymore!" he was harsh,I mean really harsh.
I didn't say a word,tears began trickling down my cheek.

"I am sorry best friend,I was too harsh,I didn't mean to you know you are like a sister to me and I cant see you get hurt",He said and kissed my came running in and I explained to both of them that we were nothing more than friends and the kiss was sudden and it shouldn't have apologized for using such a harsh tone and Ginny believed whatever I said,and forced Harry to believe as it was all sorted and they walked out of the room. ... Dracos P.O.V
I was waiting for Potter and Weasely to get out of the room.I heard him speak to her in a harsh tone and oh Merlin I wanted to kill why?Why couldn't I bear Hermione getting hurt?Why did I kiss her when I didn't mean to?If she didn't like it why did she kiss me back? WHY?


WHY? I had gone a bit mental I guess.I didn't love Mione,no I didn't!Love was a very strong word to were friends,not the best of friends but we were now I broke that too. What if she didn't talk to me?What if she were angry and what if she is waiting for me to get back to the room and beat me up?I shouldn't have done that,I just shouldn't! I heard the door open and the couple came walking my surprise potter told me,

"I believe what my best friend said to me Malfoy,about you two being friends.I wouldn't care if you two were more than that remember,whatever happens,if you ever hurt her,if she ever cries due to you, I and Ron will personally show up to kick your arse,wizard style.

"One,Hermiones right about us being friends and two I couldn't expect better than that and three I would never hurt her,I don't wanna lose my only friend at school",I said to Potter.
"Sounds good",he said and shook hands with me and left.

I was confused.i wondered if I should go back may be fuming at the moment.I just build up courage and walked inside the she could say a word,I jumped next to her bed and began defending myself for my mistake...

"I swear I didn't mean to Hermione,I really didn't!i shouldn't have done that and I swear on Merlin it will never ever happen again.I don't want to lose my only friend!"I hurriedly spoke my surprise she seemed quite cool about it and said,

"Its fine Draco it really is.I know you didn't mean to,you didn' just happened and its over and we don't speak of it now okay?Its all cool between Harry,Gin and me,you need not worry",she said in a gentle tone.

"Phew,I sighed",okay then il see you at dinner I guess",I told her,and started walking to my room.

"Alright,bye for now,I need some sleep too",she said to me.

I shut the door and jumped on my large bed,in no time I went off to sleep.I was so tired afterall. ... Hermiones P.O.V
Im so kiss shouldn't have happened,it so shouldn't some reason I couldn't stop thinking about I hated him why did I let him kiss me like that?Why did I kiss him back?But il never forget that kiss,It was nothing like .Drake made me feel like the only girl in the he like me?Waitaminute,waitaminute WAIT A MINUTE!i thought to myself.

"WHY IN MERLIN'S NAME DID I CALL HIM DRAKE?WHAT THE HELL?Am I bloody falling for that guy?No ways,no ways!,I thought.I just decided to sleep,that be best for me right now.

I fell into a deep slumber,and when I woke up I saw the same blonde haired guy in front of me.I had seen him slytherin robes and head boy batch reminded me that it was Draco.

"I thought I'd wake you up,its dinner time and its late",he said to me."Did I disturb you"?,he continued..
"No Drake you didn't",I said to him and I wanted to kill myself on saying Drake.

"Ummmm did I just hear Drake?",he said smirking at me.

"No idiot you didn't,I said DRACO,DRACO get it?",I said reluctantly.

"Okay,but I hope you had said Drake,"he said and began walking.

"Don't be such a jerk Malfoy",I told him.

He turned and said,"Back to last names are we Granger?"

"Jerk",I said under my did he have to be such a ?i thought to myself.

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