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A war was being fought in England. A war that most of its occupant didn't even realize was taking place.

The war was being fought not with guns and bombs but with something even more deadly and dangerous, magic. A magic that could revive and save lives, magic that could kill a person. Battles were happening on every street corner and it made no difference if one was a civilian or a solider. Everyone was a target.

The Potters, a young couple by the names of Lily and James, were one of its most active participants as they fought for equality and peace. Many wizards and witches looked up to them and a handful of others as being the hope that their side will win and that the war was going to end.

But little did Lily and James know that their whole life was going to change when an unusual sound filled their ears and an invisible wind suddenly picked up in the Potter's sitting room.

Husband and wife had taken refuge in one of James' family homes, seemingly safe from everyone as no one could get in. No one told this of course to the man who took a step out of a strange blue box, a strange bundle in his arms.

"Lily Evens?" The stranger asked as he shuffled the bundle in his arms a bit.

The ginger haired woman slowly rose up from the seat beside her husband, her hand relaxing into her pocket to finger her wand. "Depends on whose asking?" She asked in a controlled and even tone. Her emerald green eyes narrowed in caution and distrust. From behind her she could sense her husband move to a sitting up right position on the couch instead of reclining, his own brown eyes narrowed behind black-framed glasses as he stared in suspicion and wonderment at how this man was able to get in. "How did you get into this house hold?"

The man took a long look at her before smiling softly. "My, my, have you've grown since I last saw you, Lily. You were only ten and your older sister twelve when we parted. I know I've changed a few times since we last saw each other but you have grown beautifully. In either case," The man shook his head, righting himself. "My name is the Doctor and I have a favor to ask of you."

Lily's eyes widened in recognition at the name while her husband gave a confused look to the man never having heard that term before. "A Doctor? As in a Healer?"

"Well I guess you can call me, 'Healer' but I much prefer Doctor." The stranger responded with a quirked smile.

Before anything else could be said Lily had her wand up, threatening the man as she spoke in a quick voice, her eyes defensive once again. "You don't look like the Doctor. If you are him then answer me this question. On the planet Fey I wanted to join in on an activity. What was it? And what did you tell me about it?"

"The activity was dancing around a fire ring in honor of the festival of Samhein. You wanted to dance with all the other fairy creatures, but I told you no as that particular activity required jumping over fire circles and dancing acrobatics that your small body could never do, so instead you joined the musicians and watched the activities from afar."

As the strange man answered the questions Lily's arm slowly started to descend, her eyes softening to a fond glance by the end. "I thought I'd never see you again," she muttered in a soft voice.

"Well that was the plan originally but things got complicated." His dark eyes trailed down to the bundle in his arms. "Come on. I have some things I need to discuss with you and your husband."

A good hour later the three adults made their way into the kitchen where tea was being made as the men properly became acquainted with each other.

"So, Doctor," Lily started as she took a seat at the table. "What's this favor you need of me?"

The Doctor shuffled the bundle, still in his arms, and started to peel back the blankets. A small baby, barely a little older than a few months, was in his arms. The ginger haired woman's jaw became slacked as she stared at the young child. "This is my son, Lily. I would never ask this of anyone but unfortunately circumstances back home has drastically changed since his birth." He paused as if trying to find the words to say what was happening and going on in his mind, but when he started to speak his voice held a small hint of a crack in it. "There is a war happening between the Time Lords and a group of-" The man paused for a second, his eyes holding a dangerous gleam. "Monsters that are the stuff of nightmares. They're called 'Daleks' and all they want to do is kill. They're full of hatred and ill-feelings. Living nightmares."

"Sounds a bit like the war we're fighting here," James murmured before standing up to answer the screaming teapot.

The Doctor gave Lily a confused look but she waved it off, "I'll explain later. Continue."

"In either case, the war is becoming perilously close to home. My wife." The Doctor stalled, swallowing and closing glistening eyes. "She died a few days ago, fighting to keep our son safe. I was on the front lines at the time. I didn't know until it was too late."

"I'm sorry," Lily spoke placing a hand on his arm.

He took out a shaky breath but shook his head, "I'll be fine." Another deep breath later and he continued on, his hands tracing his son's features. "The war is dangerous Lily. I'm starting to wonder if the Time Lords as a whole are going to get out of it alive." His fingers stopped at his son's closed and sleeping mouth. The Time Lord looked up, meeting Lily's emerald green with his own grey eyes. "I want to ask you to raise my son. Call him your own. Raise and take care of him for me."

"For how long?"

"For as long as you are able to."

Lily stared down at the child, so small and tiny. She wanted a child badly, but no matter how many times she and James tried nothing would take hold. But they had their own war too, was it right for the child to leave one war-toned world for another?

"Doctor, do you realize we're in a war a well? We're fighting our own evil here and its not pretty."

"I understand." The Doctor nodded his head, a sad and somber smile covered his face a bit. "So if you rather not-"

"Doctor, stop!" The Time Lord closed his mouth at the red head's sharp words. "Honestly," Lily started after a moment's silence. "I'm confused. Why us? Why me? I repeat; we are in the midst of our own war as well. I can't grant the boy any more or less safety than you can. So answer me this question. Why us? What makes us so special that you are willing to risk your son's safety to stay with us?"

The Doctor stared at Lily for a long second, their eyes meeting in a firm gaze but his softened a bit as he said in a soft voice. "Oh, Lily you are so much more, so much more special then most people."

"Yeah, well that's because I'm a witch. I'm naturally born with gifts that a lot of others can't do." Lily responded as if it was a commonly known fact that she was a witch, but the Doctor shook his head ruefully.

"No, you are worth even more than that."

Lily shrugged and moved some of her auburn hair back and out of her face. "Fine if you won't answer me that question then answer this one. You are the Master of Time, you know the future and you know the past. So tell me, how does our war end?"

A sad smile crossed the Doctor's face. "Your war is only just beginning Lily. A time of peace will come and everyone will celebrate believing it's the end when it's not. Your enemy will only be waiting and lurking." In a quick moment his serious tone and voice left, replacing it instead with a merry smile and excited speech. "But I wouldn't worry about those fixed points. There is nothing you can do to change or stop it so I wouldn't worry."

"'Don't worry.' He says," James commented from the stove as he brought the tea over. James passed out the various cups before meeting and settling his chocolate eyes on the stranger. "You are asking us to take on your child even though Lily and I are in a deadly war where we might die at any second. I know that if I had a child I wouldn't want to put them through that."

The Time Lord's smile softened and looked down at the baby in his arms. The little one was starting to awaken. "Here, hold him and you'll see why I wanted you Lily."

Lily rose an eyebrow at the man but took the child. Said boy's eyes opened as he was exchanged between people. Lily's eyes widened, her jaw slacking a bit.

The young boy had beautiful emerald green eyes, rich in color and looking oddly amused. "How? How does he have my eyes?"

"Not positive as his mother has blue eyes but who knows, maybe she had green eyes in a previous body. She is older than me by two hundred years."

James snorted up his cup of tea at that. "'Two hundred years?' How old are you? What are you?"

"I'm six hundred and sixty-six years old. A Devil's number I'm afraid but," the Doctor shrugged it off. "And like your wide explained earlier, I'm a Time Lord from a planet called Gallifrey. We have different life spans than humans but if you take on my son, I can make him into a human. One heart, one life."

Lily was looking down at the baby in her arms. "If we weren't in a war right now-" Lily stopped and turned the Doctor. "Do James and I survive this?"

The Doctor paused, blinking at them. "You're in flux. It's hard to tell anything. I see one world where you live together to a ripe old age, in another you both get murdered and a third one where you both lose your minds. I… I don't really know what causes the differences in those scenes."

"Well on the Brightside," James cut in with a big fake smile. "Where ever I go, you follow Mrs. Potter."

"Likewise James." Lily mumbled under her breath as she took some tea. She turned her attention back to the child, back to the baby in her arms, staring down at him and his remarkable eyes. Maybe everything will be okay. Give them a reason to fight all the harder.

"James?" Lily looked up at her husband, the question clear in her eyes. He held them for a long time, before slowly nodding his head in answer.

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