This is the first fanfic I have written in years. I can't help it though, I was just so inspired by xwocketx 's characters Clockwise and Dusk, also the thought of child Clockwork and Nocturne was so great that I started wondering if the two of them ever got into any scrapes as kids. This story has been running through my head for weeks and I had to get it down.

So here is the first chapter. I am always open to critiques in fact I encourage them. As long as they're CONSTRUCTIVE.

P.S. Title is Esperanto for Trapped in time. I was originally gonna make it French because there will be quite a few french characters in the story, but Esperanto popped up as the first choice on my Google translate and I could literally could not get it to translate any other language. I think Clockwork was throwing some hints at me.

Clockwork, Nocturne and the Observants belong to Butch Hartman
Clockwise and Dusk though just mentioned belong to xwocketx Please check out her work at .com she also has some stories on under u/1731871/wocketchu
Creepy little sorcerer is all mine.

Millions of miles away in an entirely different dimension known as the Ghost Zone two small children reclined against one of the many floating rocks trying to decide on a what to do for the day.

Both boys looked to be around nine or ten. One had the body of the night sky and a feminine face that was framed with long dark wavy hair. Where his legs would be there were tendrils that seemed to sway peacefully as the boy reclined. His only clothing was the purple helmet he wore which was topped with two horns that twisted in the shape of a ram. The other boy had blue skin and silver hair. He was dressed entirely in purple from his boots to his cape which was fastened around his shoulders with a gear. He wore several watches on his gloves and boots. His face was distinguished by a jagged scar that ran along his left eye. But his most noticeable feature was the glass case in the middle of his chest that carried a clock and pendulum. He sat reclining equally as relaxed as his friend though every so often he would stare off in the distance then shake his head as if trying to banish a thought.

"I'm bored!" Whined the darker ghost.

"So find something to do," replied the other where he sat reclining.

"Come on Clockwork, your better at thinking up things to do than me," the smaller ghost said turning to look at his friend.

"True," Clockwork answered, "but I can't come up with everything now can I Nocturne?"

Nocturne thought for a bit, "Why don't we go exploring in the nightmare forest?"

"We did that the other day," Clockwork answered, "Besides you already told me Dusk was hanging out there and I'd rather not die today."

"We could play some pranks on the Observants," Nocturne suggested.

"Nah, Clockwise is still pretty ticked at me for the robe incident last week," Clockwork said.

He smirked as he recalled how angry the Observants had been as they drug Clockwork home to his master. Clockwise had forced him to polish every gear in the clock tower for that and there were a lot of gears in that clock tower. He was still technically on "probation" with his master. Clockwork wasn't afraid of those bossy Observants, Clockwise on the other hand could be terrifying when angry.

"Well you come up with something!" Nocturne grumbled.

Clockwork opened his mouth to say something but when a noise behind him caused to turn around. Right behind them a portal opened up swirling different shades of green.

The boys flew back a few feet. Portals opening up were nothing new in the ghost zone but some could be unstable so it was usually best to avoid them. Clockwork was about to suggest to Nocturne that they find another spot when suddenly two long glowing chains shot out of the portal wrapping themselves around the two boys before they could move out of the way. Clockwork and Nocturne struggled against the bonds but it was useless as they were dragged into the portal. Within seconds they were traveling through time and space. Clockwork tried not to panic, the feeling was nothing like when he teleported with his master. With Clockwise it was as if they were floating into the next room. This was more like being dragged hundreds of feet underwater at a high speed. The pressure was unbearable. Suddenly they came out of the other side and were thrown painfully to the Floor.

Clockwork sat up and viewed their surroundings. He could hear Nocturne groaning next to him. They were in a room of some kind; dungeon was more like it actually. The room was dark with stone walls and floor, and the air was thick with some kind of incense. Bottles filled with all types of disgusting ingredients and potions covered a nearby table. Propped on the table was an old book with leather binding, it looks old but Clockwork was unable to read any of the writing or symbols from where he was at. Clockwork could tell with his timekeepers instinct that it was sometime in the 1600's though he couldn't place an exact date. The Chains were still tightly wrapped around him and Nocturne. Clockwork began to struggle against his bonds trying to free himself.

"It's no use struggling," came a raspy voice that made the two boys jump.

The voice came from a figure that had been hidden in the shadows when Clockwork had made his first sweep of the room. The figure stepped forward. It was a human, to use the term loosely. The man wore with a black cloak that covered his entire body save two boney hands that stuck out and a pale hollow face. The eyes attached to that face were nearly sunken but held an excited glint that filled Clockwork with dread. Clockwork shivered when he recognized the glint. He'd seen it in the eyes of the nightmare ghost often enough: Bloodlust.

"Those chains are centuries old and filled with powerful magic, just like these," he held up two collars. At first glance they seemed to be simple metal collars. But Clockwork could feel the power radiating off of them. He looked closer and noticed strange runes etched into the metal. He shivered once again, but then composed himself rather than show weakness in front of this human.

"Let us go," he demanded, straightening up and trying not to look as scared as he felt.

"I think not," The human cackled, "you see I have an employer who is looking for rare species for his traveling side show. And you two fit the bill nicely."

"We're not some animals or objects that you can trade or sell." Clockwork snapped

"Doesn't matter," the sorcerer said dismissively, "what matters is that you two are my prisoners and that gives me the right to do what I want with you.," he smiled darkly, "At least till I have turned you over to your new master."

"I have a master," Nocturne cried out angrily, "And when he comes for me human he will kill you so slowly you will be begging for death."

"Ah," said the human almost giddily, " That's the beauty of these little gems," he said once again holding up the collars, " Not only will they bind your power but they'll hide you from the sight of any high level demons such as your "Master"",

"My master won't be fooled by some pathetic toy like that," Clockwork growled at the sorcerer.

"Really and just who might your master be, hmm?"

Clockwork said nothing but eyed the collars warily.

"Well then we shall see then won't we," the hooded figure said as he stepped closer. Clockwork tried to move away but the chain held him tight as the sorcerer walked up to him. He snapped the collar around clockworks neck. It was too large at first but within a few seconds the collar shrank to fit tightly around his neck. The moment the collar touched his skin Clockwork began to feel his powers begin to weaken. The sorcerer then turned and fastened the other collar around the struggling Nocturne's neck. Like the first one it shrank to fit the dainty neck of the smaller ghost.

With a snap of his fingers the chains fell away from their bodies. Nocturne's actions were immediate. He bolted for the door, Clockwork behind him. They were almost to the door when suddenly their bodies froze. Clockwork tried to force his body to move but it was like he's become a statue. The sorcerer casually strolled up to them with his hands behind his back, posture relaxed.

"Another nice thing about those little trinkets around your neck is that they are bound to this." He held out an amulet. It looked almost like a key but was too large to fit the collars. Clockwork could tell it was made of the same material of the collars and if he looked close enough he could see similar runes carved into it. "The collars bind you to whoever is wearing this amulet. If you try to run or attack the wearer then he need only to think the key word and you will remain frozen until he releases you. In other words there is no running."

The human then stood back and admired his work. He snapped his fingers and a large lumbering guard came in.

"Titan, put these two into the cart," he ordered. Titan grunted and picked Clockwork and Nocturne up like a couple of sacks of flour. The sorcerer followed behind them grinning evilly.

"It's time they met their new master."