A One-shot fiction and BEFORE: How Nana Knows The Mafia

Before Nuts made the journey, from Italy to Japan...Within 27 hours!

I Want To Be With My Family in My Birthday

"Cielo-sama?" A woman calls out, gently pushing the man's head off the pillow. "No... Not the kitties..." The brunette muttered before moving to the other side of the bed, away from the amused stranger.

'I can't believe this man is labeled as the second greatest assassin in the world.' The woman watched the man with interest, 'To me, he is the nicest boy I have ever met, especially in this dark world.'

One of Cielo's eyes opened staring at the blushing woman, "Thank you for waking me up..."

"It was a pleasure, Cielo-sama." The servant bowed at the sleeping boy. Walking outside the room, she checks the time with a surprised look, "Cielo-sama took most of my free time but..." The woman smiles, "He's worth it."

"She's gone..." The man removed the illusion he put on himself... This man turned out to be a boy, the real identity of Chiaro Cielo.

"Ahh~!" A brunette yawned, climbing out of his bed; he checked the calendar he kept in his drawer. Labeled on today's month schedule was mission, charity mission, rescue mission and oh! and a date with a red X mark, saying 'My Birthday'.

"Three weeks to go before my birthday huh…" The boy sigh, hugging his stuff toy lion close to him. The thing however wasn't a stuff toy but his sleeping pet lion cub; it woke up due to the crushing hold of his owner.


"I miss Kaa-san Nuts…" Tears started falling down the boy's cheek as he was being comforted with his cute kitty. "I want to see her and Nii-san too!"

"Gao~!" The feline reassured the boy, telling him something we don't understand unless you speak cat language.

"!" Honey brown eyes widened with realization, brushing his tears off, he lifted Nuts up high happily, "You are right! Nuts, have I told you that you are the smartest lion in the world?"


"Okay! Before we go, let's leave a TV watch here for this family." The brunette pulled out a small watch with a mini screen on it, used usually when the people want to talk to him (Far communication). This boy couldn't have created this device if it wasn't for Verde, one of the smartest scientists in the world.

"Nuts? Can I have a favor from you?" The boy's eyes sparkling at his sleepy friend Nuts.


"Take this letter to Kaa-san."

"Gao? *whimper*"

I know it's far, going all the way to Japan and right back but I promise to give you treats, okay?"


"Good boy~!"

As the lion went off to its journey, the boy dressed up similar to a hit man suit added with the traditional fedora.

"Time to schedule a flight then, Tsuna."

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