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Saffron POV:
Even though I turned down Peter, nothing seemed awkward between for the rest of the week. Except Flash.
He kept hitting on me, which Peter obviously hated. Peter showed how much he despised having Flash talking to me by sulking around or pretending to strangle Flash whenever his back was to Peter. I have to admit, quite a few times Flash caught me cracking up because of Peter's silly antics.
I didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings, but honestly, I wanted to bite Flash's head off. He's just so damn annoying!
The whole week went by with Flash being annoying and Peter being out of school a lot. So, with his absence, everyone took the opportunity to interact with me because I often caught girls glaring and guys wolf whistling or flirting at me. So, I was rather uncomfortable, and bored. I mean, school with no Peter is no where near as much fun as running and hunting!
...Um, I did not just say that…
Anywho, when Peter finally came back to school, he looked like he got run over by a truck. Only, not.
"Peter! Oh shit, what happened to you?" I screamed.
As if in a trance, he touched his split lip and ran his finger lightly up to his bruised cheek and black eye.
"Nothing" he said unconvincingly.
"Peter Parker! Come with me!" I demanded.
Pete just rolled his eyes, but I could see a small blush and smirk crawling onto his face.
I led Peter out of the school, ignoring the yells from teachers passing by.
"Pete," I whispered. "You didn't even clean the wound…"
He just shrugged.
"Are you ever gonna talk to me?"
"Oh, Saffron, what would you like me to say, my dearest?" Peter replied dramatically.
"Um… now I don't know." I replied, smirking.
Finally I saw my house and dragged Peter to the door. Pulling out my keys, I fumbled to find the right one while Peter leaned against the wall.
When I finished, I noticed Peter wasn't there.
"Peter?" I called.
"Up here!" I looked up to see Peter sitting on a window sill. "Climb up with me!"
I put my foot on a brick and raised myself up ever so slightly. Slowly but surely, I made my way up the wall. Then, ruining my triumphant moment, I thought of the fact that dogs can't climb. Distracted by my thoughts, I didn't realize that I was slipping.
Letting loose a loud yip, I started to fall.
As I fell, I prepared myself for the harsh impact of the ground.
Only, it never came.

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