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This chapter may seem a little slow plot-wise, but I think it's due time that I give the boys a little time to enjoy each other, with both of them sober this time.

Ichigo's surprised gasp was muffled as Grimmjow's lips closed over his mouth. Aggressive as it was, the kiss was brief. Grimmjow pulled away after that, his face flushed.

Still pinned down on the mattress, Ichigo gripped his roommate's shoulder and squeezed lightly. "Grimmjow, I don't think this is a—"

"Good time?" Grimmjow finished with a sigh. He sat back on his heels, his butt resting heavily on Ichigo's thighs.

Ichigo gave a wistful smile. "Yeah."

Grimmjow swung his legs over Ichigo and shifted to lie down next to him. For a moment, Ichigo thought that Grimmjow had calmed down, only to be proved wrong when the larger teen suddenly grabbed his waist and flipped him over so that he was now on top of Grimmjow instead.

"Grimmjow," Ichigo scolded, but was immediately silenced when Grimmjow grabbed a fistful of his hair and yanked his head down.

This time, Grimmjow flicked out his tongue to coax Ichigo's lips apart. An involuntary moan slipped from Ichigo's throat as he relented. Large, warm hands held his hips in place as Grimmjow angled his head to the side to deepen the kiss, their tongues touching and teeth nipping until they had to part for air.

"I want you," Grimmjow purred.

Ichigo melted a little inside, although he'd be damned if he'd ever say that out loud. He closed his eyes to collect himself, then he opened them and peered intently into Grimmjow's pleading eyes...and nodded. Grimmjow's face brightened, and he propped himself up on his elbows and scooted backwards towards the head of the bed, pulling Ichigo with him as he went.

Ichigo went along even though he wasn't sure what Grimmjow had in mind. Grimmjow stacked a bunch of pillows against the headboard and sat back against them, then he pulled Ichigo onto his lap and held the slimmer teen's hips possessively. Ichigo leaned down and rested his forehead on Grimmjow's, the slight movement bumping their groins together. He blushed when he realized that they were both hard despite his feeble attempt at postponing the intimate moment.

"I like it when you go all red like that," Grimmjow said thickly, his hands slowly sliding down to cup Ichigo's ass.

Ichigo gave his roommate a light smack on the side of his head at the comment, but his admonishment was lost when Grimmjow suddenly rolled his hips. The friction, though dulled by the fabric of their jeans, was enough to send a tremor of pleasure through Ichigo's sensitive body, and he let out a breathy moan, his eyes sliding shut. Encouraged by his reaction, Grimmjow bucked his hips again.

"More," Ichigo breathed, surprising himself with the neediness in his tone.

Grimmjow groaned at the command. Fingers trembling from arousal, he started undoing the button on Ichigo's jeans, cursing under his breath when the tight garment refused to cooperate. Seconds later, Ichigo's fingers joined in, and soon their zippers were out of the way. With a strong tug, Ichigo's jeans and boxers were pulled down just enough set his throbbing erection free. Breathing heavily, Grimmjow started on his own jeans, squirming under Ichigo's weight as he slid his pants over his hips.

Ichigo gulped at the impressive sight. Even though he had seen Grimmjow naked more times than he could count, and had even slept with him, this was the first time he'd ever seen him in this state up close.

"Like what you see?" Grimmjow teased, tilting Ichigo's chin up to brush their lips together.

Too awed to speak properly, Ichigo simply nodded. Cheeks heating up like torches, he reached between them and gave Grimmjow a tentative stroke.

"Nghh..." Grimmjow clenched his eyes shut and moaned appreciatively into Ichigo's mouth.

Ichigo couldn't help but move his hips at the sound. Feeling bolder, he wrapped his fingers around Grimmjow and squeezed lightly before slowly sliding his fist up and down, twisting and tugging as Grimmjow's breath became ragged.

When Ichigo picked up the pace, Grimmjow grabbed his wrist and stopped him. Ichigo looked up questioningly at his roommate, whose eyes were half closed with pleasure.

"Together," Grimmjow said, then he closed his hand over both of them.

Ichigo jerked in Grimmjow's lap at the touch. Grimmjow's skin was burning hot and felt so good pressed tightly against his own that he thought he would spill himself right then and there. Sensing Ichigo's climbing urgency, Grimmjow gave Ichigo's lower lip a rough nip and sped up.

"Mmm..." Grimmjow hummed, his free hand gripping Ichigo's hip hard enough to bruise.

The discomfort didn't even register in Ichigo's mind, his need for release dominating his senses. He thrust roughly into Grimmjow's fist, moaning as Grimmjow did the same.

The bed creaked as their movements grew frantic, Grimmjow's voice deep and hoarse as his moans escalated to match the pace he had set for them. Ichigo had never thought that he would be aroused by sound alone, but damn, Grimmjow had a fucking sexy bed voice.

"I'm close," Grimmjow rasped, his head thrown back against the headboard as Ichigo hovered over him.

"Me...too...nghhh..." Ichigo's voice came out as a whimper as he felt the tension in his belly tighten. He clutched the headboard on either sides of Grimmjow's head in a death grip as he tried desperately not to press himself too hard against his roommate. It was difficult, though; Grimmjow's fist was so hot, so tight, and it felt so good to feel Grimmjow's arousal rubbing against his own...

With a hard twist of his wrist, Grimmjow gave Ichigo that last push, and Ichigo cried out as his pleasure peaked, his seed spilling over Grimmjow's fist. Grimmjow pumped once, twice more, and then he followed suit with a broken cry of Ichigo's name. Then they sagged into the pillows, both oblivious to the mess between their bodies.

"Sh...shit," Ichigo panted into Grimmjow's hair, trying to force his heart to slow down before he exploded.

"Mine," Grimmjow murmured as he nuzzled Ichigo's jaw, his breath raising goosebumps on Ichigo's skin.

Ichigo let out a shaky chuckle and gave Grimmjow's head a half-hearted swat. "Dumbass."

Grimmjow turned off the faucet and took a brief look at his own reflection in the mirror. His hair was messier than usual, so he quickly ran a his still-damp fingers through it to smooth it back some. They were going downstairs to grab dinner, the last thing he wanted was people asking him why he looked so disheveled.

Just outside the bathroom, Ichigo was adjusting his clothes in front of the full length mirror by the dresser. The boy's cheeks were still a delicate pink, and Grimmjow couldn't resist stealing a peck as he slipped his arms around Ichigo's waist from behind. He was still wrapping his head around the idea that they were together now — an item, a couple, boyfriends, or whatever else society liked to label it. They didn't talk about it explicitly, but after what they had shared, there was no doubt how they felt for each other. It was a new experience to him, and he had to admit, it felt easier than he had expected.

"We look good," he commented with a grin as he rested his chin on Ichigo's shoulder.

"Fucking narcissist." Ichigo rolled his eyes and rammed his elbow into Grimmjow's gut.

Grimmjow let out a dramatic yelp of pain — damn did he really have to hit so hard? — then laughed when he saw Ichigo turn red in the face. Ichigo was so easy to rile up, even now.

"Come on, we should grab dinner," Grimmjow said, steering Ichigo towards the door.

They took a different route down to the kitchen, via another flight of stairs that was tucked in a corner of that wing. Grimmjow heard Ichigo gasp when they stepped into the wide space. This was their smaller one, where they go to when they needed a quick meal. There was another one of almost commercial grade, which was used when his parents hosted parties.

Their long-time chef, a middle-aged, soft-spoken woman who had been with the family for as long as Grimmjow could remember, was tinkering around the counters, laying out plates and cups as she stirred the contents of a pot.

"Grimmjow, welcome home," she greeted warmly.

"Hi, Aunt Retsu." Grimmjow gave her genuine smile. Unohana Retsu was one of the few employees who were nice to him; Starrk and Tessai being the only other ones. She was almost like a nanny to him as he was growing up, making sure that he was always well fed, especially when he had fights with his father. She was also the only one who never called him by the ridiculous title. She never did, not even with Grimmjow's father.

Unohana gave Ichigo a gentle pat on the head as he was introduced, and Grimmjow saw the boy relax visibly. They hopped onto the stools lined up next to the kitchen island and waited eagerly for food. The woman filled two plates with beef stew and placed them in front of the boys, then went about to make her signature hot chocolate, which Grimmjow swore was the best hot chocolate in the world. Unohana giggled softly when Grimmjow proudly told Ichigo about that.

"I'm sure it's fantastic if it's even a fraction as good as this stew," Ichigo said around a mouthful of food, his manners temporarily forgotten.

"Aww, you're such a darling." Unohana gave Grimmjow a wink as she said that, then her eyes darted to the entrance of the kitchen. "Ah, Ulquiorra, Byakuya."

Grimmjow groaned inwardly as his brother returned the greeting. He was hoping that he could avoid the idiot as much as possible during his time here, but it looked like he had shit timing. Ulquiorra's uptight-looking boyfriend sat down next to Grimmjow at the counter, forming a barrier between the two siblings.

The atmosphere in the kitchen became awkward as dinner went on, soothed only by Unohana's gentle presence. The motherly chef was just serving coffee when Tessai came into the kitchen.

"I have good news and bad news," the man announced.

As all eyes turned to him, Tessai went on to tell them that Grimmjow's mother's surgery was a success, but that she would need another, more major, surgery next week before the doctors were comfortable enough to say that she was completely out of the woods.

"You boys can visit her tomorrow morning, meet me at the foyer at nine o'clock and I'll drive you all there," Tessai finished.

Grimmjow let out a silent breath of relief and smiled when he caught Ichigo sighing out loud as well. He was glad that Ichigo had tagged along; he didn't think he could be this calm if Ichigo wasn't here.

The mood in the kitchen lightened after Tessai's news. The man joined them for the meal, and Unohana fussed over him like a mother hen. Grimmjow smirked as Tessai blushed under the attention. He had always known that his mentor had a soft spot for the gentle woman. Why the older man had never acted on his feelings was a bit of a mystery to Grimmjow; as far as he knew, Unohana was single as well, and it was pretty obvious that she tended to pay more attention to Tessai than anyone else. He made a mental note to give the older man a kick in the ass later as encouragement.

After a little while, Ulquiorra stood up. "Thank you for the wonderful dinner," he said to Unohana with a slight bow of his head. Then he turned to Grimmjow and Ichigo and bid them goodnight.

Grimmjow ignored him as usual and was surprised when Ichigo replied with a cheery "Good night, Ulquiorra."

Once his older brother and his companion were out of sight, Grimmjow raised an eyebrow and asked, "Since when did you guys become buddies?"

Ichigo rolled his eyes. "I don't have to be 'buddies' to be polite, Grimmjow."

Grimmjow huffed. He saw Ichigo purse his lips and had a feeling that he was going to get a lecture about that later. "I think we should rest too," he said, pushing his empty plate away.

"Yeah, thanks for the food," Ichigo agreed, sliding off the stool.

Unohana pulled them both into a quick hug before sending them off with another mug of hot chocolate each. Grimmjow sipped on his as they walked back upstairs.

"I like her," Ichigo said, carrying his mug like it was a million-dollar piece of glass.

"She's cool," Grimmjow replied. That was the closest he was going to get to admitting aloud that he felt the same way about the chef, and Ichigo seemed to know it, because he immediately snorted.

They walked down another hallway, and Grimmjow remembered belatedly that this route would take them past his brother's room. The feeling of resentment for Ulquiorra filled his chest as he walked past the door. Ichigo was walking next to him, oblivious to his dark thoughts, when the boy suddenly froze in his tracks.

"Wha—?" Grimmjow's question was cut off when Ichigo held a finger over his lips. His curiosity was further stoked when the boy's face became pink.

Then he heard it: a soft, breathless sound that could only be a moan of passion. It was then he realized that one side of Ulquiorra's double-paneled bedroom doors was slightly ajar. They couldn't see anything, but the side that was shut suddenly rattled as though something had slammed into it. The movement was followed immediately by another moan, which was louder and needier than the first one. Ulquiorra's voice was unmistakable.

Grimmjow nearly laughed out loud at the look of embarrassment on Ichigo's face. Ichigo scowled when he finally noticed Grimmjow's teasing expression, and he quickly grabbed Grimmjow's hand and pulled him away from the scandalous scene.

The minute they were inside his bedroom, Grimmjow snatched the mug of hot chocolate from Ichigo's hand and placed it, along with his own, on his desk. Then he pushed Ichigo against the bedroom door, not unlike what Ulquiorra and Byakuya were no doubt doing.

"Pervert," Ichigo grumbled. But even as the word left his mouth, he lifted his hands and held Grimmjow's face and pulled him close for a kiss.

Grimmjow was so surprised that it took him two seconds to respond. Ichigo had never initiated a kiss before. Somehow that made it even hotter, and Grimmjow returned the gesture tenfold, sucking and nibbling on Ichigo's lips with a passion that drew a moan from the slimmer teen.

The mood was dampened when Ichigo pulled away and said, "Look, I know you and Ulquiorra have your differences..."

Grimmjow felt his budding arousal wilt at the mention of his brother in the middle of such an intimate moment. "You have no idea," he warned.


"I don't want to talk about it, Ichi," Grimmjow cut him off, annoyance beginning to creep into his voice. "You didn't grow up with him, you don't know..."

Ichigo's features softened, and he closed their distance to give Grimmjow a peck on the lips. "Okay, not today," he murmured.

Grimmjow recognized a loophole when he heard one, but the feeling of Ichigo's body against his was soothing enough for him to push the unpleasant thought away for now.

Ichigo was soon writhing against the door, his fingers scraping Grimmjow's skin under his t-shirt. With a soft grunt, Grimmjow lifted him up and led them to the bed. He threw Ichigo onto his back, grinning when the boy let out a soft "oof" as the air was knocked out of his lungs. Before Ichigo could recover, Grimmjow crawled over him and crushed their lips together. He blindly sought out Ichigo's fingers, and when he found them, he grasped the boy's hands and pinned them against the mattress above Ichigo's head.

Ichigo squirmed beneath him and fought him for dominance in their kiss. Unlike him, Ichigo seemed to prefer a slower, gentler pace. Whenever Grimmjow tried to deepen the kiss, Ichigo would give him a warning nip on his lower lip. After enough warnings, Grimmjow finally relented and let Ichigo lead. Heat began to build in his pants as Ichigo took his sweet time licking and sucking; Grimmjow had to admit, this pace was just as arousing, if not more.

But he could only take so much teasing. Grimmjow broke away and began to move his tongue lower, leaving a wet trail of kisses down Ichigo's jaw and neck. Feeling bad that he was drunk during their first time together, he was determined to redeem himself tonight.

Grimmjow let go of Ichigo's hands and slipped a hand under Ichigo's t-shirt. He watched the boy's expression; Ichigo's eyes were closed, his breaths fast and shallow. Encouraged by the signs, Grimmjow pulled Ichigo's t-shirt upwards, and Ichigo sat up to let it go over his head. Cheeks flushed, Ichigo opened his eyes and helped Grimmjow out of his sweater, then they worked on each other's jeans.

After retrieving a bottle of lube from his dresser, Grimmjow maneuvered them to the middle of the bed and pushed his new boyfriend into the mattress again. Mindful of Ichigo's preference to go slow, Grimmjow forced himself to reel in his eagerness. He had never worried about his performance in bed in the past, mostly because he was only concerned with getting his release during those encounters. Now, for once, he felt worried.

Ichigo's skin was as smooth as he remembered from the snippets of memory he had of that night. The boy was lean and built like a swimmer, his torso long and slender. Supporting his own weight on one elbow, Grimmjow angled his body so that he could sweep his palms along Ichigo's body. He ran his hand over a prominent hip bone and lingered there to rub little circles over it. He felt Ichigo shiver at the touch.

"Tell me what you want me to do to you," Grimmjow said, crawling back up to brush his nose against Ichigo's cheek.

Ichigo's already-pink cheeks became redder. Grimmjow leaned down so that Ichigo could whisper into his ear. When he heard the request, his face broke into a grin.

Slowly, crawling backwards with the grace of a feline, Grimmjow made his way down until he was hovering over Ichigo's stomach. He bent down and blew on the skin there; another piece that he remembered from that night being that Ichigo was extremely ticklish there. Sure enough, Ichigo immediately yelped and — to his surprise — kneed him right in the chest.

"Oops," Ichigo propped himself up on his elbows and said sheepishly.

Grimmjow flashed him a brief scowl before ducking down suddenly to lick the spot that he just blew on, applying enough pressure so that it won't be ticklish. He heard a hiss from Ichigo, then he moved lower, dragging his tongue flat across Ichigo's skin until he came to the tuft of dark orange hair between Ichigo's legs. Ichigo's thigh muscles flexed involuntarily as Grimmjow nudged them apart to make space for himself.

"Trust me," Grimmjow purred, lifting his head to catch Ichigo's wide, curious eyes. The boy swallowed visibly and nodded.

Grimmjow wrapped his fingers around Ichigo and stroked the rigid length, slow enough to drag out the pleasure but hard enough to provide a good amount of friction. Ichigo let out a loud, shaky groan and clutched the sheets tightly in his fists. He was still propped up on his elbows, and Grimmjow could feel the boy's gaze on him, soaking up the sight of Grimmjow taking him into his mouth.

Ichigo's skin was burning hot against Grimmjow's tongue, and he felt the boy jerk his hips when he hollowed his cheeks and began to suck. He had a feeling Ichigo wasn't going to last long, judging from his sensitivity and this being a whole new experience for him and all. But Grimmjow tried his best to at least make it as good as he could, moving excruciatingly slow and taking Ichigo into his throat. A few more passes was all that was needed to push Ichigo over the brink, and the boy choked out Grimmjow's name as he spilled himself into Grimmjow's mouth.

Grimmjow crawled back up when he was done. "How was it?" he asked, licking his lips.

"You ate it," Ichigo blurted out dumbly and looked at Grimmjow as if he was crazy to do such a thing.

Grimmjow bit his tongue even though he could think of so many things to tease Ichigo with, knowing that if he did, Ichigo would probably hide under the covers in embarrassment for the rest of the night. Instead, he grasped the boy's hand and pulled him behind him as he scooted towards the headboard just like he had earlier that day.

Ichigo's mouth fell open in understanding when he was pulled into Grimmjow's lap. "I don't know…" he began, looking uncertain.

"I'll guide you, don't worry." Grimmjow slipped his arms around Ichigo's butt and raised the boy onto his knees, then he slicked his fingers with the lube that he had thrown onto the bed earlier.

He prepared Ichigo gently, sliding his fingers in and out and massaging the sensitive area with the utmost care as he watched the boy's face for signs of discomfort. Ichigo bit his lip, but kept his gaze locked on Grimmjow's the entire time, his cheeks getting rosier as he became hard again. When Grimmjow deemed him ready, he steered the boy over his aching, leaking arousal and asked Ichigo to lower himself onto it.

Progress was slow at first; Ichigo doing his best to take Grimmjow in inch by inch without hurting himself. Finally, when he was fully seated, he moved tentatively, letting Grimmjow slide out a little before sitting down again. Grimmjow held Ichigo's hips and brought his own knees up to support some of Ichigo's weight. Ichigo was so hot and tight that it was all he could do not to thrust up to drive himself deeper into the slimmer teen's body.

"You feel so good, babe," he slurred, his grip tightening on Ichigo's hips as he clenched his jaw in an effort to control himself. He was so used to going fast and hard that this pace was killing him. It was like being teased continuously, especially since he had been holding off his release since he went down on Ichigo.

Sensing the tension in Grimmjow's muscles, Ichigo held on to Grimmjow's shoulders and sped up. Grimmjow moaned appreciatively and joined in, raising his hips slightly to meet Ichigo's hips. Their bodies were soon covered in a thin layer of sweat, moans and murmurs of encouragement punctuating every thrust.

"Nghh…yeah, just like that…" Grimmjow purred into Ichigo's ear as the boy bucked in his lap, soft cries spilling from his lips as Grimmjow's voice spurred him on even more.

Realizing that he had been neglecting Ichigo, Grimmjow reached between them in an attempt to stroke Ichigo's length in time with the movements of their hips, but it was simply impossible with the rate they were racing towards completion. Ichigo reached there first, still having the presence of mind to muffle his own cries with the back of his hand. Grimmjow managed another handful of deep, powerful strokes before he released inside Ichigo's throbbing passage. He buried his face into Ichigo's neck, his gasps ragged and hoarse as he rode out his climax with Ichigo's arms wrapped around him tightly.

As he breathed in Ichigo's scent, Grimmjow's chest was suddenly seized by a sweet, warm ache, and before he could stop himself, tears were leaking from the corners of his eyes. He felt Ichigo stiffen slightly, but the boy remained silent. Grimmjow gritted his teeth and took a deep breath, unsure if the overwhelming rush of emotions was from the moment of intimacy or from the relief of knowing that his mother's surgery was successful. Whatever it was, he was grateful for Ichigo's tact.

After he calmed down, Grimmjow finally pulled away and gave Ichigo a lopsided grin. "Shall we clean up?"

"Hell yeah," Ichigo said, returning the smile.

Dragging their tired bodies out of bed, they half walked, half stumbled into the adjoining bathroom. While Grimmjow filled the large, oval-shaped bathtub, Ichigo rummaged through the cabinet in search of shower gels and shampoos.

The water felt soothing against Grimmjow's skin as he slid into the bathtub. Ichigo joined him a few seconds later, and Grimmjow pulled him close, turning him around until Ichigo's back was resting against his chest. The silence was comfortable as they washed each other, punctuated only with the occasional contented sigh.

It was so comfortable in the tub that neither felt like moving even after they were clean, so they stayed; Ichigo leaning back against Grimmjow with the top of his head tucked under the taller teen's chin.

Ichigo woke up suddenly from a weird dream where he was a fish, only to find that he was indeed in the water. He flailed about in a panic, his mind too groggy from sleep to remember where he was. Then he heard a deep chuckle behind him.

"Grimmjow! It's not funny!" Ichigo exclaimed as realization dawned.

Grimmjow's laughter only doubled. With a huff of exasperation, Ichigo brought up his hands and stared at his wrinkled finger tips in horror. "Why didn't you wake me up? Now we've turned into prunes!"

"Aww, but you looked so cute when you were asleep," Grimmjow said with a big grin.

Ichigo narrowed his eyes, not sure if Grimmjow was making fun of him or was actually giving him a compliment. His eyes narrowed further when he decided that being called cute wasn't exactly his idea of a compliment anyway.

"Idiot," he snapped irritably.

Grimmjow chuckled again and pushed him away so that they could both climb out from the water. Grabbing a towel each, they dried themselves; Ichigo grumbling under his breath as he did so. Still, as Grimmjow dried his hair — which left him completely naked from neck down — Ichigo couldn't help smiling as he took in the tall, muscular figure of his…boyfriend. The term felt strange in his mind, but he liked it.

They had a small argument over the need to blow-dry their hair, but it ended up as a childish fight to see who could blast the most hot air in the other's face. By the time they finally made their way to the bed, Ichigo was so tired that he felt boneless the moment his head hit the pillow.

"C'mere," Grimmjow mumbled, reaching out to gather Ichigo into his arms.

With a smile, Ichigo let himself melt into the warmth as Grimmjow pulled the duvet over both of them.

To be continued…

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