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On a bright and clear Saturday, the birds tweeted leisurely in the sky. Occasionally, they will too land on some neighborhoods' rooftop, 'chatting' with their bird-friends. These were what was happening in the sky above but it's different on the ground below. The pedestrians wandered on the streets and some stopped their tracks just to chatter with someone they know. …Well, there's not much difference though.

Yes, it was a peaceful day. Until…

"BASEBALL-IDIOT!" The sound of a slightly soared and croaked voice burst out of a certain household. The crows that were resting on its rooftop got startled and flapped their wings rapidly in order to escape from this dangerous place. On the other hand, the pedestrians that halted their steps nearby that house too scurried away like mice, not wanting to do with anything that could possibly happen after the shouting.

That was a hazardous house indeed.

In the past, that small looking house was once a normal and an unremarkable house. But not long after, the crowd grew and the once peaceful home turned dangerous because of the new faces living in it. Finally, whenever there was shouting or screaming in that house, the clever ones would definitely have gone before the 'drama' starts or else their lives won't be guaranteed.

"Gokudera-kun, put those away!" As expected, Tsuna was now trying to persuade the former shouting male to withdraw his dynamites he was holding between his fingers just to bomb the shit away of a certain baseball player's head.

A very stupid reason to murder someone indeed.

Gokudera Hayato. A silver haired male which was 1/4 Japanese. Also, a very very very hot-tempered one. Plus, he doesn't tolerate with other's stupidity except for his precious boss, Tsuna. He was never patient when it comes to brats and he hates the ones who are older than him. But there is this one person whim he hates but is of the same age as he is.

Yes, Yamamoto Takeshi is the one.

Yamamoto Takeshi. A raven haired teen which was born in Japan. Living a peaceful and harmless life until the so-called 'Mafia Game' made its debut into his life. Even though he was whirled up into such 'game', he still remains cheerful and takes nothing seriously. But, when the time comes, he will. And this kind of person is the one Gokudera hates, the most.

However, after their fight with Gamma in their future, Yamamoto had somehow turned into a person which Gokudera felt that he can rely on. He doesn't really like to rely on someone since he puts those as weaklings and yes, Gokudera hates being called weak. Definitely a lot of hatred towards his life.

So, after the above mentioned encounter, Gokudera found himself somehow attached to the other. It's not something special at first but as time went on, he realize that his gaze would always land on that tan and built body of Yamamoto. In addition, they landed on somewhere which was quite...extraordinary for a guy to look at.

Every time when he notice his gaze wandering on some parts of Yamamoto, he will immediately avert his gaze, with a slightly flushed face, to something which are not as disturbing as the previous one. But to Gokudera's luck, the said male did not notice it. Not even once. Well, Yamamoto is quite the oblivious and stupid one. And that obliviousness and stupidity of his, pisses Gokudera off so damn fucking much when it comes to academics.

"Why are you so fucking stupid?!" Like now for example. Albeit Tsuna's exhortation, Gokudera continued to rage at the amused teen who sat across the table. Gokudera was supposed to help Tsuna with his studies but Yamamoto just kinda invited himself into the study group. Gokudera, not amused by the fact, just ignored Yamamoto's presence. But how can he possibly do that? Especially when Yamamoto was the one.

Yamamoto likes to pester.

Whenever Yamamoto called Gokudera for the first time for help, Gokudera would busy himself with Tsuna even after numerous times Yamamoto called, he wouldn't care.

Gokudera became soft-hearted.

But when Yamamoto finally decided to stop pestering Gokudera, he would try to solve the question by himself. And when Gokudera's done tutoring Tsuna, he would glance over at Yamamoto's works before pointing out his mistakes. Then, Yamamoto would send his 1000-watt grin followed by a cheerful 'Sankyuu' that never failed to make Gokudera's heart skip a beat.

Despite being soft-hearted, he will still get frustrated when the time comes. Yes, whenever he corrects Yamamoto but Yamamoto still doesn't get it.

"Haha, but I did think!" Yamamoto chuckled ad put his hands up in an apologetic manner. Yamamoto had encountered this a lot of times but he never once felt bored. Gokudera's reactions were just too interesting for him. And just by thinking how he could tick the bomber off jusk make him more enjoyable. A secret sadist, he was.

"Use more of your brain cells you nincompoop!" After Tsuna's several attempt to persuade Gokudera, he finally managed to let Gokudera withdraw his harmful sticks but he still did not withdraw from venting his anger on Yamamoto. They fight everyday but still doesn't get tired of it.

"Nincompoop? Is that a new vulgarity?" Yamamoto laughed. Gokudera threw many bad words at him but he still wants to get close to Gokudera despite that. However, this time's vulgarity does not have the menace in it. But on the other hand, a rather funny one. Yamamoto would prefer Gokudera to call him this every time rather than other ones.

After Yamamoto asked and humiliated him in front of his Tenth, his anger increased by tenfolds. And that was probably what Yamamoto waited for. A secret sadomasochist that's better.

"Yes it is, and it is NOT funny!" Gokudera voice but quite and calm at first but then it rose into a growl of frustration as he emphasized on the word 'not'. His pale cheeks flushed from anger and annoyance.

"Haha, Gokudera's blushing~ How cute~" When Yamamoto teased, he meant no harm, really. But for Gokudera who had a feeling which he doesn't like to put it into words, that tease was an on switch.

The bloodless face of Gokudera's turned red immediately at the 'compliment' Yamamoto gave. He too felt something tingling in his stomach and wow, he felt happy. Yamamoto, he...he called me cute. Is that supposed to mean something? Does he... Yeah right! The butterflies in his stomach was gone in an instant. Gosh, Gokudera really loves to think too much into someone's words. How could Yamamoto possibly...

Before he could gather his train of thoughts, Yamamoto interrupted, "Gokudera, your face is all red!"


His pride won over the fluffiness in him.

"Fuck! Get lost! It's all your fault!" In lighting speed, Gokudera had grabbed Yamamoto by the collar and threw him out of Tsuna's room.

"Go-Gokudera-kun!" The bemused Tsuna glanced at Gokudera for a second before rushing out of his room, trying to explain to Yamamoto about the situation. Luckily, Yamamoto didn't mind much and said that he will make his leave. Tsuna apologized after that.

After their 'daily routine', Tsuna went back upstairs to his rain. He wanted to apologize to Gokudera for agreeing Yamamoto's stay but he was greeted by a kneeling, head buried Gokudera. And at that very time, Tsuna knew that Gokudera's going to start his endless apologies and decided to get to the bottom line.

"Gokudera-kun," Tsuna's tone was full of seriousness that even Gokudera was slightly startled. Gokudera raised his head from the floor and looked straight into Tsuna's brown orbs. "Yes?" was his respond.

"Is something the matter?" As expected from Tenth, he immediately noticed something's off with Gokudera. If it was as usual, Gokudera would have jumped up and complimented Tsuna by now but the look full of concern told Gokudera that now is not a joking matter.

Letting out a soft sigh, Gokudera got out of his position and stood up, bangs covering his eyes. "Tenth, I..."

Trying to loosen the tension, Tsuna smiled and patted Gokudera's back before ushering him to his bed so that they could talk things out comfortably. Such a nice person, Gokudera thought. Why didn't I fall for such a person? Gokudera sighed inwardly. True, Tsuna would be a good lover but to Gokudera, Tsuna's just a person he would follow for the rest of his life. He's grateful for what Tsuna had done for him and he's satisfied. No, more than that. After all, Tsuna already had someone in mind. Being the right-hand man of the Vongola, he cannot crush the Tenth's dream for his own selfishness.

Gokudera was a person who would never let a hint of weakness show on the surface of his. So, it's rare to see Gokudera seeking help from others, especially not from Tsuna since he doesn't like to bother his precious Tenth.

"Gokudera-kun..." Judging my Tsuna's super intuition, Gokudera's problem seems difficult and he was worried that Gokudera would closet it up forever. But to Tsuna's surprise, Gokudera asked for help and he's grateful for that.

"Speak, Gokudera, I will try my best to help you." Tsuna smiled reassuringly at Gokudera even though Gokudera still had his eyes covered by his silver locks of hair.

Gokudera nodded, relaxing slightly when Tsuna offered help. "I.." Still having trouble to make his confession, he took a deep and long breath.

"I think i'm in love with Yamamoto."

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