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"I think I'm in love with Yamamoto."

The surrounding was dark with only tiny rays of light shining in from the gap below the door. The sound of pencil scribbling on a paper resounded in the eerie silent and pitch black room. The scribbling was continuous but it will stop for some time and after that, a paper being crushed and thrown to the ground will replace it.

Gokudera had been racking his brain to find out a way to let Yamamoto know about his feelings but after many tries, he flopped down onto his desk and wanted to give up. He didn't know how to convey this complicated and unrequited feelings to that baseball player without being so direct and embarrassing. He's Gokudera Hayato for a reason.

Tsuna had talk to him about all these. Gokudera was worried that his precious Tenth might hate him for being a homosexual, a disgrace to the Vongola Famiglia, but he did not. In addition, Tsuna was more than happy to hear that from him. After all, he finally found someone he loves. Gokudera felt relieved, but only for a little while. He told Tsuna that he didn't know what to tell Yamamoto this new feeling of his. Tsuna too didn't know how and told Gokudera that he will try to help. He was grateful and promised that he will find out a way even if it costs his life, somehow.

Unfortunately, he regretted it. He did not know that it is this hard to let a person know about your feelings. He tried to write a letter but he didn't know what and how to write. He tried to write a poem but it's too cheesy and cliche. After countless failures, Gokudera ran out of ideas. The ideas were either too girly and direct or too cheesy and embarrassing. He let out a sigh of defeat.

Gokudera envied and admire the girls whom had the courage to confess their love to the ones they like. They are willing to try and that's why they get a happy ending. Females are stronger than guys. Well, maybe it's because their feelings for the other party is requited; and his is not. He cursed softly and buried his face into his crossed arms. It's the first time he had to kill so much brain cells for something so ridiculous.


Well of course! What have he been doing all along just now? Writing poems, trying to figure out what to write in a love letter; those are all what girls do! Gokudera immediately straightened his back and gathered his fists. Right. I need to do what I am good in. Convey it to that Baseball-idiot in my own way. He smirked in satisfaction and pulled out another paper before starting to scribble incessantly on it.

Not long after, Gokudera slammed down his mechanical pencil and rose his paper to meet his eyes. His eyes scanned it and a pleased smirk spread across his lips.

9x-7i 3 (3x-7u), an equation.

It's not a hard one, really. But judging from that lousy brain of Yamamoto's, it'll make him dizzy the moment he lays his eyes on it. Just by the thought of it made the silverette chuckle. He really look forward for tomorrow to make its debut.

The alarm clock rang annoyingly beside Gokudera's ear before it went quiet after a hand pushed it down and a loud crash was heard. He groaned and tried to stay wake. The morning was what he hates the most. It is a very very difficult task to wake up from your bed, thrust him. Gokudera was going to fall back asleep but he shot up immediately when he remembered how important this day it.

He got on his feet and rapidly dressed himself up in an appropriate attire to attend a place called school. He rushed out to the street and wanted to hand the equation to Yamamoto as soon as possible. However, he came to a halt when the pedestrians were sending him weird looks and realized that he's like a desperate princess, rushing to meet her beloved prince. Gokudera almost puked at the thought.

He took a deep breath and scowled at the people that were giving him gazes but were now minding their own business after he shot them his deadly glare. Satisfied with the results, he buried his hands into his pockets and started walking normally to Tsuna's house. But who knew? Tsuna was already on his way to school. He ran up to his Boss and greeted him formally. A simple "Good morning, Gokudera-kun." was the aforementioned Boss' respond. After their daily routine, both the male started heading off to school. They were soon greeted by a tanner and taller male.

"Yo Tsuna, Gokudera." The said male smiled warmly at them.

Gokudera was very sure that his heart skipped a few beats when he heard the voice of the one he had been thinking for the past whole day. He clutched the strap of his schoolbag and tried to walk in a normal pace whilst ignoring Yamamoto's greeting. He was getting nervous just by his voice. Is this how falling in love feels? Or is it just the effect from thinking about him too much? He's not sure but there is one thing he's sure of is that Yamamoto just hugged him by one arm. He jumped slightly and cursed himself for reacting so abnormally but thanked God Yamamoto did not notice.

"Fuck off." He demanded intimidatingly. He felt pleased at how steady and normal he sounded. Regardless what kind of foul word were threw at Yamamoto, he would just grin it off like nothing happened. He had easily adapted to Gokudera's potty mouth and personality. He's not much of a threat to the baseball-player but more like an amusing company. And with that, Gokudera stayed quiet and shrugged him off.

His heartbeat throbbed rapidly despite his usual frown and appearance. Gokudera's starting to think that he may become a really talented actor. However, all he focused on was how to maintain his usual gesture and forgot all about his surroundings. Tsuna had been calling him for a while now and he took some time to react to it.

"Y-Yes?" His perfect disguise was ruined by that tiny stutter he made. He hoped that the stupid idiot didn't notice it.

"I was wondering if you could do the after-class-duty for me since Reborn wants me to go back home early." Tsuna clapped his hands together and bowed his head to show his sincerity in this favor. "Please."

Well, as the right-hand man, Gokudera cannot possibly reject his boss, right? By that, he accepted the favor willingly and they proceeded to their school. When they reached their class, three of the males went to their respective seats. But before Yamamoto could sit down, the bomber halted him. He told him the other to meet on the rooftop after he's done with his baseball practice and of course Yamamoto gladly agreed.

Time flies by real fast and school had already ended. Gokudera never paid attention to class and so do Yamamoto. Both of their minds were occupied by the other party. The taller of the two went ahead and headed to the baseball field whilst Gokudera started sweeping the floor air-headedly. On the other side, Yamamoto was not doing very well with his practice either. Both of them just wanted the time to pass faster.

The environment around Gokudera was slowly becoming orange and finally, he finished his task. He placed the broom at where it was and sat down on his chair. It'll take some time for Yamamoto to finish his practice and so, he decided to rest for a tiny weeny while. However, he did not expect the twilight that shone into the classroom can be so serene and comfortable. Slowly, steadily, lovingly, the silverette fell asleep on his own desk as time flew by.

The crickets chirped in a rhythm in the moonlit sky as the curtains flow gracefully along the wind. Gokudera had been sleeping for quite a time now. He had a wonderful sleep until his subconsciousness told him to wake up. A groaned made through the walls of his lips ghostly as he lifts his head, observing his environment. He spotted a pile of messy raven hair in front of him and it finally came to him.

I was supposed to be at the rooftop, Gokudera thought. He sighed deeply and face-palmed himself for being so forgetful and so caught up in the warmness of the dusk. He found it uncomfortable in the position he was currently in and shifted gently to be in a better one in order not to wake the other up but his chair creaked due to its rustiness. Yamamoto groaned.

"Yamamoto..?" The silverette called out meekly.

The baseball player gave a weak whimpered in respond and stretched himself with a yawn. He slumped his shoulders lazily while rubbing one of his eyes before grinning sheepishly at Gokudera. "Had a nice sleep?"

Gokudera was sure that he just saw a scene right out of a shoujo manga and blushed beet red. He coughed awkwardly and turned his gaze away before putting up his usual scowl but he knew that it's too late. He can only pray that the twilight now would hide his tomato-like cheeks. "None of your business." He stated bluntly.

"I bet you did." Yamamoto chuckled.

"Ugh. Shut up." Gokudera rolled his eyes and the other just smiled.

Gokudera stared at his smile unintentionally and when he got back to his senses, his cheeks burnt a brighter shade of red and averted his gaze once more. He mentally cursed himself for losing his sense so easily. The atmosphere around both of the males started to turn quiet and awkward. He glanced at Yamamoto and saw him looking down on the desk while playing his fingers.

Argh, aren't he the one who's good in striking up a conversation? Gokudera complained in his head and he finally remembered why Yamamoto would be here.

"Say, aren't you supposed to be on the rooftop waiting for me?" The young pianist questioned.

"Aren't you supposed to be on the rooftop waiting for me?" The taller of the two countered back with a sly grin.

The aforementioned young pianist's eyebrow furrowed in annoyance and offended. "You're supposed to wait there."

"And you're not supposed to be sleeping here when you're the one who invited someone."

"You're supposed to wake me up!"

"You're at fault for falling asleep."

"You-" Gokudera's lips stayed open but no words came out. He's at the loss of words. He never expected Yamamoto to revolt every single thing he said unless he is really mad. But judging by his current condition; grinning stupidly like an idiot, he doesn't seem to be angry at anything.

"Tch." Gokudera clicked his tongue and rested his cheek on his palm. "Idiot."

The said idiot covered his mouth to refrain from laughing out loud and crouched his back while his shoulders starts to vibrate vigorously. He found Gokudera's current expression and behavior amusing but more to funny. It's the first time he won the other and of course, he felt superior but if he gets to see such a different Gokudera every time he won, he will continue this forever. Yamamoto can win Gokudera in every fight because he was more rational than him in every way but he did not did it because the smaller male will get all jumpy and flustered in annoyance for his obliviousness and he enjoys that. However, everything changed now that he found another interesting side of Gokudera.

Speaking of Gokudera, Yamamoto stopped chuckling and straightened his back. "Gokudera," He called out to the male in front of him incredulously. Gokudera seemed spaced out and seems that he had to call out to him once more.

"What?" Gokudera spun his head to glare at Yamamoto.

His sudden reaction made Yamamoto jumped slightly but he managed to gather his thoughts fast enough to avoid any suspicious and responded. "Is there something you want to give or say to me?"

"Huh?" Gokudera seemed lost.

"Well, you invited me to the rooftop, yes?" Yamamoto tried to lead Gokudera into realization and it worked like a charm.

"Oh," The bomber's expression immediately changed into a different one before he turned his body around to look for something hidden inside his bag. Yamamoto just stared and jolted away a bit when a paper was suddenly shoved into his face. "Here." Gokudera placed the piece of paper on the table to let Yamamoto see properly.

"What's this?" Yamamoto scooted his head closer to the paper before looking up at the silverette.

The said silverette rolled his eyes. "It's an equation, dumbass."

Just by the word 'equation' made Yamamoto's head start to spin and see stars. "Eh.. It's unusual for you to seek for me about Mathematics." Yamamoto chuckled and grinned.

Gokudera really wanted to smack Yamamoto in the head for being so utterly stupid. It's so obvious that he will never, for ever, seek Yamamoto for help in this subject or in any subjects. There is a reason as to why Gokudera calls him 'Baseball-idiot'. Yamamoto is ranked the most stupidest, aside from the Tenth, in academics. And he dared to say such a thing knowing the truth? The pianist felt really offended and pissed.

"I want you to solve it." Gokudera gritted his teeth while clenching his fists, refraining from venting out his anger on the raven haired baseball player.

"Oh." Fuck. And he seemed surprised. What's so wrong with him solving a fucking equation? The silverette used all his might trying not to murder the other here and now. "Why?"

"Just solve it." Gokudera plainly answered him and got up, taking his schoolbag before heading towards the door. "Oh, by the way," He halted his steps and glanced at Yamamoto's direction over his shoulder. "No asking."

"Eh?!" With that, Yamamoto rushed to Gokudera. "But I don't get a single thing about Maths!" He whined and pouted.

Oh right. Gokudera realize the stupidity of his comrade. "Well then, you can ask anyone, but not me, to tutor you the chapters regarding the equation and not the equation itself." He smirked.

"But there's plenty of chapters!" Yamamoto complained once more. He's not someone that has the patience in learning stuffs.

"There's only a few regarding that equation." He sighed before shrugging his shoulders nonchalantly. "Three days. I'll give you three days to solve it. Enough?" Three days was more than enough for others who have a free schedule but for a famous baseball-player, there's practice and practice and even more practice. Gokudera's definitely troubling him with that condition but he wants to know whether Yamamoto would care about it or not. He stated it blankly before his gaze turned serious. "If you failed to do so or if I found out you're not obeying the given rules, I will ignore you in the future."

Gokudera was obviously giving a hard time for Yamamoto by giving him such an impossible task. He knew that and tried to make it sound somewhat profitable yet cruel; just like Gokudera Hayato. "Like that, you can get some knowledge into that rusted mind of yours and my brain cells can be free from dying because of your stupidity." He said in defiance.

Yamamoto's scared and nervous expression instantly turned into a relax yet anxious one. He knew that Gokudera made up the seemingly dumb reason was to calm him down and he really meant it when he said he will ignore him for life. He smiled softly before it turned into a huge grin. "Alright. I'm going to prove to you that I'm not that stupid, you have my words." Gokudera gave a smirk of acknowledgement.

"Argh man!" A cry of agony resounded in the classroom before a loud thud was heard. Yamamoto Takeshi was the cause. He was having a really hard time looking through the textbook. Although he was only flipping through the pages, he didn't get a thing.

"What's wrong, Yamamoto?" A squeaky voice questioned the tan male.

"Tsuna..." The said male looked up, giving the brunette a puppy dog face, crying for help.

"Eh?" Tsuna tilted his head, blinking his eyes incredulously.

"Gokudera did this to me.." He whined, nodding at the silverette's way only to receive a sadistic smirk.

"'You have my words'. What were you saying?" Gokudera cupped his ear and leaned in to the other with pure mockery, trying to be evil. But alas, Yamamoto succeeded in backfiring him with the help of his sexy, low, hoarse voice. "I'll prove my lack of brains wrong." He whispered into his ear. He immediately jumped away with a faint blush as he covered his ear; Yamamoto smiled.

"Asshole." He cussed with a hiss and turned his heels away from the room. Yamamoto shrugged.

"Hm, maybe Hibari can help." A sudden thought came into his mind followed by a grin. He had made up his mind and finding Hibari after practice, he will. He can't help but feel excited since Hibari can be of a real tutor if he had the patience. It won't be long for Yamamoto to run to Gokudera with the answer in his hands. A goofy smile erupted onto his figure through the whole day. Gokudera was too clouded by the whisper incident to notice the tender atmosphere emitting from the baseball player.

"Get lost, herbivore." Two tonfas were taken out in one swift movement and aimed at the tall baseball player at the doorway.

"Woah, chill down, Hibari." A cold sweat broke from Yamamoto's forehead as he raised both his hands in an apologetic matter. "I was just wondering if you would be my tutor in Mathematics." He gave a nervous grin, afraid that his face would be graced with Hibari's precious tonfas.

"Mathematics?" Hibari withdrew his weapons and gave the taller male a questioning look. "To someone like you?" He said wryly.

"Yeah." Yamamoto scratched his cheek nervously, it had became a habit, as he walked into the room, closing the door behind him. "I want to learn." A determined smile flashed across his lips, startling the skylark slightly.

"Hn." was Hibari's simple reply, making Yamamoto even more nervous. "Tomorrow when you're done with practice." He said, looking away from the other male.

Yamamoto was, indeed, happy about Hibari's help but he only has three days. Finishing every chapter in three days was quite an impossible task. He sighed softly which reached the skylark's ears due to his sharp hearing. He was planning to keep the equation a secret but there was no turning back now. He needs to let Hibari know so that he could summarize everything he needs to teach. "Um, Hibari?" He called out and a glare was sent his way. "You see..." Yamamoto started explaining everything to the other. From the equation to Gokudera's threat. He of course left out the part where he holds a special feeling for the Italian. All Hibari did was listen, yawning occasionally as he shows zero interest. "I'm curious as to what's the answer and you know, I suck at Maths."

"I'm curious, too, as to what Gokudera Hayato is planning." An amused smirk crept onto Hibari's lips. That slight interest he showed made Yamamoto felt uneasy. He had always been aware of the interest the skylark had shown in the silverette, however the meaning behind to it was a mystery to Yamamoto. He had some smart guesses; either is because Gokudera is from a foreign country or he has a cute personality. Those were just his guesses stated out from his perspective and stereotype. Anyways, Hibari had agreed to it, what else more could he do other than receive the knowledge? A grin forced to make an appearance. "Thanks."

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